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Concept Character Design of A 360° 2D Animation ‘Maiden Voyage’ for Fine Dining Virtual Reality

The animation and fine dining world has been changing due to the development of animation and culinary cuisine. The competition between these two worlds is fierce, and companies must strive to survive. Due to increased demand, interest, and competition, the digital art and industrial areas are exploring various technologies and techniques to enhance the immersive


Genocide in the Media: Reporting Variations

Mass killings of innocents based on their identity characteristics are sometimes well reported in the media, sometimes not so much. The variations in reporting impact on efforts to prevent the continuation of the mass killings and to institutionalize remedies for them. The paper will attempt to explain the differences in reporting on genocides by considering


Animation Pipeline Disruption: Study Case of Usage of Game Engine in Animation Student Project

Technological developments lately have disrupted many things. One of the disruptions was the production of 3D animated short films. Beane (2012) has described production pipelines for 3D animation production. A lecturer and CG (Computer Graphic) artist in animation, we are used to hearing about the 9 phases in 3D production: research and development, modeling, rigging,


How to Be Insufferable on Facebook: Revealing Communities of Practice and Social Construction Through Social-Media Dynamics

Facebook is one of the most influential media dynamics in modern history and it is the most popular social media platform in the world. Several years ago, Wait but Why, a popular blog revealed a pattern of user behaviors that made a post insufferable. This textual analysis uses these core ideas to ascertain ways these


Relationships Between Virtual Universe, Innovative Business Models, Music Sales, and Music Piracy: Conceptual Case Studies

Business models in several industries have undergone a fundamental upheaval because of the virtual universe. Old business models in the music industry, for instance, were put to the test by illicit competitors, and the virtual universe has made it possible to create value from new business structures. Traditional business theories underwent a major change due


#BoycottBollywood Trend on Social Media: Understanding the Reasons and Impact

The Bollywood, one of the world’s largest film industries, is a significant contributor to the Indian economy and culture, producing hundreds of films annually that are widely viewed in India and also has a global fan base. In recent years, #BoycottBollywood has been a popular hashtag on social media in India and the movement has


Analyzing Memes Through the Lens of Theories of Humour

Memes are a visual form of humour found widely on the social media, they are used as a medium to share and circulate the most facile of jokes as well as a means of contributing to the existing political discourse. This paper will attempt to unearth what lies beneath these simple images with some text


Engaging/Creating Difference: The Relevance of Cultural Identity as Laypeople Plan a Newscast

This study placed 18 groups of African-, European-, and Latin-Americans (divided by race and gender) into the role of news producers; each peer group was charged with planning a hypothetical TV newscast from a list of realistic stories. The study investigates the relevance of cultural identity as these groups go about their task, and found


Mental Stress in The Streaming World: Decision Fatigue in Leisure Time Among Young Adults in Dubai

The phenomenon of decision fatigue has been long explored in workplace and other taskrelated domains of human life. However, the studies of mental stress and negative emotions related to decision-making in leisure time are relatively recent and can provide insight on the impact of the overabundance of digital content that we experience nowadays. The current


Analysis of the Feeling Image of Internet Media Advertising

The study explores people’s feeling image of internet media advertising. Nowadays, YouTube is the most popular online video platform and is also recognized as the leading digital video Advertising Media. However, YouTube recently implemented a new digital video advertising policy which has caused a lot of bumper ads when using YouTube. In this research, I


Study on the Usage Environment of Online Games Based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

Online games enrich children’s daily lives by providing places to interact with each other and fun. On the other hand, the negative aspects are also pointed out such as long-time gaming, health effects, privacy, and security issues. In light of these circumstances, UNICEF published a report “Child Rights and Online Gaming” in 2019, which states


Too Exotic to Enchant? How the Femme Fatale was sent on Retreat

In their latest adaptations of Japanese movies, producers such as Spike Lee, Adam Wingard, and Rupert Sanders all display the femme fatale in relation to the discourse of patriarchy and female empowerment. She is portrayed as a complex figure who is entangled in power, desire, femininity, self-determination, and deception. Ultimately, the femme fatale causes the


