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Designing the Stereoscopic 3D Media Soundscape: An Exploration of the Perceptual Effects of Auditory Cues Alteration on Stereoscopic 3D Presentations

Assisted by the technological advances of the past decades, stereoscopic 3D media are currently making another attempt to be established as mainstream forms of entertainment. Arguably, the main focus of this effort is placed on the creation of immersive 3D visual worlds. However, with few exceptions, little attention has been given so far to the


L2 Learner Autonomy in Learning Target Grammar and Social Context

In this study, we create a translation-based TBLT activity facilitating learner autonomy in acquiring polite forms/expressions in Japanese in different social contexts. Translation activities are prepared to help L2 learners of Japanese learn different levels of formality and the forms/expressions in reference to their real-life usage. The subjects are international students enrolled in the advanced


A Study of Gender Differences among the Representation of Inquiry-Based Learning, Conceptual Understanding and Self-efficacy Exhibited by the College Students

The study was aimed to investigate the gender differences among the representation of inquiry-based learning, conceptual understanding, self-efficacy exhibited by the college students. According to Taiwanese national curriculum guidelines, scientific inquiry and operation are addressed in science teaching and learning. Approximately forty college students who took a three-semester-hour course emphasized in science teaching and learning


Pre-service Teacher Reflections: Embracing Growth and Professional Development

The production of reflections has been identified as an efficient means of guiding perspective language teachers to construct meaning about their experiences and professional growth. This virtual talk will present the results of a two-year qualitative interpretive study, which examined pre-service English teachers’ reflections as part of their assessment for the completion of their training.


The Impact of a Literacy Strategies Course Taught in a Public-School Setting on Teacher Candidates and Students with EBD

School-university partnerships have been among the most frequently recommended approaches to educational reform. From the university perspective, the goal of these partnerships is to bridge the disconnect between what teacher candidates are taught in on-campus courses and what they implement in P-12 settings with students. This study describes the impact of a literacy strategies course


A Method to Predict Students’ Success in Distance Online Courses

Information technologies change the entire structure of the educational process. Its aspects – academic, administrative, technical, communicative, and personal – acquire specific traits in the framework of online education. Scholars and practitioners nowadays face the task of developing new methodologies of assessing and predicting students’ success in online classes. One of such methods is described


The Smart Swimsuit Design for Taiwan National Athlete Swimmer

The research is aimed at developing a smart swimsuit for national athlete swimming user in Taiwan. This research utilizes wearable electronic device to monitor the Mechanomyography (MMG) muscle data of a swimmer to construct a smart swimming wear in real time. The athlete, coach team and medical team are able to read the muscle date


Language Consumption Under “The Belt and Road Initiatives”: A Case Study of Guangdong

In China, because of the government’s “One Belt, One Road” policy, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay is currently facing linguistic and cultural exchanges. The requirement of language consumption is booming due to the international investments and all aspects of communications in this areas. Therefore, researches are needed to investigate and classify the increasing demand of language


Potrayal of Feminism in Barbie Vlog

The development of technology and emergence of participatory culture has helped to create many opportunities in sharing messages and self- representation. Within this entailment of advancement, the famous social actor, Barbie doll uses the opportunity in participating and uses her posthuman form as an extension of herself in presenting some of her identity and ideology


Reclaiming the Mind-When Traditional Chinese Realist Painting Meets the Contemporary Arts

The purpose of this study is to construct a personal style of painting that transcends the realm of rational thought, in which thought resides in the mind, in pursuit of a spiritual dialogue of the utmost truth, goodness and beauty. Paintings in this personal style transform the thoughts and ideas that exist in the subconscious


A Study on Differences between Experts and Consumers in Creative Advertising Effect regarding Commercial TV Advertisement

Advertisement can be seen everywhere in life and is also the main tool for communication with consumers. In today’s advertising media, The TV advertisement has the highest budget, the widest coverage, and powerful audio-visual effects. And a good TV commercial must have good performances in order to attract the attention of consumers. However, when it


Musical Analysis and Composition of Variation Music

The purpose of research is to analyze characteristics of variation music and to find applications of variation techniques. The structures of variation music have a theme and several variations. Each variation presents an original theme with different variation techniques. Variation composing includes several techniques, such as ornamentation, transposition, inversion, retrograde, augmentation, diminution, imitation, and change


Cross-influence Between Robot Anime and Tokusatsu in SSSS Gridman

This article focuses on the cross-influence between the establishment of the Robot Anime genre and the Tokusatsu in order to understand how both genres were fundamental in shaping and changing the way we perceive Japanese media, domestically and across the world. The design of plamodels and robotic mechanisms will be a point of contact for


Finding Effective Ink Receiver Ingredient in Image Creation on Aluminum Plate to Replace Red Lacquer in Lithograph Process

Printmaking is an important process in Thailand, as required by many universities’ curriculums as well as Thai artists. Lithograph is rather popular among printmaking techniques. Its process is mainly utilized chemical reaction, however some chemicals are rare, then needed to be imported from foreign countries. The problem are led to “Finding effective ink receiver ingredient


Printmaking Process by Plant Extract that is Harmless to the Environment for Creative Printmaking

This research is aimed to investigate the tropical natural plants as to use in printmaking process in order to create new body of knowledge for basic printmaking system. Printmaking presently, confronting chemicals problems occurred during its creative process which eventually affect artists and environment. Consequently, the concept of exploring the tropical natural plants was developed.


A Gothic Bridge Between the Past and the Future

This paper is a postcolonial reading of Nick Joaquin’s The Mass of St. Sylvestre. It explores the elements and functions of postcolonial Gothic in the story. It argues that Joaquin deliberately employs the elements of the Gothic to manifest how the shadow of the colonial past haunts the nation’s future in the Philippines. The struggle


Adopting Calligraphy Style to Design Smart Clothing for Down Syndrome Users

This study utilizes smart clothing as a tool to support self-training activities for individuals with Down syndrome. It addresses issues that arise in both daily life and sports, proposing sportswear with a calligraphy style, electronic devices and mobile applications. Down Syndrome Foundation R.O.C was established by selling Tu’s Calligraphy as a fund-raising effort in 1998.


Unprogrammed Artificial Intelligent, Clone-focusing on the Film Never Let Me Go

What would happen if there is a machine that could learn emotions at a very similar pace to humans? The machine exists in reality. It is clones, which are created by humans like robots, and which humans have control of, and which benefit humans. The film Never Let Me Go is a great visual representation


Student Reflection to Curriculum Design for Computer Scientist Comprehensive Examination

Currently, computer scientists do not need professional certificates for applying for jobs although many organizations have introduced several specific-purpose certificates. In Thailand, most professional certificates are granted by authorities in the field. Nowadays, there is still a controversy whether theses authorized committees should involve in the curriculum design process or they should act as the


What is Expected of Us? – Study Abroad and Expected Roles of Native and Local Teachers

As study abroad with English has become popular for university students in Japan, in-country language preparation courses have become a popular option. These courses allow Japanese students to acquire not only English but also academic skills before they actually progress into foreign universities. Although the demand for these courses are increasing, the number of studies