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The Humanities Build Democratic Capital

Each generation is shaped by the historical context in which their education takes place. By providing us with a fuller understanding of the world and our place in it, the Humanities help us make sense of these larger events. Today’s citizens must be prepared to function in a culturally diverse, globally interdependent, and technologically sophisticated


Modeling the Cultural Product Design Process of Young Designers: An Approach of Grounded Theory

This is the age of qualia consumption, designers are challenged to design from their cultural context, to highlight the cultural value of the product. In this research, the notion of ‘cultural product’ refers to objects designed as from particular project cultural and patrimonial (tangible or intangible) foundations, bind to a community and culture. From this


The 3D Glasses Try-On System of Augmented Reality Using Intel Realsense Camera

“Consumers first” is a well-known fact in the market. In order to meet with the preferences and demand of customers, personally customized process has become a trend. Following the trend of customization, this paper presents an eyeglasses try-on system based on augmented reality to fulfill the needs of customized eyeglasses. The system is equipped with


“Identity Issue in Contemporary Diaspora Arab Theatre” (Applied Study of Leila Buck Texts)

The problem of identity is one of the issues on the world arena, as it is an essential part of the structure of political intellect. It is also considered as prerequisite for social existence, therefor, the concept of identity has received a great attention in the field of theatre studies, especially in the Diaspora drama;


Regaining the Decay of Human Values

The myriad of ethnic and sub-ethnic groups in Indonesia causes similarly numerous creations, communication, and performance of folklore. Today, however, tales which are classified in verbal lore and believed as people’s fictional works are decaying since almost all tales still use local-regional languages, which generally have become unpopular. Furthermore, modern life-style strongly relies on technology-based


Futuristic Reflection on the Aftermath of Humanity: Pluto, A Graphic Novel

Urasawa Naoki’s graphic novel Pluto (2003-2009), set in a virtual post-human world in which human and robots neighbor each other, raises questions about humanity, both ontological and epistemological. Pluto is based on and adapted from legendary Japanese cartoonist Osamu Tezuka’s manga Astro Boy series. In Pluto, 5 out of 7 ‘greatest robots on earth’ are


Moscow on the Connecticut River: How a Russian Iconic Design Continues to Define an American City

Besides developing the first revolver, 19th century arms-maker Samuel Colt was a brilliant PR man and traveling businessman, personally visiting with prime ministers and other heads of state whose armies might become potential buyers of his gun. One of his travels took him to Russia, where he was impressed by the iconic onion-shaped domes adorning


The Syntactic Interpretation of Thai Middle Voice and Target Sentences in Japanese

This paper examines the syntactic interpretation of Thai middle voice sentences such as nǎŋsɨ̌ɨ níi kh ǎaj dii ‘this book sells well.’ and the equivalent sentences in Japanese. As a Thai speaker who teaching Japanese as a foreign language, I find out that we cannot say *kono hon ga yoku uru ‘this book sells well’


The Representation of Femininity and Masculinity in American Film Posters

The study used qualitative textual analysis to analyze the gender representation and equality between genders in film posters from 1950s to 2010s. The study focused on the Oscar film winners from 1950s to 2017. The total of film posters is 62. United Kingdom winners are excluded from my sample because the posters are very few


Understanding the Importance of Amartya Sen’s Philosophy in His Economic Model

The purpose of this dissertation is to understand and analyze the extent to which philosophy impacts the manner in which practical economics plays out. It seeks to draw attention to the fact that there has been excessive focus on numbers and other such indicators of economic growth, causing social welfare to be severely ignored. Amartya


The Internal Other: Abjection, Victimhood and Ideological Transformation in Post-War Japanese Film

This paper considers post-war Japanese film as a lens for understanding social conditions during this period. Invoking Kristeva’s theory of abjection, Butler’s understanding of ‘unlivable’ zones of subjectivity and Žižek’s contributions to the concepts of community and jouissance, this paper proposes that this period in Japan’s early post-war history was marked by various forms of


Regionalism and Issues: Understanding Indian Unity in Diversity Through Literature

To understand regionalism,we need to know various dimensions of the region.Region as a social system,reflects the relation between different human beings and groups whereas a geographical unit,is delimited form each other.Regionalism is an ideology and political movement to advance the causes of regions.At the international level,regionalism refers to transnational cooperation to meet a common goal.Regionalism


Towards the Philosophy of Locality

The paper derives from listening intently to the connection between man and a place. Under examination here is local man, and along with him, a cultural experience which holds hidden in itself the philosophy of locality and a tale about a place. What would the idea of locality be? Does local man have the power


Winding Ways and Hilly Tracts: Mapping the Identity and Cultural Patterns of the Gaddi Tribes of Himachal Pradesh, India

The words ‘culture’ and ‘identity’ have a deep emotional bond with one’s homeland or territories.The modern society,like any other society in the world, is inseparable from its culture and identity, for its history is recorded and embedded in its culture. With increasing globalization, tribes around the world are being exploited, and are almost at the


The Development of Virtual Tour Interface for a Wetland Park by Using Unity Technologies

This research focuses digital interface with content for the virtual tour of a wetland park located in Dashu district of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The development of the virtual tour commenced from field survey to investigation detail geographic and culture features. Next, a series of 3D models including traditional brick-based architectures and landscape were built into a


Hope and Destruction: A Comparative Analysis of the Consciousness of Death Between Patriotism and Sinking

Sinking (沉淪, 1921), the renowned Chinese novel by Yu Dafu was often compared with a Japanese novel, Melancholy in the Country (田園の憂鬱, 1919), given that both of them are categorized as I-novel. Nevertheless, another Japanese novel, Patriotism(憂国, 1961) by Mishima Yukio actually shares more similarities with Sinking in the aspects of content and the core


Towards an Agency of Dust

In 1987, photographer Peter Wellmer stumbled upon a deserted building with an interior both fully assembled and in working order: the abandoned United Linen Factories at 48a Viktoria Street in Bielefeld, Germany. It had been built in 1913, and, by 1920, Juhl&Helmke employed 164 seamstresses there, who worked on dowry assortments of undergarments and household


The Development of Typology Matrixes on Design Patterns Inspired by the Mangroves Species of Sungai Merbok

More than 30 species of mangroves have been identified in Sungai Merbok, Kedah, Malaysia and are considered to be the most extensive collection of mangroves species in the world. Because of the profound natural and historical elements, Sungai Merbok is now has been identified as a second natural biosphere in the world and is recognised


Becoming Beyond the Anthropocene: Thinking and Writing Our Animal Selves

Without intervention, the Anthropocene portends a certain telos. From this, and from liberal humanism, I make a timely ontological detour and provoke a different future to what is looking predictable; a post-human, metamorphic future — one with no end in sight. My PhD comprises a dystopian/magical realism novella-in-progress (set mainly in Japan) and an accompanying


Writing the Feminine: John Fowles’s Modern Myth

John Fowles writes courageous and other-worldly women characters. John Fowles explores relationships between men and women and has built his major themes around the contrast between masculine and feminine mentality. Fowles has always constructed his fictions upon the principle that women are intrinsically better, more authentic, and freer than men. Throughout his fiction, women tend