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Lessons from the Perpetual Learner

Life is curious. We wake up, we make plans, and we see a slight incline, but not many major obstacles in sight. In fact, we know that our day is going to be perfectly brilliant (perhaps). That is not always the case, however, and as learners, teachers, teacher researchers, teacher educators, and/or administrators our days


Decreased Motivation and Increased Mental Illness Among Young People – A Need for Teaching Life Mastery Skills in School

Student evaluations in Norwegian schools over the last years have shown that students lack motivation for learning, and at the same time, more and more young people struggle with mental illnesses and quite many drop out of school. To meet these challenges, we started a research project called “systematic work with motivation” where we have


Fundamental Foundations in Early Childhood Development

At its core, there are three pillars critical to support this foundation. First, ethics – development of personality and values; a vital element to helping a child learn their role within society and culture. Secondly, innovative pedagogy – captivating a child’s mind through curriculum and activities built for specific learning styles. Language, sensory, and social