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Morality Analysis of Students According to Kohlberg and Lickona Theory

The study aims to find out the level of moral development of students according to Kohlberg and Lickona theory, and it was done at State Junior High School (JHS) 29 and State Junior High School (JHS) 9. The design of the research is descriptive qualitative research design, and the data collection is done through observation


Developing a Textbook of Writing Pantun, Syair, and Acrostic Poetry by Using the Website and

This study was aimed to develop a textbook of writing pantun, syair, and acrostic poetry by using the website and The researcher used the Research and Development (R&D) method with the ADDIE model (Branch, 2009) which the steps were Analyzing, Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating. The results of the need analysis with a closed


Correlation of STEM Interest and Career Intent in High-School Students

Understanding high school students’ perceptions and dispositions toward STEM, and the role science and math self-efficacy play in establishing STEM career aspirations is imperative to preparing the STEM workforce of the future. Project STEMulate is an industry-aligned technology-rich Problem-Based Learning (PBL) model. The goal of this NSF ITEST grant-funded study (2018-2020) was to improve students’


Cognitive Representation of Social Identity of Collectivistically and Individualistically-oriented Primary School Students

Collectivistic and individualistic cognitive orientations are considered as a result of the influence of the factors that led to their development on the one hand, and on the other as a mechanism of their carriers’perception and understanding of the world . The ratio of the number of people with collectivistic/individualistic orientations is a distinctive feature


What Parents and Teachers Say About Their Relationships in ECEC: A Study in Rural China

A growing body of literature refers to the potential of parental involvement (PI) as a critical educational remedy and solution for a diversity of issues in ECEC. However, the reflection of mainstream values and assumptions and the lack of attention to cultural differences in this existing body of literature has been criticized. In this article,


Developing Self-efficacy of Pre-service Science Teachers Through Teacher Professional Development Program

This research aimed to develop a self-efficacy of pre-service science teachers. The participants were 17 science pre-service teachers who were in the first year of general science program. The teacher professional development program in this study employed 3 strategies to develop pre-service teacher’s self-efficacy including curriculum topic study, content course, and teaching practice. The research


Self-organized Learning in School Practice

Self-organized learning as a didactic teaching and learning concept is based on the theoretical models of self-control and self-organization within the framework of systemic and constructivist learning theories. In the present concept, this means the participation or transfer of responsibility to learners who, from an organizational point of view, co-determine the subject matter, learning time,


The Study of Factors That Affect Zhuhai Undergraduates’ Willingness to Get Master Degree in Hong Kong

Previous research is limited in analyzing students’ willingness to study abroad in specific political settings. This paper used Push-pull model to develop a model that link political, economy and cultural factors with Zhuhai undergraduates’ willingness to get master degree in HK. We tested this model with the data got from five universities in Zhuhai and


Resistant and Nonresistant Teachers’ Identities

In many educational materials, it is recognized that the broader social conditions in which teachers live and work, and personal and professional factors in life, experience, beliefs and practices. The teacher is inseparable from each other, and there are often tensions between these things that impact a greater or lesser degree of sense of self


Problems and Needs in Writing Skills of Sales Support

In business communication, the English language is globally used for extending more business opportunities nationally and internationally. Sales department is one vital department that is obviously in need of assistants who can employ the English language effectively to increase profits for the company. One of the main tasks of sales support is to perform writing


The Research Competency Improvement Model Based on Integrated Method of Teacher Professional Students in Faculty of Education at Udont-Thani Rajabhat University

The purposes of this research were: 1) to study and compare students’ achievement between pre-training and post-training, 2) to study classroom skills in research abilities, and 3) to study attitude towards doing classroom research. The research sample group consisted of 26 Mathematics student teachers, Faculty of Education Udon Thani Rajabhat University. They were drawn by


Using Maximum Variation Strategy Within a Case Study to Explore Reasons Teachers Are Willing to Contribute Open Educational Resources

The intent of this exploratory study was to increase the body of knowledge and guide decisions regarding sustainability of Open Educational Resources (OER). Previous studies have reported one of the challenges facing facilitators of OER repositories is teachers’ lack of willingness to contribute their instructional materials. This study, in contrast, investigated the reasons teachers are


Using the Delphi Method to Identify Technical Workshop Topics

This research utilized the Delphi method to collect data from a selected panel to both identify and rank the importance of technical workshop topics in one of the sixteen Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways. The primary reason for selecting this research method was based on past research where it was utilized in gaining consensus


Predicting Social Adjustment During the Transition from Preschool to Primary School – The Role of Children’s Media Use

Early transition from preschool to primary school is an important predictor that gives a lot of insight into the later years of formal schooling.Studies have demonstrated the importance of social adjustment for transition,ranging from childhood,adolescence and adulthood.This study aims to to examine factors that predict children’s social adjustment based on children’s media use during the


Students’ Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills: Bases for the Development of Contextualized Learning Module in Geometry

This design research aimed at developing a contextualized learning module on the basis of the level of problem-solving and critical thinking skills of the Grade 7 students particularly in Geometry under the K to 12 Curriculum.. This study utilized the researcher-made problem-solving and critical thinking skills test. The results revealed that the students’ problem-solving and


Development of Learning Modules for Enhancing Classroom Action Research Skills of Student Teachers

A crucially important quality student teachers preferably possess in order to facilitate their own learning and career relates to classroom action research skills. This study aimed to design learning modules for enhancing classroom action research skills among student teachers. This design-based research was divided into three phases. The first phase was the development of the


The Role of Lectures and Factors Affecting Individual Working Competency of Students at Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam Through Mathematical Modeling Process

For university training, all teaching processes aim at developing and perfecting occupational competencies for learners. In the study of teaching mathematics at Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam, we consider mathematical modeling as a way to help students solve problems mathematically. Accordingly, the main role of teachers in these situations mostly include: to build learning environment, conduct


Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Lessons in Grade 10 Biology

This descriptive developmental study determined the effect of Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Lessons in Biology to the Grade 10 students’ performance. It focused on the developed Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Lessons, jurors’ evaluation of the Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Lessons in terms of competency-based, process skills involved, inquiry-based and cooperative learning strategy, and its effect on students’ conceptual


Lessons in Grade 10 Biology Using Cooperative and Guided-inquiry Approach

This descriptive developmental research study determined the effect of the developed lessons in Biology using Cooperative and Guided Inquiry Approach for Grade 10 students of Barangay High School in Manito Albay. Specifically, it sought answers to the questions: (1) What lessons may be developed for Grade 10 Biology with the features: cooperative learning, guided inquiry


Swarm Intelligence Framework for Tutoring in Schools

A web-based intelligent tutoring system with some swarm intelligence capabilities and with the integration of a learning units with Adaptive Augmented Reality Serious Games (AARGS) is presented. Adaptation to the children, necessary for a more effective learning experience is achieved through two means: the use of sequencing graphs and swarm intelligence techniques. Sequencing graphs determine


Boarding College Strategy Management in College of Theology Sangkakala Kopeng, District Getasan

The objectives of this research were to: (1) Determine and analyze the boarding management strategies that have been used by Sekolah Tinggi Theologi (College Of Theology) Sangkakala; (2) to analyze the root problems in the management of a boarding college in Sekolah Tinggi Theologi (College Of Theology) Sangkakala; (3) Design and produce strategies that can