Category: Aesthetics and Design


Value Co-creation in the Multidisciplinary Sharing Between Design and Science: The Case of a Portuguese Cutlery Industry

This article presents the first impressions of the research project on international cooperation between Universities and a Portuguese cutlery industry that, based on Emotional Design and Cognitive Science, aims to create bonds with its customers and distributors. In times of social isolation, the habit of set the table to share family moments enabled a way


A Different Kind of Beauty: Wabi and Kintsugi

Symmetry and geometrical perfection are seldom seen in the natural world. The aesthetic concept of Wabi draws attention to the state of things “as they are” and appreciation of this natural state. It calls for the shift in one’s mindset and highlights a different, perhaps, less conventional kind of beauty. This beauty has a lasting


The Voices and Faces of a Community

Dallas has been one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. Yet, how do average people feel about living in the city? What are untold stories beyond gleaming office towers? To uncover and present these stories, I took part in a collaborative project “Faces of Dallas”, a multi-medium choir concert featured in the 2019