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Future Digital Finance: Ethnic Traditional Jewellery as Intangible Heritage and Its Influence on Places’ Assets

It is impossible to emphasize the importance of intangible cultural heritage. Create a lasting impression in the minds of future generations by holding your own in a cutthroat industry. For many people, the allure of traditional jewellery lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in the deeper meanings and beliefs it represents when


Adaptation of the Teacher Professional Agency Scale in the Unique Cultural Context of Estonia

Teachers’ work-related agency has scientific and practical significance. It is associated with redefining pessimistic projects and finding pleasure in the vocation. Measuring this phenomenon among teachers (N=686) in the culturally diverse education context of Estonia, where Estonian language of instruction and Russian instructional language schools historically co-exist, representing two various logics associated with transformation vs


Charlie King, Chinese Music, and Media Representation in a New Zealand Gold Mining Setting

Charlie King (Li Kee Hing), as he was known, spent most of his life in the southern New Zealand gold-mining settlement of Waikaia. Arriving there in the mid 1870s, he was one of many Chinese miners in New Zealand, and he worked closely with other miners from his village in China who had also travelled


Intercultural Education in Europe: The Bridge Teaching Values of Cultural Diversity

The increasing number of young migrants in Europe has brought a necessity to provide a new educational system. Intercultural education has been seen by the Council of Europe and UNESCO as a solution to this issue. The educational approach has been thought not only with the intent to preserve the cultural heritage of migrant children,


Exploring the Intrinsic Influence of Confucian Principles on Chinese Women’s Agency: A Malaysian Perspective

This study will explore the way three core Confucian principles affect the identity and agency of Malaysian-born Chinese women, from a Malaysian context. The interdisciplinary nature of this research will consider ethnic diasporic and cultural identity from a cultural psychological stance, taking the view that identity is socially constructed, as family and society play a


The Global Ummah as a Communicative Strategy: Power and Identity in the Organization of the Islamic Conference

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s status as an international organization articulating the collective interests of Muslims was copper fastened by its role in the Danish Cartoon controversy of 2005-2006. Since then the OIC has become a prominent actor in the international arena, especially with regard to matters relating to Muslims in minority communities. The analysis


Notions of “Home,” “Nation,” “Identity,” and “Belonging”: A Study on Filipino Migrant Workers in Asia

Drawing on the literatures on diasporas and transnational migration, this paper is a theory-focus article that discusses the notions of “home”, “nation”, “identity” and “belonging” using the case of Filipino migration. While looking into the earlier models of migration still offers discussions that are of interest to academics, scholars, policy makers, and other stakeholders to