Hate Speech or Voice from Minority? – Media’s Dilemma under Multicultural Pressure

This research is both an effort to examine the mass communication discourse on hate speech incidents and to draw a rough map of some of the landscape of recent argumentation. This landscape may give clearer view on the complex structure of racism which is a compound of ethnocentrism fundamentally caused by jus sanguinis (Latin: right


Developing Social Work Practice for People with Disability through Digital Storytelling

The International Federation of Social Workers adopted the new global definition of social work in 2014. Although promotion of social cohesion and respect for diversities was included in the new definition, social work practices for promoting cultural citizenship are still under development in Japan. Since 1990s, community arts organizations in Australia have developed community engagement


Namibia’s Emergent Transculturalism: Dissolving Boundaries and Contestation in the African Global Borderlands

Gloria Anzalduá’s (1999) idea of ‘borderlands’ is stated representationally as “the lifeblood of two worlds merging to form a third country—a border culture.” This depiction extends conceptualisations expounded in ‘third space’ postcolonial studies, and has interesting implications for countries like Namibia on the western edge of the southern African continent, which are beginning to share


Japan’s “Abenomics” Media Coverage: The Converging Relationship between Print and Social Media

Beryl Hawkins is a former radio journalist, talk show host, professional voiceover artist/narrator and producer who worked in news and talk show entertainment for more than five years at a leading news radio station in Washington D.C. As a media strategist in New York City, she has developed a number of national media campaigns throughout


Inside Newsroom: Social Media & News Production in the UAE

News Coverage in the Middle East has managed to break its shackles of censorship to a large extent in the last two decades. The advent of satellite television followed by Internet connectivity via mobile devices has had a revolutionizing effect on Arab Media. In the backdrop of Arab Spring and with the rise of Social


Narrative News: How the Factuality of Narrative Style News and Fictions Affects Readers’ Emotional and Cognitive Response

This study examines how the factuality of narrative style news and fictions affects readers’ emotional and cognitive response. Participants read one of three versions of a story describing the dramatic and tragic accidents, which occurred to the Indian couple: the man attacked and the woman raped by a group of brutal passengers in the bus.


Social Media and Public Relations: The Perception and Adoption of Facebook by Malaysian Public Relations Consultancies as Effective External Communication Tool

The explosion in social media, especially social networking site such as Facebook with increased connectivity and interactivity has caused many public relations (PR) agencies begun to recognize the need to embrace these new media for effective communication with a variety of internal and external audiences. Yet, researches examining the relationship between social networking sites and


Creating Visual Identity with Cultural Symbols and Local Fairy Tales – A Case Study: Packaging Beipu Oolong Tea

Cultural and creative industries in Taiwan have boomed in the last decade as a result of the encouragement of government policies. This is a win-win situation in which local culture is preserved and popularized commercially, while traditional industry is enhanced by the use of distinguishing features of local culture. In this research, Beipu oolong tea


“Eatable Media Image”? Food in Culture Industry and the Consumer Culture

Different from the critique of “McDonaldization” this paper focuses on: the food consumption itself appears not only for “functionality” but becoming the object of conspicuous consumption. To consider the scarcity of food and to probe into how the group-type cooperation manipulates the media image through displaying the food products, I use the Mennel (1997) idea


“Learning on the Move: The Value of Student Cultural Study Trips”

In this paper we will state the case for student cultural study trips being an essential component of a student’s growth and in support of this we will talk about our experience of organizing our own trip to Japan, highlighting the positive lessons we as teachers also learned from the experience. Our hosts in Japan


The Action Research of Synthesizing Lessons of Suitable Radio Program for Children in the East of Thailand

This paper contains three objectives, which are (i) to examine present styles and contents of the appropriate radio programs for the children and teenagers, (ii) to study the children and teenagers’ behaviors and preference when they select a channel to receive pieces of information. The data has been collected by the ‘Focus Group Discussion.’ The


Female Teenager’s Perseption toward Indonesian Boyband’s Masculinity in the 2010

This research figure out gender discourse which stored in Indonesian Boyband performance as one of the popular culture’s text. The concept of boyband comes in different ages by the nineties till nowadays. Boyband phenomenon within popular culture opens up a new and important questions about youth cultures and gender terms. Masculinities is a social construction


Social Media and Online Activism in Kazakhstan: A New Challenge for Authoritarianism?

