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Renewable Energy Transition in Indian Electricity System: Sustainability and Policy Imperatives

World as a whole is producing and consuming more and more electricity with significant implications for economic, social and natural systems. The implications are both positive and negative. Economic as well as human development, improved lifestyles, access to modern goods and services are some positive implications. Predominant negative implications are increased pollution, non-renewable resource depletion,


Bio-Oil Production From the Pyrolysis of Blue-Green Algae for Sustainability Alternative Fuels

Pyrolysis experiments of blue-green algae (Arthrospira platensis) were carried out in a custom-built tube reactor to determine the pyrolysis conditions which was affected to the production of pyrolysis oil. The effects of process variables; the operating temperature (400-600 oC), raw material federate (0.4-3.0 kgh-1 ), particle size (150- 800 µm) and N2 flowing rate (50-250


Efficiency Analysis of Rice Farmers in the Upper East Region of Ghana

This paper examines the efficiency of two rice producer groups in Kassena–Nankana Municipality, the upper east region of Ghana. Comparing the efficiencies of the two rice producer groups will help to recognize the group capable of utilizing their fewer inputs while increasing productivity. The first farmer group practices irrigation and the second group engage in


Managing to Reduce the Risk of Mango Harvest and to Make the Value of Integrated Agro-Tourism

Mango is a kind of fruit which can be planted all over the world including Thailand, and Chachoengsao is one of five provinces where mangoes are planted the most in Thailand as the soil in those areas are suitable for planting mangoes. The objectives of this research were 1) to study the body of knowledge


Direct Radiative Impact of Natural Marine Aerosols on Regional Climate Change in the Eastern Asian Ocean

In general, climate radiative forcing is used to characterize the radiative effect of aerosol on climate change. In this study, the direct radiative forcing (DRF) of natural aerosols over the eastern Asian ocean during 2013-2015 was estimated based on a numerical modeling approach with a 1616 km monthly data set. The natural marine aerosols (e.g.,


Examinig Conflicts Over Land Acquisition and Ownership in Dormaa Traditional Area, Ghana

In Ghana, conflicts over land are ubiquitous largely due to competing views of ownership as well as diverse cultural and economic interests. In some cases, land conflicts are so contentious that it takes nearly three decades for coming up with any settlement. This paper focuses on the Dormaa traditional area, the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana,


Comparison of Silica-Based Modified Sorbents and Polymer Sorbents for the Purification of Siloxane (D5) From Wastewater Biogas for Adsorption-Desorption Removal

Biogas is a fuel used to produce renewable electricity containing siloxanes that can damage combustion engines, leading to costly repairs and service interruptions. This study investigated the regeneration of silica-based modified adsorbents as biogas siloxane adsorbents exposed to adsorption/regeneration cycles. The spent adsorbent was regenerated by washing with hot air at 80-120 °C.The siloxane adsorption


Assessment of Disaster Safety of Matara District General Hospital in Sri Lanka

According to 2015 WHO study, natural and anthropogenic disasters are increasing globally and affecting many people. As hospitals are essential infrastructures in responding to disasters, they are expected to remain functioning during and in the immediate aftermath of disasters. Sri Lanka, a small island nation, has experienced a number of natural disasters such as tsunami


Long-Term Trends of the Sea-To-Air Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) Flux and Related Oceanic Properties in the Global Ocean During 2000-2015

The long-term trends of the sea-to-air flux of dimethyl sulfide (DMS) and related oceanic properties (or environmental parameters) in the global ocean were examined over a 16-year time span (2000-2015), based on satellite observation data. The DMS in the atmosphere is rapidly oxidized to form sulfate aerosols and also acts to counter the global warming


Finding Green Chemistry Synthesis Techniques Based on Stability, Transport, And Hydroponic Studies of Engineered Nanomaterials in Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments

Excitement and Interest in Engineered Nanomaterials (ENMs) has been increasing globally as novel materials that can be used in many applications. Nevertheless, if ENMs are to be implemented ethically, sustainable practices must be incorporated to limit unintentional harmful impacts to the environment and society. To educate policy makers and highlight sustainable development of ENMs, environmental