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Facilitating Student Learning to Go Beyond Knowledge and Skills: A Case on Teaching Business Research by Action-Learning Project Approach

Significant learning concerns with not the least acquisition and application of knowledge and skills, but also knowing oneself and others, developing one’s caring, as well as learning how to learn (Fink, 2003). Project-based learning in general, and action-learning project approach in particular, are promising to bring about student learning that goes beyond cognitive development (DeFillippi


The Influence of Student Learning Styles Toward Behavioral Intention in Learning Using Online Educational Games Platform

The rapid expansion of new technologies has led to a change in the learning and teaching process. With the paradigm shift, the conventional teaching method no longer appeals to the current generation whose lives revolve around social media and technology. It is time educators learn to adopt new teaching methods to cater to the learners’


Academics and Social Media Usage: The Role of Informal Communication on Social Capital Development and Work Performance

The use of social media in organisations including academia setting is important, relevant and pervasive. Scholarly discussion on social media status as an educational platform for innovative pedagogy and richer learning experience has been well established. However, the reliance and impact of social media as an informal platform among academics themselves are less explored. This


Career Interest of Grades 7 and 8 Students Among Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Iba, Zambales

This study determined the students’ interest of grade 7 and grade 8 students among Catholic Schools in the Dioceses of Iba in terms of the different curricular tracks of K-12 Program. The researcher utilized the descriptive survey method of research and survey-questionnaire, observation and interview as well as documentary analysis for data gathering, and statistical


Activity and Deliberative Enclaves of Fragmented Turkish Youth Groups of Political Parties on Twitter

Twitter has become the major platform for studying political fragmentation, echo chambers and polarization, and Turkey is one of the countries in which social media, in particular Twitter is used for political discussions the most, especially among young people. However, political fragmentation studies focusing on Turkey is limited. In this study, in order to shed


Students’ Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills: Bases for the Development of Contextualized Learning Module in Geometry

This design research aimed at developing a contextualized learning module on the basis of the level of problem-solving and critical thinking skills of the Grade 7 students particularly in Geometry under the K to 12 Curriculum.. This study utilized the researcher-made problem-solving and critical thinking skills test. The results revealed that the students’ problem-solving and


Internal Migration and Educational Attainment: Are Rural Migrant Workers Uniquely Socially Vulnerable in China?

Background. Since 1980, China has been experiencing the largest migration in human history. Rural migrant workers are barred from enjoying fair treatment, when compared with their local urban counterparts, in both occupational and social settings. Research aims. The aim was to understand whether internal migration per se is associated with unique social vulnerability among rural


PS2CLH: A Learning Factor Model for Enhancing Students’ Ability to Control Their Achievement

Numerous factors that influence students’ academic performance involve issues beyond the individuals’ control, such as national policies, government initiatives and university resources among many others. Even if students are aware of these factors, addressing them may be unfeasible. Identifying causes within students’ control could both improve students’ understanding of these factors as well as enabling


Give Swirl a Whirl: A Mixed-method Analysis on Swirl Approach to Teach Applied Statistics in a Biology Student Cohort

To equip biology students with data literacy skills, this study investigates the utility of retooling the electronic programming tutorial system, Swirl for teaching applied statistics in a cohort of biology students in a 2-phased study: Phase 1 involved administration of tutorial-based course, pretest-posttest assessment and preliminary survey, while Phase 2 involved post-hoc survey and learning


An Investigation Into the Efficacy of Students-as-partner Pedagogy in a Singapore University Education Learning Context

In Students-as-partner (SAP), students work in partnership with staff members in higher learning institutions to facilitate deeper learning in students by promoting student engagement. While SAP’s impact on student consultants and staff members directly involved in partnership is generally well and widely researched, relatively little is reported about its application on student learning in an


Investigating Relationship Among Learning Self-Efficacy, MOOC-Satisfaction and MOOC- Loyalty of MOOC Learner using Bagozzi’s Self-Regulation Model

This research aims to examine the relationship among Learning self-efficacy, MOOC-satisfaction and MOOC-Loyalty of the credit-bearning MOOCs at Taylor’s University. 952 Taylor’s University students from March 2018 Semester responded the online survey. The online questionnaire included 10-item of learning self-efficacy, 6-item of MOOC-satisfaction, and 5-item of MOOC-Loyalty. It also included another 2 factors which affected


Communication Patterns of Leaders of the Provincial Administrative Organization of Sukhothai in a Crisis Situation

The objective of this research was to study the communication patterns of leaders of the Sukhothai Provincial Administrative Organization in a crisis situation in terms of (1) forms of communication; (2) content; and (3) the relationships between forms of communication, local residents’ awareness and their satisfaction with the communication. This was a mixed methods research.


Communications of the Leader of a Model Community for Community Tourism Management

The objective of this research was to study the tourism management communication of the leaders of two communities that were named as model communities for tourism management in the aspects of 1) communication patterns; 2) content; and 3) choice of media for communication about tourism management. This was a qualitative research based on in-depth interviews


Political Communication Network Building by Journalists in Songkhla, Thailand

The objectives were to study forms of political communication networks built by journalists in Songkhla, Thailand and content that was transmitted through those networks. This was a qualitative research based on in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with 2 groups of key informants, 16 administrative-level journalists (including news editors, managing editors, TV or radio station


Factors Influencing Mobile Learning in Selected Universities in Nigeria and the United States

The prevalence of mobile devices in today’s society has made mobile learning a fast-spreading alternative to face to face education for underserved learners. Even though it operates on low information communication technology infrastructure ( ICTI), a favorable feature for successful implementation of mobile learning especially in rural areas with less internet infrastructure such as rural


Spatial Evaluation of Elementary Schools Libraries: A Prototypical Assessment Instrument

Elementary school libraries are no longer spaces where books are stored and read. They are becoming or have become vibrant spaces hosting many activities fostering discovery, knowledge acquisition, expression and exchange. This paper aims at the development of an assessment methodology for such spaces from the perspective of all stakeholders including architects. The evaluation of


Medical Students’ Experiences of a Project Design

Human capital plays a major role to bring appropriate changes in social and economic areas in any country. In this light, the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has launched the program Ruhani zhang’yru [translated from Kazakh means Spiritual Renewal]. It embodies diverse activities oriented to trigger fundamental shifts in people’s mind such


Case Study: Creative Leadership and Diversity in a Manufacturing Tech Company

Organizations seek ways to build innovation and creativity within their workforce and processes. Although researchers have established innovation is a key element of organizational success in the global business economy, there are gaps in the knowledge base of creating innovative, creative organizations. The influence of leadership on innovation is established but further studies are needed


Japanese and International Student Interaction in Group Based Classroom Activities: Perceptions of Leadership and Giving Feedback

The birthrate in Japan is in decline, yet in spite of this, the number of universities and technical colleges has continued to increase. To maintain current enrollment levels, Japanese universities have been looking to encourage students from other countries to undertake full degree programs in Japan, in English. However, little research has been conducted in


Interaction between Changes of Higher-Order Thinking Skills and Changes of Academic Interest and Self-efficacy in Problem-Based Learning

This study examined whether problem-based learning (PBL) contributes to development of students’ higher-order thinking (HOT), and the development depends on levels of students’ motivation (i.e., interest and self-efficacy). Using 89 college students enrolled in Educational Psychology classes from South Korea, we conducted a t-test and repeated measure analysis to see their changes in HOT, interest,