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From Gender Binary to Diversity: The Image of the Prophet in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America as a Stimulus to Discuss Gender Issues in Catholic Theology

The aim of this paper is to present and discuss the image of Prior Walter – the prophet from a literary text and a theatrical play entitled “Angels in America. A Gay Fantasia on National Themes” written by an American playwright Tony Kushner. It was played in 60 countries and 2500 cinemas around the world


A Shifting Gender Regime in Contemporary China? Fans’ Queer Readings of the Film Ne Zha

The animation film Ne Zha was a hit in the summer of 2019 in Chinese cyberspace. The film generated a lot discussion and user generated content from online fans. This is due largely to the film’s nuanced depiction of the relationship between its protagonist Ne Zha and his friend/enemy, Ao Bing. The homosocial/homoerotic undertone in