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A Content Analysis of Online Streaming’s Popular Korean Drama Series in Thailand: Alcohol Imagery and Scene

Exposure to alcohol-related imagery in the media is linked to increased regular use and initiation of alcohol consumption among youth and young adults. This association is particularly evident on online streaming platforms, where portrayals of alcohol are often unrestricted. This study aims to conduct a content analysis of alcohol-related imagery and scenes in five popular


Kidnapping and Abduction Online News Reports’ Influence on Fear of Victimization and Prevention Practices

The increase in reports of kidnappings and abductions in the Philippines has been widely circulated on social media. Studies indicate frequent exposure to crime news significantly increases people’s fear of crime. Hence, this research investigated the demographics, exposure to online kidnapping and abduction news, degree of fear of victimization, and prevention practices among students at


“Middle American Miserabilism”: Charting the Feel Bad Genre in Recent HBO Mini-series

Miserabilism was originally a term that was used to describe a pessimistic philosophy or a consistently miserable outlook. This pessimistic worldview has been seen in television depictions of welfare recipients who live in low-income communities in both the UK as well as the United States. Also labeled “poverty porn”, in such wide-ranging shows as “Hillbilly


The Entertaining but Unreal Presentation of Herb Medicine and Alternative Medical Doctors in East-Asia Medical Drama

The medical drama was the popular genre with a fictional and vividly narrative presenting a medicinal situation. In East Asia, medical drama was a genre of high rating programs and many of them depicted the traditional/alternative medicine different from the modern medicine field. By a qualitative content analysis of 47 episodes across 5 medical drama


The Changing Perception of the Chinese on American Policies in the Post COVID-19 Pandemic Era

Chinese perception of humiliation threat has been deeply rooted in their mind because of China’s early encounter with Western and Japanese imperialism. According to a number of studies (Chen & Garcia, 2016; Gries et al., 2011; He, 2018; Zhang, 2002), the century of humiliation starting from the mid-19th century has greatly affected Chinese understanding of


Self-Assessment on Media and Information Literacy Competencies among Communication Professionals in Philippine Information Agency and Philippine News Agency

This research paper entitled ‘Self-Assessment on Media and Information Literacy Competencies among Communication Professionals in Philippine Information Agency and Philippine News Agency’ aims to determine if communication professionals employed in Philippine Information Agency and Philippine News Agency are media and information literate. The study employed the descriptive method through quantitative research. The researcher used a


The Role of Community-Based Media in Strengthening and Promoting Community Identity: A Case Study in the Thai Public Sphere

This paper analyses the role of community-based media in the Riverside community, an old and scenic location in Chanthaburi, Eastern Thailand. After being razed by conflagration and flood, the community has been regenerated by promoting itself as a cultural tourism destination. This community has started to produce its own media, and to use a wide


The Undercurrents of Media Convergence and Development of Viewers’ Gratification to News Consumption

A linkage between media convergence and a transformation to digital television (TV) is increasingly becoming a driving force to the significant changes in news consumption and production pattern in Thailand. Based on the Uses and Gratifications theory and a problem analysis, this paper develops a research framework on Thai-youth audiences’ gratifications to news consumption through


A Case Study on the Religious Model Reporting Style and Mediated Moral Panics in Malaysia

The issues concerning moral panics and music subcultures have often been overblown in the press coverage in Malaysia. Various models have been adopted by the authorities via the press to put a face on these so-called moral panics by appropriating the fashion and styles of music subcultures. Western popular culture has often had a volatile


The Influence of Online Social Communication Networks on the Agenda of the Front Page of Thai Newspapers

The research found that the online social media services of Facebook impacted the news agenda items of both Thairath and Matichon newspapers. Analysis of Facebook was conducted throughout the year 2011. In addition, extensive interviews were conducted with sub-editors and reporters from said newspapers. It was also found that the online media services examined helped


Understanding Malaysian Twitter Users Behaviour Using Hans Eysenck’s Three-Trait Model

The study seeks to understand Malaysian Twitter users personality using Hans Eysenck’s three-trait model; that entails of extraversion, neuroticism, and psychoticism. This theory proposes that individuals possess certain personality traits which partially determine their behavior of usage. Data was randomly collected using Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) from 400 Twitter users in Malaysia via Google Docs.


The Opinion of Media Entrepreneurs towards Thai Mass Media

The purposes of the research are to study the roles of today’s mass media and to gather media members’ opinions on media reform via qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Quantitative findings show that television is the medium media entrepreneurs have used the most. The next most used media are email and mobile phone respectively. Media entrepreneurs


Expectations for Delivering Entertainment News through Television

This research was entitled expectations toward delivering entertainment news on televisions, 2 main objectives of this research are to search audience’s expectations in terms of watching entertainment news on televisions, and to provide suggestions to properly develop further entertainment news programing on televisions. The results of this research indicate that the number of times presenting


Supervision Matters Teenagers’ Perception of Parents’ Involvement in Their Internet Use

With the growing popularity of digital devices, such as smart phones, iPads, laptops and computers, Internet can now be accessed with almost any content, from anywhere, at anytime. For teenagers, Internet has become an integral part of their daily life for information, education, entertainment and socialization. As teenagers are in a complicated period of development,