The internet provides new channels for citizen voices, expression of minority viewpoints, and political mobilisation. In Egypt, Russia, Syria and China, blogs, online forums, Facebook and Twitter already provide citizens with a new form of public sphere and alternative source of news and information, which are seen as a new platform for exchanging news. This


Visual Social Communication Through Photographic Images

Social commentary is a method of photographic images that could change public perception towards a better life. It is an alternative method to communicate messages for public to change their perceptions or attitudes toward life issues of ethnical, political, moral and even religious matters. In western countries social commentary images have long been accepted by


Identity, Responsibility, then Politics: The Uyghur Diaspora, Facebook and the Construction of Identity Online

This paper presents findings from an examination of the use of online social media among the Uyghur diaspora. The Uyghur diaspora has been described as a “diaspora under construction” (Dilnur, 2012, p.2) and this paper examines how transnational Uyghur identity is negotiated through social media use, and inturn how the construction of these identities contributes


Characterizing Health-Related Cues to Action: Using Yelp Reviews of Restaurants in Hawaii’s Oahu Island

Even though Yelp’s ability to reflect consumers’ real voices has been questioned (Kuehn, 2013), this social media site—with a platform built around consumer reviews—influences restaurant revenue and consumers’ food choice (Luca, 2011). Food choice, influenced by a variety of social and behavioral factors, tremendously contributes to the obesity epidemic (Nestle et al., 1998). More than


Relationship between Belief Factors with the Teenagers’ Acceptance of the Newspapers

Newspapers contain an abundance of information which enables to enhance the teenagers’ knowledge. Nevertheless, in the current situation, the teenagers’ acceptance of newspaper is declining due to the lack of interest in reading this kind of medium. This situation is alarming especially in supporting the Malaysian government aspirations to create a knowledgeable society by the


Chinese Social Media as a Dominated Public Sphere: A Case Study of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on Sina Weibo

The Internet has long been the focus of Utopian arguments proposing its democratic potential. Most recently, social media has been proposed as facilitating the Arab Spring and other political changes toward democratic ideals in authoritarian societies. While many observers are fascinated by the revolutionary potential of social media, others are skeptical of this excessive optimism.


Screening Otherness: The Potential of Screen Literacy Learning for Cosmopolitan Knowledge and Understanding

Recent cineliteracy projects for young people in Japan and Australia indicate that knowledge and understanding of the moving image impacts positively upon their reading and writing skills. It can also introduce them to new ways of communicating with others and of appreciating “otherness”. Taught within an intercultural pedagogical framework, students learn how to culturally locate,


Locating Hybrid Identity Formations: Readings on Mississippi Masala, The Namesake and Bhaji on the Beach

Diasporic cinema or what Hamid Naficy would like to call ‘accented cinema’ is an expression from the interstices of societies where the diasporic groups occupy an ‘in-between’ position. However, with the increasing formation of such groups and thereby blending of different cultures, languages, and nations etc. the concept of hybridity has gained much importance as


Socio-Cultural Influence on the Creation of a Cultural Production: The Case Study of The Asean Perspective of Bangkok Documentary

This is a qualitative research with the following objectives:• To analyse the process and conflict of a socio-cultural influence on creative choices when producing a documentary• To study the production crew’s perspective of intercultural conflict The research methodologies used are observation, in-depth interviews and a focus group. The production crew of the documentary consists of


News Reporting and News Management on the Issue of Righteousness in Political Behaviors of a Head of the Government: A Case Study of General Surayut Chulanont from the Perspectives of the Thai Daily Newspaper from 2006 to 2008 B.E.

