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Connotation Evolution and Communication Characteristics of Network Language Using the 5W Communication Model: An Analysis of “X Socialites”

“Online socialite” has become a popular internet buzzword in China in recent years. Originally referring to female internet celebrities who purchased luxury goods through group buying and then pretended to be “socialites” in high-end places to attract attention, a series of “X socialites” emerged on the internet, such as “Buddha socialites” (beautiful and sexy ladies


A Study on the Participatory Culture of Filipino Kpop Fandom and Its Fan Activism

K-pop fans are now recognized as a prominent force in the field of activism, having been vocal about their concerns about a variety of social and political issues. Due to the new and still rising activism of modern K-pop fans on a worldwide scale, research on K-pop fan activism is not as thorough in the


Motivations of Mothers on Using Facebook in Postpartum Depression and Its Influence on Their Knowledge and Attitude

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a chronic mental condition that affects mothers of all ages, races, and social classes. One of the ways that receive social support for this condition is by using social networking sites (SNS) like Facebook. Facebook serves as a valuable platform to address their needs. Thus, this research aims to identify the


State-Run Feminism in China: Who Has Been Empowered? A Critical Discourse Analysis on Women of the Year (2017-2021) in China Women’s News

Being a country with profound patriarchal traditions, the media environment remains conservative on feminism and gender-related issues in China, despite prevalent feminist movements worldwide. This sphere is increasingly scrutinized when Xi took power, who has displayed a strongman leadership to further centralize the overall dominance. Nevertheless, there is still space to negotiate women’s rights and


Making Decision: Masculine Women in Indonesian Movies

Gender is understood as a cultural concept that seeks to make a distinction in terms of roles, behavior, mentality, and emotional characteristics between the sexes of men and women. In society, gender tends to implicate feminine traits in women and masculine traits in men. One of the fundamental but significant masculine traits is the courage

“I See the Urgent Needs of Children”: A Dialogue With the “Firefighter of Charity Work”

This paper explores the career journey of an award-winning founder of a charity. The interview data comprised a Zoom recording, which was auto-converted into verbatim transcript, and then analyzed using social-cultural discourse analysis with a focus on the use of descriptive metaphors by the speaker. The first part of interview consisted of an informative public


Intimacies and Digital Technologies: Emotions, Conflicts and Inter-generational Relations in Chinese Liushou Families

Great internal migration caused by the economic gap between urban and rural areas has generated approximately 61 million liushou children who have to stay in their hometowns in rural areas in China. These liushou families primarily rely on digital technologies to achieve family interactions and maintain family relations. Mainstream research mainly explores the impacts of


Who Are the Misogynists That Stigmatize Feminists in China?

Against the backdrop of rising feminist activism on digital platforms, global misogyny is thriving. Anti-feminists around the world have adopted strategies to stigmatize feminists, making feminism a dirty word. However, the predictors of such stigmatization has been understudied. Therefore, drawing from research on far-right ideologies and intergroup contact theory, the current study employed an online


Mediatization and Gender Narratives in Chinese Folk Paper-Cutting Art

This study employs the notion of “mediatization” as a theoretical framework to examine one of the folk art: paper-cutting, a national intangible cultural treasure in Zherong County, Fujian Province, China, to examine the mediatization and alteration of folk art through the lens of “gender narratives”. This research will explore how the complexity and specificity of


An Analysis of the Portrayal of Madwomen in the Films of the Sixth Generation of Chinese Directors

The sixth generation of Chinese directors is a special group of Chinese directors, who are both rebellious to the control of the film system and self-expressive, and their works are often rich in meaning, well-received, and recognized by the film industry both at home and abroad. The representative figures include Lou Ye, Jia Zhangke, Wang


Gender, Race & Identity: An Intersectional Analysis of Queer Representation in the Movie Moonlight by Barry Jenkins

The aim of this thesis is to deploy key identity structures that are mainly gender and race. These constructs intersect with one another on a social spectrum which is presented through the polemics of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, gender performativity, the role of queer communities,family structures, and racial identities. The dissection and analysis


Gloc-9 Songs: A Encoding and Decoding Analysis

Music can be used as a powerful medium of communication and can be instrumental in creating a culture of resistance that may awaken social and political consciousness. Rap and Hip-hop genre have become a worldwide phenomenon recognized and appropriated in many parts of the world for its interesting narrative and creative beats. It had gone


A Success of Content Communication Through Y-Series: A Case Study of 2gether the Series

The research entitled “A Content Communication through the Y-Series Entitled 2gether The Series” is a qualitative research aimed to study 1) the content presentation in y-series entitled 2gether The Series and 2) the exposure to the content of the y-series entitled 2gether The Series. The purposive sampling method was applied; and the y-series entitled 2gether


Baomu in China: The Portrayal of Female Domestic Workers in Newspapers and Social Media

This study investigates how female domestic workers, known as Baomu, are portrayed in Chinese news media. Extant studies have provided an enlightening insight that this group is increasingly framed as a non-negligible threat in newspapers with the growing social demand of domestic services and the heated discussion of several vicious crimes committed by some Baomu


Representation of Korean Cultural Flow in the West During COVID-19: The Case of BTS

