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Perceptions of EFL Instructors on Negotiation of Meaning Strategies from a Global Perspective

The world has had a major shift to more communicative approaches in English Language Teaching. As new perspectives are adopted such as WEs (World Englishes) and ELF-aware pedagogy in language teaching, the demands for more authentic and real-life tasks and activities are increasing in English language teaching classes. In this regard, employment and teachability of


What is Expected of Us? – Study Abroad and Expected Roles of Native and Local Teachers

As study abroad with English has become popular for university students in Japan, in-country language preparation courses have become a popular option. These courses allow Japanese students to acquire not only English but also academic skills before they actually progress into foreign universities. Although the demand for these courses are increasing, the number of studies


The History of English Education in Japan: Focusing on Its Dawn

How did the English education start in Japan? A strong need to foster human resources to handle situations in the English language (instead of Dutch) arose from “the Nagasaki Harbour Incident” of HMS Phaeton in 1808. Facing a foreign power, the Japanese saw that a simple fact – nobody understood English – might have led


Comparing Vocabulary Profiles of Asian L2 Written English in the ICNALE Corpus

This brief study examines the vocabulary profiles of Asian EFL students’ written English in the International Corpus Network of Asian Learners of English (ICNALE; Ishikawa). The ICNALE corpus is a collection of written and spoken texts from 2800 learners of English across 10 different Asian countries. The texts included in this corpus were composed under


Basic Research and Ethical Inquiry for EFL Students: Implementation and Reflection

Ethical inquiry and reasoning are essential types of critical thinking. Developing and understanding research skills are necessary components of a university education. This presentation will detail the rationale, design, implementation, and instructor reflection of an integrated research skills, ethical inquiry, and essay writing unit in an undergraduate, low to low-intermediate proficiency, English as a Foreign