Research quastions: 1. How do newspapers critique in the political legitimacy, ability of administrate, personality, political behavior of General Surayut Chulanont. (He is privy councilor before prime minister of Thailand) 2. How do newspaper critique /report the information Handle of Gerneral Surayut Chulanont in politcal legitimacy, ability of administrate, personality, political behavior. This qualitative research,


Control and the Modern News Worker: Autonomy and Resistance in an Evolving Newsroom 

News workers in the U.S. are pressed by digital routines, industry confusion, and their organizations’ loss of journalistic focus. This ethnographic study looked at the ways new workers resist controls that have manifested in recent years. This work is an account of journalists at three newspapers. These newspapers were struggling to find an effective business


Arabs Motives for using New Media: A Uses and Gratifications Perspective

In western countries, where citizens have access to many avenues for expressing themselves, new media may not be used for this purpose. In the Arab World, however, citizens may use new media mainly for expressing oneself; because there are very few permitted forms of expression and new media maybe the only form permitted. That said,


How are Political Consumers Engaging with Social Media?

Understanding contemporary political identity is compelling because traditional participation like voting is in decline. Political consumerism and social media are both personalized, or seeped in one’s individual identity; and they both intertwine production and consumption. The political consumer increasingly feels responsible for shaping her own identity. Her personal consumption choices are a reflection of her


Gender Justice and Social Media Networking in India: New frontiers in “connectedness”

Social media emerges as the new tool/avtar for the multicultural networking in India, stimulating a new form of dialogic discourse in the space of democratic governance. It is unfolding as a space of liberation, a platform of cogitation or a site of celebration of provoking assertions and identity formation. Digitized networking, despite its economic and


The Role of Online Media in the Public’s Agenda Setting on the Crisis Situation. Case on Floods, Jakarta 2013

For some scholars the old theories of media effect are no longer relevant to use in analyzing the effect of new media. One of the theories is the agenda setting. Based on this theory, the media have high power to set the public agenda. What important for the media is important also for the public.


Past, Present, and Future: Roles and Trends of Thai Community Newspapers in Los Angeles

This study focuses on Thai newspapers in Los Angeles, regarding services and benefits offered to the Thai community, their individual characteristics, and challenges they have encountered. In-depth interviews were conducted among 9 Thai newspaper publishers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. A focus group consisted of 15 Thai readers with varying ages. Those research participants


The Representation of Women’s Sexual Subjectivities in Republican China: A Case Study of Ling Long Women’s Magazine (1931-1937), Shanghai

In line with the “sexual turn” in historical research, this thesis analyzes women’s sexual discourses in one of Shanghai’s most popular women’s magazines during the 1930s, Ling Long Women’s Magazine (Ling Long for short, 1931-1937). Sexual experiences, feelings and concepts of female writers are uncovered to shed light on the studies of urban women’s daily


Efforts of Control of Political Power over the Social Media in Turkey

Mass media can be put down with constituted rules and enforcements of economy. However the situation becomes different when it comes to social media. Controlling the social media is not quite possible. Nevertheless political power is able to apply enforcement over the social media in the hazardous times and people, who freely explain their ideas


Social Media and Media Literacy in Thailand

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to suggest that media literacy be prioritized and address all kinds of media, especially social media, in response to the rapid change of the media. Rationale: Social media has indeed become popular among Thai people, from adolescents to adults, and is expanding at a very rapid rate. The


An Analysis of Television News Procedure of Televistion Stations by Using Social  Media in Thailand via Ethical Approach

The purposes of this research were operating analysis the television news of the television station in Thailand via ethical approach. This research is the qualitative research. Data collections were ‘Unobtrusive’ methods, focuses on the data from print media and social media such as blogs and youtube. The researcher used technique textual and contextual analysis for


Young Adults’ TV Consumption and Their Implementation of Filial Piety in Taiwan

The ethnographic turn in mass communication and audience research manifested the limitations of those traditions which de-contextualize the audience from their consumption environment and drew our attention toward the role of the media in one’s everyday life in the contemporary world. It’s assumed that ordinary people do not just watch TV without any reflection on


Value-added Ads: An Analysis of Award-winning Advertisements in the Philippines

Mass media impacts society in many ways – a fact which entails responsibility for practitioners. Advertising, being regarded as major lifeblood of the media industry, is not an exemption. As advertisers seek to gain profit, they are equally expected to adhere to corporate social responsibility or CSR. In the Philippines, the promotion of values has


The Future of Radio in Thailand  After Digitalization: Dead or Alive?

