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The Impact of Camera Innovations on Visual Aesthetics in Documentary Films – A Filmmakers Perspective

Innovations in camera technology often have a direct impact on the moving image aesthetics. This is especially true for documentary film productions, where cheaper camera models from the consumer and semi-professional sectors are frequently used (Ellis, Documentary: Witness and Self-revelation, 2012). Documentary filmmakers have strongly responded to the new possibilities of portable camcorders and other


Gathering the Story: Documentary Film Research and Data Collection

The documentary film genre is a powerful and influential information and communication medium that educates, “embraces difference,” inspires, and motivates its audience. Its increasing utilization in education timely coincides with technological advances in film and video production today. What has historically been a prohibitive undertaking is now a progressively egalitarian vocation using inexpensive equipment and


The Invisible Character; A Perspective Into the Significance of Set Design in Film, Theater and Television

The importance of set design is easily comprehended by looking at the history of performing arts and its progress; but the point worth noting is the progression and gradual transformation in the role set design plays in media today. In modern film and theater works, set design is not just a means to create the


Designing the Stereoscopic 3D Media Soundscape: An Exploration of the Perceptual Effects of Auditory Cues Alteration on Stereoscopic 3D Presentations

Assisted by the technological advances of the past decades, stereoscopic 3D media are currently making another attempt to be established as mainstream forms of entertainment. Arguably, the main focus of this effort is placed on the creation of immersive 3D visual worlds. However, with few exceptions, little attention has been given so far to the


A Documentary Film on the Lives of Families of Filipino Journalists in Quezon Province Who Died in Line of Duty

This study is about the lives of the families of Filipino journalists is Quezon Province who died in line of duty most especially featuring the life of the family of Bert “Fausto” Sison. This study aimed to feature the lives of the families of Bert Sison as well as the families of the other victims


Investigation on Historical Representation by the Case Study of Taiwan Historical Drama Films

Under the discourse of “historiophoty”, historical drama films can be both entertainment and media of conveying history. Historical drama films not only have been taken as the material of history study by historians, but also affect viewers’ cognition of history. The main subjects in this research are the Taiwan historical drama films which depict the


Minorities’ Stereotypes in Pakistani Films

The media provide distorted representation of women and minorities and exposure to these distorted images can have a negative effect on users’ perception (Yi Mou &Wei Peng, 2009). Albert Bandura “Bobo” doll study and further social learning theory explained that human behaviors are modeling behaviors and mainly result of observing and replicating. George Gerbner’s cultivation