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Table with a Half-oval Hole as Individual Treatment Table of ABA Therapy for Autistic Children in Indonesian Autism Therapy Center as an Effective Design to Overcome Behavior

ABA (Applied behavior analaysis) therapy, introduced by Ivar lovaas, is a widely used method for autism therapy in the world due to its success rate. In this therapy, a table is used during individual treatment as a medium for giving instruction and performing tasks between a therapist and an autistic child. In general, this table


Boost Sight Reading Skills of Students Using Melodic Ostinato

This study aims to boost the sight-reading skills of the inexperienced grade six students through the use of melodic ostinato patterns as a strategy. Prior to the demonstration teaching, information about the current status of music education in the provincial setting was gathered and generated through field observations and interviews with the students and music


Designing Experiential Learning Activities for Primary Schoolers

Experiential learning is now deemed a crucial part in primary education in almost all learning contexts because it helps develop and cultivate children’s cognitive and life skills. It functions as a bridge linking the knowledge that children acquire in regular classroom and their experiences built up by participating in real life activities, especially beyond classroom.


Perceived Benefits and Challenges of Flipped Classroom: Voices From Teachers in Hong Kong’s Higher Education

Flipped classroom is increasingly being adopted in higher education institutions worldwide. Many studies on flipped classroom focused on evaluating its impact on students’ learning outcomes. Relatively little is known about the perceived benefits and challenges of flipped classroom from the teachers’ perspective. The present research conducted in-depth interviews with 21 teachers from diverse academic disciplines


Balinese Young Organization as Building of National Character to Counter Asymmetric Warfare in Indonesia

Bali is an Island that has a diversity of cultures and traditions which is the reason for the rapid development of tourism on the Island. However, one of the negative impacts was the penetration of foreign culture into Bali. In an effort to ward off foreign penetration in Bali, the community uses a youth organization


Transdisciplinary Knowledge Ecosystems to Advance Interdependence and Agency

This paper proposes that transdisciplinary knowledge ecosystems will take a lead role in the knowledge innovation economy of the 21st century. These ecosystems will leverage interdependences of the five components of the “quintuple helix model of knowledge innovation”: academia, industry, government, civil society, and the general circumstances of democracy conditioned by culture and media. The


Policy Implementation: Basic Education 9 Years Indonesian School Abroad in Malaysia

Until 2010 there were 14 SILN (Indonesian Foreign Schools) active, Indonesian Schools Overseas, with varying conditions and typologies. One of them was through the establishment of the Indonesian Overseas School in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. An interesting fact is from the organization of Indonesian Overseas Schools in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. This school has 141


A Survey of the Problems, Wants, and Abilities of Writing Skill of Secretaries

English language becomes an obvious key tool for success in international businesses. Secretaries play a crucial role to manage company administrative duties. Although they are exposed to the target language daily, writing problems in various types of documents still occur. Besides, the needs of English for their profession have scarcely been revealed. Specifically, only a


The Need for Academic Writing Support for Undergraduates in an English Medium Tertiary Institution in Malaysia

The status of English as a global language seems to be reinforced as there is a growing trend of Asian students seeking tertiary education in English-medium institutions in Asia. These institutions tend to set English language entry requirements based on standardised tests of English such as IELTS and TOEFL. However, these tests seldom reflect a


An Experiment of Innovation Education in a Japanese University

A knowledge-based society is urging universities to change education. There are three factors to consider for this change: student-centered learning, rapid change of specialization, and the power of group work. Although Asian students study hard and earn good scores in paper tests, their learning is often solitary and passive. This is a serious issue in


Synchronic and Diachronic Exploration in Faith-based History Teaching

Historicity is a fundamental element in the effort to mediate tensions between Christian Liberal Arts critical thinking, interdisciplinary, and holistic citizenship with pragmatic, economic utility. In Art, Design, and Architecture, design thinking has shifted away from designing material object towards socio-materiality as an end goal. The design process is increasingly appointed towards building, recreating, redefining


Fake News: Origins, Consequences for Students, Scholars and Teachers, and Recommended Solutions

Sir Tim Berners-Lee stated in 2017 that “misinformation, or fake news, which is surprising, shocking, or designed to appeal to our biases, can spread like wildfire.” The inventor of the World Wide Web considers ‘fake news’ as one of the three most disturbing Internet trends. Children and students have not been sufficiently educated on these


Analysis of Visuals in Political Science Textbooks to Identify its Role in Encouraging Higher Order Thinking in Students

Visuals, including photographs, sketches, and schematic diagrams, are a valuable aspect of textbooks. Visuals in the textbook attract attention and help in the retention of information. It also enhances understanding and creates a context for learning. Schools are also emphasizing ‘higher-order thinking (HOT)’, rather than memorization of a cannon of topics. HOT occurs when a


Reflection on the Curricular Reform with an Emphasis on Preschool Education in the Czech Republic

Since 1990, preschool education in the Czech Republic has undergone significant qualitative changes. The main focus has been on personality-oriented education of the child. In accordance with this concept, a two-tier preschool curriculum was established in 2001 including the school and the state level. After a period of verification, the curriculum was enacted in 2007.


Disciplinary Training and Professional Practices Effects on Soft Skills Development

At present, the development of soft skills or transversal skills has become a relevant issue for higher education institutions. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the discipline training and professional practices effect on the soft skills development of the UNIMINUTO Vicerectoria Regional Sur (VRBS) students. This research will be developed under a pragmatic


A New Self-adaptive Separate Grammar Test for L2 Online Young Learners

Grammar, a core component of the language system, is usually tested through writing and speaking in major language tests for young second language (L2) learners, such as Cambridge YLE. This, however, can not be aligned with students’ learning needs in later stage of acquisition. Moreover, the form of grammar, which is a better reflection of


A Language Proficiency Test that Works

Either out of inadequate technology or for the sake of convenience, most language proficiency tests tend to oversimplify students’ diverse needs and provide one size fit all solutions. Take Oxford Young Learners Placement Test for example. One part of this test combines grammar, vocabulary and functional language use. A student gets a final score and


A Study of the Mutual Phonetic Resemblance between Japanese and Chinese: Quantification of the Difficulty of Phonetic Cross-comprehension

This study investigated mutual phonetic resemblances of Chinese ideograms in both Japanese and Chinese by analyzing a database of 1078 kanji (Chinese ideograms in Japanese) extracted from the two volumes of the Japanese grammar textbook Minna no Nihongo. The aim of this analysis was to help learners of Chinese (or of Japanese, or both simultaneously)


Integrating Reflections on Scriptural Text in Language Classes: The Southern Philippines and Bangkok Experience

Scriptural Text Integration employed in some Catholic educational institutions throughout the world has become the core pedagogy that promises relevant and meaningful education for today’s learner. This study investigated the experiences of the teachers and students in integrating Scriptural texts in language classes. It utilized a transcendental phenomenological research design. The study involved ten students


Design of English Conversation Edutainment Game for Japanese University Students

Japan is a country where most of its people cannot communicate in English despite having English education in schools until the university level. This is because Japanese English education mostly focuses on grammar and reading with very little oral practices in class. Moreover, the environment in Japan is not conducive to the improvement of English