Amidst the closing of national borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Korean pop culture flow continues to transcend boundaries with these notable achievements, namely in pop music with the success of the Korean band BTS. With their first Grammy nomination for a Korean band and success of virtual concerts, the band is an indicator of


No City for Fatal Women: Gender, Power, and Noir Convention in Marvel’s Jessica Jones

This paper aims to analyze both the employment and subversion of traditional noir convention in the web television series Jessica Jones, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. While the series is more a crime drama than a superhero story and features numerous elements that mark it as a work of neo-noir,


Culture and Human Resource Management: Understanding Communication in the Ages of Globalization

This paper will examine the international management of culture and human resources communication. The various movements of human resources and competencies have implicated the phenomena of culture exchange worldwide. Intercultural conflicts, intercultural competencies, and intercultural management are topics humans did not face decades ago. Researchers worked on these differences and how we can accept and


A Critical Analysis of the Construction of Asian Sexuality in Hollywood Romantic Comedies From 2018 to 2019

This study seeks to examine the construction of Asian sexuality through the characters featured in three Hollywood romantic comedies: Crazy Rich Asians (2018), To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018) and Always be my Maybe (2019). Informed by Hall’s (1995, 1997) works on stereotypes and Berg’s (2002) conceptualization of mediated stereotypes, this study focuses


Representation of Women in Premkumar’s Films

In the wake of waves of feminism and feminist film theories there are more expectations from the film industries, as they are considered as the mirrors of the society and as the potent ones to reform the society in the eradication of the gender inequality all-prevalent in all the walks of life all over the


Butch-girl Arya Stark in HBO’s The Game of Thrones: Got My Own White Steed

Arya Stark is a complicated heroine-antiheroine in The Game of Thrones television drama series. Her character sparks discussion within published texts (Frankel, 2014) and social media. Arya defies traditional gender roles, as many “butch-girls” and strong female characters before her (Brownstein, 1994; Inness, 1999; Inness, 2004; McCaughey & King, 2001; Neroni, 2005). She challenges patriarchal,


Thai Gay Men’s Behaviors in Choosing to Use VDO Game Character Gender

It was found in the previous study on attitudes of Thai men choosing to use VDO game female characters that, through sexual desire, they placed emphasis on gazing at female characters’ bodies and their imagination revealing the desire to compensate for what they lacked in real life. However, from the researcher’s observation of Thai gay


Learning Media Based on Local Culture Characteristics for Literacy Aspect

The implementation of Local Culture in learning media stimulates the society in actualizing the culture and promoting it globally. Literacy can make students understand the language features and learn the parole in communication. The research problems are: (1) how can the language features in the listening aspect through VCD of characterized learning of local culture


My Own Little Television: Implications of the Conflation of Internet Broadcasting and Television Broadcasting in the Korean Context

Internet broadcasting jockey (BJs) has been a lucrative occupation in Korea, but it has not necessarily been a legitimate job. However, the recent boom in independent internet broadcasting shows spearheaded by an online video streaming service AfreecaTV has brought these shows and the BJs into the limelight. Not only do some of the popular BJs


Bread Maker-Turned-Breadwinner: Representations of Gender and Power in the Canadian Television Series Bomb Girls

This research explores the representation of gender roles in the Canadian prime-time television series Bomb Girls, which depicts the lives of women working at a munitions factory in Toronto during the Second World War. The historical drama, which aired from 2012 to 2013, is set in a period that challenged gendered dynamics of power in


Media and Human Rights: India’s North East in National India Media

With the dawn of India’s independence in 1947 and subsequent consolidation of its territory, and reorganisation of international border with her neighbours, India’s North East as a distinct geographical region is explicitly palpable. More than just a geographical region, it is a cultural region different from mainland India. Culturally, people from the region are yet


Street Art as Political Media Literacy: About Geneng Street Art Project 2014 in Yogyakarta

Geneng Street Art Project 2014 (GSAP) was a project undertaken by street art artists in Jogjakarta. GSAP used people houses wall in village as medium to articulate the message. There are three interesting things in this study: first, a shift in medium of street art from urban space to village area. Second, the process of


Shumang Leela A Platform for Cultural and Development Communication Discourse

Shumang Leela which means ‘Courtyard performance’ is a Manipuri theatrical art form considered to have developed in the 19th and 20th century. The paper discusses how the theatrical art form broke the monopoly of art as being accessible only by the upper caste, the so called elite sections of the society and began acting as


Revitalising Indigenous Resistance and Dissent through Online Media

Indigenous peoples continue to experience exclusion from mediated mainstream public sphere debates. In Australia, recent government funding cuts suppress opportunities for Aboriginal resistance and dissent. Long-standing Aboriginal print media have ceased publication. Public broadcasters have cancelled Indigenous news services, and a 2014 Commission of Audit recommended culling the community broadcasting sector. This is in direct


The Reproduction of the Image of Traditional Turkish Womens Role in Commercial Television ( A Study on the Expectations of the National Television Channels Imposed Upon Female Workers)

The national television channels strengthen the current perception about Turkish women. Gender discrimination can be observed when the presenters of a variety of television programs are examined on the basis of gender. When programs are examined in detail, it is notable that women are generally hired to present programs based on magazine press such as