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A Study of Visual Symbolic Perception in Shamanic Rituals

Shamanism is a primal shape that transcends ordinary consciousness as a cross-cultural phenomenon. From the universal analysis of Shamanism. During the process of religious rituals, shamans use visual elements, such as costumes and masks, to form a spatially based graphic narrative relationship that generates an experience of sacred perception. However, the study of shamanic rituals


Whose Festival? Ritual Reconstruction and the Shaping of “Sense of Place”: The Mazu Meets the Mary

On October 20, 2018, in Wanluan Township, Pingtung, Taiwan. A religious activity named “When the Holy Mother (Mazu) From the East Meets the Virgin (Mary) From the West – Let Love Fly” was co-organized by the Centennial Catholic Church of Wanjin and the Taoist Zongtian Temple of Taiwan. This was the first formal meeting between


The Japanese Fox: A Rice Guardian or a Female Demon

Fox is often portrayed as a crafty, cunning or wicked animal in both Eastern and Western cultures. Tales and legends associated with fox are mostly telling stories about the animal’s undesirable characteristics, such as flattering someone for gain, preying human life for longevity, or assuming female forms for pleasure. In contrast with the notorious images


A Register Analysis of Written Messages From the Papacy and the Universal House of Justice

This study investigates selected features of the Catholic and Bahá’í registers through an analysis of written messages from the Papacy and the Universal House of Justice (UHJ) using a corpus-based approach. The research questions of this study pertain to the situational characteristics and language patterns associated with these registers, and the functional relationships that connect