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Improving Clinical Handovers: A Pilot Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Teaching Scheme in a District General Hospital​

Introduction: Clinical handover is the transfer of professional responsibility from one person to another. The World Health Organisation in 2007 highlighted the dangers of poor communication in handovers in the clinical safety and continuity of care of patients around the world. Many of these handovers occur between doctors and nurses who receive little formal training


Education and Embracing Cultural Differences

The paper aims to highlight the role of education to overcome the cultural barriers. In the difficult times that humanity is going through, it is sometimes recognized that the world is influenced more by the culture of the place, money, information, emotions and less by reason. Emotional intelligence, imagination, inventiveness, creativity delimit areas of progress


Educational Receptivity: Karol Wojtyla’s Philosophy of Community as a Means Towards Embracing Differences

Karol Wojtyla is one of the 20th Century philosophers who personally witnessed the tragedy of World War II in the hands of Totalitarian Regime: Nazism and Communism. These experiences lead Wojtyla to philosophize on the value of the person. Wojtyla did not stop simply on rediscovering the meaning of what it is to be human,


Art Therapy Approaches to Educate Lombok Earthquake Survivors to Reduce Their Depressive Symptoms

Art therapy (AT) has been utilized by many therapists to help people to recover from various psychological problems. Many professional have also been educating people how to utilize art therapy for improving mental health. Numbers of Lombok earthquake (2018) survivors experienced depressive symptoms including insomnia, losing appetite, feel sad and helpless almost all the time


Table with a Half-oval Hole as Individual Treatment Table of ABA Therapy for Autistic Children in Indonesian Autism Therapy Center as an Effective Design to Overcome Behavior

ABA (Applied behavior analaysis) therapy, introduced by Ivar lovaas, is a widely used method for autism therapy in the world due to its success rate. In this therapy, a table is used during individual treatment as a medium for giving instruction and performing tasks between a therapist and an autistic child. In general, this table


Interdisciplinary Learning in Secondary Schools from Multiple Perspectives

The purpose of this study is to investigate how interdisciplinary learning enhances lower-form students’ learning in secondary schools and is also to provide a practical example for teachers in secondary schools to promote interdisciplinary learning beyond the existing curriculum. The research was carried out with 121 secondary 2 students aged 12 to13 in the school


Mapping the Convergence of Communication Disciplines: A Conceptual Study

A positive reputation of an organization is needed in order to ensure the organization sustainability. Therefore, communication with internal and external stakeholders become important. The main objective of this paper is to visualize how the concept and practice of organization-communication, corporate-communication and public relations are combined in the process of organization reputation development. Focus group


Sex Education: Level of Knowledge and Its Effects on the Sexual Behavior and Opinions Among the Government Senior High School Students of Vigan City SY 2018-2019

The Philippines, being a Christian country, finds Sex Education a sensitive topic to discuss with. But, with the increasing cases of pregnancies, sexually-transmitted diseases and other forms of sexually-related violence, the Philippine government raised their vote to integrate and teach sex education in the curriculum. After recognizing the vital role of education on the rising


Stories of Diaspora of Overseas Filipino Workers in Singapore: A Management Perspective

This qualitative study focused on the documentation and analysis of the narratives on the diaspora stories of the overseas Filipino workers in Singapore in the contexts of their fear, opportunities, and management initiatives, viewed through management perspectives. The Filipino diaspora has gone global having overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) present in all parts of the world.


Disciplinary Training and Professional Practices Effects on Soft Skills Development

At present, the development of soft skills or transversal skills has become a relevant issue for higher education institutions. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the discipline training and professional practices effect on the soft skills development of the UNIMINUTO Vicerectoria Regional Sur (VRBS) students. This research will be developed under a pragmatic