Radio broadcasting services in Thailand are in transition and face an uncertain future. This situation has arisen from enforcement of the 2010 Frequency Allocation and Telecommunications Business Act and the establishment of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) as a single, combined regulatory body for broadcasting and telecommunications. The Act brings in significant changes


“Universal” Video Games? Reintroduction and Influence of Cultural and Social Identities in the Virtual World

As of today, The Video Game Industry has become one of the most profitable and influential leisure businesses in the world. Alongside this trend, Video Games have become one the most important elements that contribute to the integration of online media and connectedness, mainly because of the offers of interaction and entertainment that provides to


The Influence of Political Communication Network on Thai Newspaper Agendas

The research found that the online media services of both Twitter and Facebook impacted the news agenda items of both Thairath and Matichon newspapers. Analysis of both Twitter and Facebook entries were conducted throughout 2011. In addition, extensive interviews were conducted with sub-editors and reporters from said newspapers. It was also found that the online


Indonesian Female Beauty Concept: Does It Take into Account the Traditional Values?

This article will discuss the way Indonesian commercial of female cosmetic products portray Indonesian female beauty concept. Generally speaking, for most women, beauty becomes a significant indicator for them in identifying their self-esteem and self-confidence. It influences how they value themselves as a person. Over the age, beauty is a significant asset for a woman


Killing Time: New Memory and Smartphone Photography

In the smartphone era, personal snapshots move swiftly beneath the gaze of a vast audience of different countries and time zones. With photographic practice evolving at such a rapid pace, it’s important to reflect on how our relationship with the medium textures personal history, and filters presence in the moment. This presentation will explore new


Privatisation, Convergence and Broadcasting Regulations: A Case Study of the Indian Television Industry

In India till 1991 there was only one television channel – Doordarshan, the public service broadcaster. With the opening up of the Indian economy in early 1990s this enabled the entry of private broadcasters in India. The number of television channels has proliferated manifold. By 2005 India had more than 200 digital channels. The number


The Utilities of New Media for Indonesian Organic Community

Making a commitment to eat healthy food is a great start towards a healthier life. Organic food has become very popular issue in Indonesia because it provides a variety of benefits. But in fact, as the biggest agricultural country in the world, people in Indonesia is not really aware about organic food. Consequently, Organic Community


The Influencing Factors Pressuring Thai Women toward Beauty and Appearance

Today’s modern society has set a high competitive standard for what is considered beautiful. Women in Thai society today are being exposed to many more alternative ways to look more attractive through beauty products and beauty technologies. They have a change in perception favoring the Western aesthetic values because they believe that Western facial features


Discussion and Research of Motion Picture Aesthetics on Smart Mobile Devices

The smart mobile device market is long with rich and varied applications. No matter the screen presentation it is the boot animation and the application’s dynamic design, which are the elements used to attract the public. It is this convenience, the interface and screen design that smart mobile device users expect. Therefore, the collective variety


The Influence of Advertising in Thai Local Cable TV on the Audience’s Attitudes and Behaviour

This study examines the approaches of advertising in Thai local cable TV by in-depth interviews with key informants to assess types and forms of advertising broadcast during January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012 and to determine whether the advertising contents violate the Food and Drug Administration Act and the Consumer Protection Act B.E. 2522.


