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How Status, Elitism, International Capital and Marketability Drive the Practice of Student Mobility Within Transnational Higher Education

International partnerships exist in various forms across Higher Education. Transnational Higher Education (TNHE) enables students to study in one country for a qualification issued by an institution in another country. Student mobility programmes give students the chance to travel and experience university life abroad. Both TNHE and student mobility are facilitated via the formation of


Modified Customer Approach for Publishers Under the Influence of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) establishes a link between the virtual and the physical world by adding the “material” dimension to access to information via the internet – through intelligent everyday objects. Recently, the IoT has gained enormously in importance in various industries – whether warehouse transport robots, agricultural vehicles with extensive sensor technology and


The Development and Deployment of Mobile Music Application for Literacy Enhancement (M2APPLE)

We present in this paper the design, implementation, and broad scale deployment and use strategy of a Mobile Music Application for Literacy Enhancement (M2APPLE)that leverages the fun activity of Karaoke music as a motivational and complementary tool to learning English as a second or even third language. English language illiteracy is a particularly endemic problem


Raising Pre-service English Language Teachers’ Research Literacy Competence in a Teacher Education Program

In teacher education programs, one of the required attainments of any ideal pre-service teacher program is to enable pre-service teachers to be aware of research literacy competencies and have practice to improve such competencies during their education. This study aims at equipping the participants with the necessary critical skills and research literacy competencies and tries


Filmmaking Theory for Vertical Video Production

Smartphones have changed the world and now mobile users are consuming more vertical video than ever before (Richards 2017). In particular, vertical video is gaining popularity amongst content makers for social media since the aspect ratio typically suits how mobile phone users hold their phones and therefore how they are now watching video content (ScientiaMobile


Digital Drivers of Russian Advertising Market: Problems of Management

The purpose of this study is to analyse the one of the most rapidly growing segments of the media-industry: the digital market and the drivers of its growth, as well as to identify the best ways of its management. The authors use the example of Russia: the country with the dynamically growing advertising market. The


Does South Korea’s Exporting Success Conflict with its Paris Agreement Goals of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 37%?

South Korea is one of the most polluted countries in the world – in 2016, Korea had 76 days with bad air quality and only 45 days with good air quality. Medical studies conclude that polluted air can cause serious health problems such as stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and other ailments. Particulate matter floating


Exploring Attitudes Towards Teenage Relationship Abuse: A Q-Methodology Study

Teenagers are most at risk of relationship abuse in the UK, yet least likely to report it (Home Office, 2014). It is not only a proliferating crime, but a complex health, social and psychological epidemic (Rakovec, 2014). The issue is significantly misunderstood and unrecognised (Crown Prosecution Service, 2014). Previous research into attitudes towards adult relationship


A Pragmatic Study of Euphemisms in A Dream of Red Mansions with a Rapport Management Approach: Cultural Independence and Interdependence

As a social and cultural phenomenon, euphemism helps lubricate interpersonal relations and maintain the face of interactants. So euphemism relates closely to face and politeness. Built upon notions of face and politeness, Helen Spencer-Oatey’s rapport management (2000) is a theoretical framework for interpersonal relations with face and rights as core components. As facework is typically


Mantle of the Expert: the Versatility of Dorothy Heathcote’s Dramatic-inquiry Approach to Teaching and Learning

In the 1980s, Prof. Dorothy Heathcote MBE (1926-2011) developed the ‘Mantle of the Expert’ approach (MoE) during her work at the University of Newcastle. The basic concept of MoE is that children study the school curriculum as if they were a group of experts: they can be scientists in a laboratory, archaeologists digging out a


The Change in Accentual Patterns in Certain English Words – A Diachronic Study

All languages tend to change in certain respects over a period time. These changes become perceptible only when they remain in vogue for a period of twenty five to thirty years. In English it is noticed that changes take place in the pronunciation of certain words with time, leading to two alternative pronunciations for the


Wild and Worldly: Redefining the ‘Forest’ in Thai Independent Cinema from Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Blissfully Yours to Anucha Boonyawattana’s Malila

The forest is a familiar symbol in Buddhist and Thai folktales. It also appears in various art forms, especially in recent Thai independent cinema. Since Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Blissfully Yours (2002) and Tropical Malady (2004), the forest in Thai cinema has changed its meaning. It was often portrayed as either a fragile space that needed to


Decreased Motivation and Increased Mental Illness Among Young People – A Need for Teaching Life Mastery Skills in School

Student evaluations in Norwegian schools over the last years have shown that students lack motivation for learning, and at the same time, more and more young people struggle with mental illnesses and quite many drop out of school. To meet these challenges, we started a research project called “systematic work with motivation” where we have


Perceptions of School Administrators and Teachers about the Schools Areas Need to be Improved

Since all individuals in society do not have sufficient conditions in term of education, there are significant differences in the achievement levels of students in different regions. In order to cope with this problem, can be provided increasing the quality of learning environments, the restructuring of the school system based on the qualifications of the


Barriers Regarding Second Language Acquisition in Female Students

This article explores the social, linguistic and cultural barriers that discourages English language learning in female students in two of the major cities of Punjab (Bahawalpur and Lahore), Pakistan. The purpose of this article is to highlight the language learning barriers and hurdles created by male dominated society and how female students are facing problems.


Teachers’ Professional Core Competencies and Functional Competencies of Elementary Teachers Under the Office of Basic Education Commission

This research objective were 1) to study total level of teachers’ professional competencies at elementary schools under the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) 2) to analyze teachers’ professional core competencies and functional competencies at elementary schools under the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC). Respondents were 135 elementary teachers under OBEC in


Supporting 21st Century Skills in Language and Literacy Classrooms with a Multiliteracies Approach

Educational leaders, governments and international organizations have responded to the combined forces of globalization and socio-technological transformation by formulating new education frameworks to attempt to equip young people with an education relevant to the needs of today. Some of these initiatives, such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Education for Sustainable Development


Land Administration and Sustainability in Nigeria: A Rethink?

Land constitutes a very important medium. This is simply because all of humanity dwells on it and depend on it for survival. But one factor responsible for the misuse of land is misconception. This misconception flows from the value attached to land. Helena Howe argues that there are two dominant perspectives with regards to land


Increasing Student Independence and Interdependence in Multidisciplinary Language Courses

In this presentation we will focus on independence and interdependence among students and teachers in two multi-disciplinary courses, Business French and Translation for Professional Needs. We will argue that the success of our interdisciplinary practices is consistent with major tendencies in university education – increasing learner autonomy and growing interdependence between language studies and other


Constructing a System of Collecting and Studying Source Material for Culture Studies: Focusing on Western and Japanese Studies of Chinese Islam and Culture

Worldwide Chinese Islamic studies are consisted of two schools, “Western” and “Japanese.” I will focus my research “On Western Study on Chinese Islam” and “Chinese Islam in Japanese Study”. This will be a groundbreaking piece of work in Worldwide academia. Western study on Chinese Islam began in the latter half of the 19th century. With