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The Moral Thought of the Malays: Feudalism & the Concept of Corruption Based on Selected Malay Texts

The evolving of the feudalism system of the Malay Sultanate during the pre-colonial era has marked the construction of Malays’ moral thought. During this period, the ideas of moral values were primarily constructed by the Malay ruler which was the raja or sultan who had the highest position in the feudalism system. Therefore, the king’s


Potrayal of Feminism in Barbie Vlog

The development of technology and emergence of participatory culture has helped to create many opportunities in sharing messages and self- representation. Within this entailment of advancement, the famous social actor, Barbie doll uses the opportunity in participating and uses her posthuman form as an extension of herself in presenting some of her identity and ideology


Kirishima: Reflections on Humanity and Nihility

The Kirishima Thing is a 2012 Japanese film, which was awarded Excellence Film at the 67th Mainichi Film Awards as well as Best Director at the 37th Hochi Film Awards in 2012. The film won Japan Academy Prize for Picture of the Year as well as received several nominations. It has been screened worldwide, including


Reclaiming the Mind-When Traditional Chinese Realist Painting Meets the Contemporary Arts

The purpose of this study is to construct a personal style of painting that transcends the realm of rational thought, in which thought resides in the mind, in pursuit of a spiritual dialogue of the utmost truth, goodness and beauty. Paintings in this personal style transform the thoughts and ideas that exist in the subconscious


Moral Choice and Compliance: Exploration of Justice in “The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock”

Set in an urban locale of early 20th century Progressive America, T.S.Eliot’s poem “The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock” accounts the psychophysical inertia of a man namely Prufrock through his confessional dramatic monologues reverberating within his subjective mental space. Considering monologues as a reflection of an individual’s past or current experiences with others, the paper


Collective Consciousness of Ethnic Groups in the Upper Central Region of Thailand

This research article aimed to study the memories of the past and the process of constructing a collective consciousness of ethnicity in the upper central region of Thailand. Scope of the study included ethnic groups in 4 provinces: Lopburi, Chai-nat, Singburi, and Ang-thong and 7 groups: Lao Wiang, Lao Khrang, Lao Ngaew, Thai Mon, Thai


The Effects of Brand Communication on Consumer-Based Brand Equity: A Study on Firm-Created Website and User-Generated Fan Page

Purpose- Brand social communities (fan page) are increasingly attracting the attention of consumers intrigued by active two-way communication and up-to-date information. The purpose of this study is to compare the effects of traditional firm-created website and user-generated social media (fan page) brand communication on five consumer-based brand equity (CBBE) dimensions. Design/methodology/approach- The paper applied quantitative


Using Mask Painting to Assess Individual Role Preference in a Society

Mask painting is a form of instrument in art therapy to assess (Trepal-Wollenzier & Wester, 2002) and to be utilized as a therapeutic device (Janzing, 1986). In Jungian psychology, mask reflects human expression that represents individual relations to the environment (Konijn & Hoorn, 2017). Creating a mask is projecting the self into mask form (Malchiodi,


The Humanities Build Democratic Capital

Each generation is shaped by the historical context in which their education takes place. By providing us with a fuller understanding of the world and our place in it, the Humanities help us make sense of these larger events. Today’s citizens must be prepared to function in a culturally diverse, globally interdependent, and technologically sophisticated


Depicting the Cultural Product Design Process – An Grounded Theory Approach

This is the age of niche market, designers are challenged to design from their cultural context, to highlight the cultural value of the product. Therefore, designers become agents of cultural context, and should understand how cultural product acquire and communicate cultural meanings. However, the design process of cultural products remains a black box that needed


The 3D Glasses Try-On System of Augmented Reality Using Intel Realsense Camera

“Consumers first” is a well-known fact in the market. In order to meet with the preferences and demand of customers, personally customized process has become a trend. Following the trend of customization, this paper presents an eyeglasses try-on system based on augmented reality to fulfill the needs of customized eyeglasses. The system is equipped with


“Identity Issue in Contemporary Diaspora Arab Theatre” (Applied Study of Leila Buck Texts)

The problem of identity is one of the issues on the world arena, as it is an essential part of the structure of political intellect. It is also considered as prerequisite for social existence, therefor, the concept of identity has received a great attention in the field of theatre studies, especially in the Diaspora drama;


Regaining the Decay of Human Values

The myriad of ethnic and sub-ethnic groups in Indonesia causes similarly numerous creations, communication, and performance of folklore. Today, however, tales which are classified in verbal lore and believed as people’s fictional works are decaying since almost all tales still use local-regional languages, which generally have become unpopular. Furthermore, modern life-style strongly relies on technology-based


Futuristic Reflection on the Aftermath of Humanity: Pluto, A Graphic Novel

Urasawa Naoki’s graphic novel Pluto (2003-2009), set in a virtual post-human world in which human and robots neighbor each other, raises questions about humanity, both ontological and epistemological. Pluto is based on and adapted from legendary Japanese cartoonist Osamu Tezuka’s manga Astro Boy series. In Pluto, 5 out of 7 ‘greatest robots on earth’ are


Moscow on the Connecticut River: How a Russian Iconic Design Continues to Define an American City

Besides developing the first revolver, 19th century arms-maker Samuel Colt was a brilliant PR man and traveling businessman, personally visiting with prime ministers and other heads of state whose armies might become potential buyers of his gun. One of his travels took him to Russia, where he was impressed by the iconic onion-shaped domes adorning


The Syntactic Interpretation of Thai Middle Voice and Target Sentences in Japanese

This paper examines the syntactic interpretation of Thai middle voice sentences such as nǎŋsɨ̌ɨ níi kh ǎaj dii ‘this book sells well.’ and the equivalent sentences in Japanese. As a Thai speaker who teaching Japanese as a foreign language, I find out that we cannot say *kono hon ga yoku uru ‘this book sells well’


The Representation of Femininity and Masculinity in American Film Posters

The study used qualitative textual analysis to analyze the gender representation and equality between genders in film posters from 1950s to 2010s. The study focused on the Oscar film winners from 1950s to 2017. The total of film posters is 62. United Kingdom winners are excluded from my sample because the posters are very few


Understanding the Importance of Amartya Sen’s Philosophy in His Economic Model

The purpose of this dissertation is to understand and analyze the extent to which philosophy impacts the manner in which practical economics plays out. It seeks to draw attention to the fact that there has been excessive focus on numbers and other such indicators of economic growth, causing social welfare to be severely ignored. Amartya


The Internal Other: Abjection, Victimhood and Ideological Transformation in Post-War Japanese Film

This paper considers post-war Japanese film as a lens for understanding social conditions during this period. Invoking Kristeva’s theory of abjection, Butler’s understanding of ‘unlivable’ zones of subjectivity and Žižek’s contributions to the concepts of community and jouissance, this paper proposes that this period in Japan’s early post-war history was marked by various forms of


Regionalism and Issues: Understanding Indian Unity in Diversity Through Literature

To understand regionalism,we need to know various dimensions of the region.Region as a social system,reflects the relation between different human beings and groups whereas a geographical unit,is delimited form each other.Regionalism is an ideology and political movement to advance the causes of regions.At the international level,regionalism refers to transnational cooperation to meet a common goal.Regionalism