A Study on Social Impact of Internet on Students of State Universities in Tamil Nadu, India

Internet today is widely recognized not only as a means of communication but also as a powerful tool. It is seen as the most influential and the most important technology in this sense (Lievrouw 2001: 22-23, Dickson 2000). Internet usage among university students involves not only the use of leisure time, but also their community


Community Television in the mist of Digitalization in Thailand: Policy and Community’s Practice

The media reforms especially broadcasting media are clearly seen in the year of 1997 that the ownership of frequencies were divided in to 3 sectors; business, public, and community sector. Their rights are legitimate as stated in Thai Constitution and related laws respectively. 16 years pass, Community sector, a new player, seemed awakening and continued


Self-presentation of Thai Women on Dating Websites for Seeking Foreigner Guys

The research “Self – presentation of Thai women on Dating websites for seeking foreigner guys “ has two objectives; 1) To study the characters and content of Thai women that are used for the presenting female self to seek foreigner guys on Dating website and 2) To study Thai women’s expression of their thoughts on


The New Atheist Movement in the Blogosphere: Burlesque and Carnivalesque as Rhetorical Strategies in Visual Productions

This paper examines the visual production of the New Atheist Movement in the Blogosphere. The new atheist movement appeared as an action to fight the exclusion and alienation of atheists’ beliefs in the U.S. religious discourse. I argue that the images of New Atheism use burlesque and carnivalesque as rhetorical strategies. Result, in the public


How the Elements of Arquitectural Design, Color, Lighting and Layout of a Quick-service Restaurant Image (QSRI) Influences Perceived Value, Customer Satisfaction and Revisit Intentions

A restaurant’s interior and exterior design can have an enormous influence on customer’s perception of value and satisfaction, which in return can influence their revisit intentions. The purpose of this research is to unfold the key elements by which a Quick-Service restaurant image (QSRI) influences perceived value, customer satisfaction and revisit intentions. Previous research has


Exploring the Notions of an Indigenous Presence in the Public Sphere of Mining Discourse: The Alangan Mangyan’s “Enclaved Public”

The study problematized the presence of “public sphere” in an indigenous people’s community using the Habermasian construction of the public sphere as lens. It assumes that constructs of public sphere, is communicatively constituted in their articulations about their engagements with the mining issue. The study surfaced the AlanganMangyan construction of the “public sphere” by examining


Community Radio Use to Providing Knowledge of Media Literacy among the Elderly in Rural, Thailand

The consequence of attempts to radio broadcasting reform in Thailand has been delayed more than 15 years. It’s causing emptiness and establishing community radio stations without monitored almost 8,000 stations all over Thailand, which mainly produced the programs for commercial and political purposes. It does not conform to the principle of the community radio in


Being Liked’: The Constructed Identiity of Project-Based Workers in the New Zealand Film Industry

“The New Zealand screen industry, in line with similar trends in the UK and US, has experienced a proliferation of tertiary trained ‘film school’ graduates, and consequently there is an oversupply of aspiring workers. Tertiary providers are creating false expectations in graduates that employment will come following time and money spent on industry-specific training. In


Social Activities on Microblog: Exploring Fighting Against Human Trafficking on Weibo

Fighting against human trafficking is one of the most popular social activities on a Chinese social media site — Weibo. However, few researches have studied social activities on social media. This study utilized Uses and Gratification Theory to look into the motivations and gratifications audiences are seeking through engaging in this social activity on social


Wikis and the World: Connecting Japanese Non-English Majors

In spite of instant Internet access many young Japanese have limited exposure to the actual outside world. Globalization and Internationalization are especially difficult to explain and convey to Japanese learners of English who are also non-English majors. Through the use of Wikis, students are assigned a country to investigate through class tasks and assignments. These


The Evolution of the Technological Characteristics of Media Websites

This paper discusses technological characteristics and tools offered by Web 2.0 which can be employed in media websites. The aim of this study is to explore possible methods which could be applied in web media companies. By this way the usability and the interaction of the media websites can be improved significantly by using social


Spatialization of Ownership in Indonesian Broadcast Industry: Study on Media Division of Kompas Gramedia Group

Spatialization is part of the political economy and has now become one of the trends in media industries which eventually will lead to concentration of ownership. This condition happens because the owners consider to expand to a larger media bussiness with minimum efforts. Spatialization refers to the term “the proccess of overcoming the constraints of


Degradation of Politeness: Social Media’s Fault?

It has been argued in many local news and discussions that the younger generation in Indonesia experience degradation of politeness and mannerism. The techniques of politeness like the use of terms of addresses, dictions, and linguistic devices important to Indonesian culture are now less considered by the younger generation during virtual or face-to face interaction.