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Research Focused on the User: Proposal for a New Service Design of Healthy Breakfast Diet Between Taipei Urbanites

In the Highly industrialized society, the big environment has to face the problem with fast food culture. People want fast, convenient, and tasty meal. The big companies promote the advertisements which was beneficial to them and the “fake” flavor of processed fast food seems to be “normal” flavor when they eat. More and more urbanite


Reading Girls’ Agency: The Pillow Book and Flower Tales, Past and Future

The topic of this paper emerged from a deceptively simple question: When and why did the linkage between girlhood and same-sex love emerge in Japanese culture? Ostensibly, the answer is clear. Flower Tales [Hana Monogatari] (1916–1924), a serialized girls’ novel by the Japanese popular writer Yoshiya Nobuko, featured flowers and romantic same-sex friendships, coupled together,


Recognition of Abilities in Random Noise: People Are Willing to Pay for the Illusion of Success

The aim of the study was to find out if people erroneously identify the ability to succeed in an explicitly random process. We also tested whether this tendency to the so-called illusion of success is more intense in a loss frame. In an experimental game, participants (N=186) were rewarded with a substantial cash prize for


Mothers’ Acceptance of Their Children’s Diagnosis: What Are the Key Factors?

Mothers’ awareness about their children’s disabilities differs depending on the type of disability. Some disabilities of babies can be detected during pregnancy, while some others can be diagnosed a few years after birth. Therefore, information regarding potential disabilities and the role of obstetrician may be important factors that influence mothers’ acceptance of the diagnosis of their


The Mediating Role of Loneliness on the Relation Between Parent-Child Relationship and Risk Taking Among Filipino Adolescents

A plethora of research have shown that risk taking, one of the main concerns among youth, can be explained in the context of social influence, mostly peer influence and the biological development of adolescents. However, little is reported on the role of parent-child relationship and emotion such as loneliness on risk taking. This study examined


Gender Differences in Phenomenology of Alexithymia

The purpose of this study is to investigate Alexithymia and its phenomenological patterns, with special emphasis on gender differences. Total of 184 non-clinical participants were divided into four groups according to Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS) and gender. Participants completed Empathy Quotient (EQ), Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI), Buss-Durkee Hostility Inventory (BDHI), Barratt Impulsiveness Scale-11-Revised (BIS-11-R), and


Testing the Validities of Construal-Level Theory on the Dimension of Social Distance: Using Social Priming Paradigm

Construal Level Theory (CLT; Trope & Liberman, 2010) assumes that psychological distance consist of 4 dimensions (i.e., physical distance, probability, social distance, and temporal distance) and that objects considered psychologically near tend to be more concretely construed, whereas distant ones more abstractly. So far, CLT has been tested on the 2 dimensions (physical distance and


The Effect of Dysfunctional Attitudes on the Frequency of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Among Young Adults

Although there has been increasing research for risk factors of non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), little information is available concerning dysfunctional beliefs contributing to this perplexing behavioral problem which is alarmingly common in adolescents and young adults. The purpose of this study was to examine the risk factors of self-injury in a community sample of youth with


Religious and Non-Religious Grounds for Refusing Vaccination the Results of a Database Search

While vaccination is considered compulsory for some diseases and recommended for others, people might refuse it for religious or non-religious reasons. According to the classification used in the United States, refusals can be made on medical, religious, and philosophical grounds, of which the latter two are often described as “conscientious reasons.” Due to “community immunity,”


Relationship Between Stress and Saliva Biomarkers in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Outpatient Chemotherapy

Breast cancer is the first of the cancer incidence in women is common age more increased by westernization of eating habits. The 30 ‘s – 50’ s, the predilection age of breast cancer, live with many roles and responsibilities in the company and at home, and it is a period of stressful diversity.A physiologically active


Going Global: The Impact of an International Teacher Education Exchange Program on Pre-Service Teacher Development

Teacher preparation programs in the United States grapple with preparing pre-service teachers for teaching an increasingly diverse student population (Aydarova & Marquardt, 2016). Clearly, there is a need for helping pre-service teachers develop a more global perspective (Walters, Garii, & Walters, 2009). Some teacher preparation programs have utilized international exchange programs to provide multi-cultural learning


How to Support Pregnant Women Who Previously Lost a Baby Due to Medical Malpractice

Losing a baby due to medical malpractice negatively impacts the well-being of women. When these women attempt to deliver their next baby, adequate support from medical professionals is needed. However, what medical professionals and women consider to be adequate support differs. Thus, this study investigated how doctors recognize adequate support for women who have previously


When Governments are Enlarging the Scope of Their Own Powers

In western democracies, people tend to say they are their own rulers. Representative democracy however, is at the same time criticized as a dictatorship between elections (in which one again can only chose the dictator for the next four years). As long as the choices of the rulers can be traced back to an initial


The Transformation Process of Revival: A Case Study of LoToun Steel Adopted Chinese Culture I-Ching Feng-Shui Philosophy to Change Thought

Why a poorly management business after being taken over by an owner who is not in this area of expertise, can go back to life and also to regain the wellbeing of organizational life value? From the general management theory will be an unexplained case, but what kind of transformation process does it undergo? This


Does Rule Utilitarianism Support in Vitro Fertilization?

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) by in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is currently a commonplace technology that has successfully treated millions of infertile couples the world over. Rule Utilitarianism deals with the tendencies of actions to produce more pleasure and concerned with long term consequences.Use of Reproductive TechnologyThe extraction of gametes and in-vitro conception, namely the separation of


The State of and Issues Related to the Health Literacy of Healthy Elderly in Japan: A Survey of Participants of a Regional Recreational Event

In the aging society of Japan, the extension of healthy life expectancy is indispensable for managing the high medical and nursing care expenses and shortage of manpower for care workers. Further, it is important to improve the health literacy as social skills of the elderly for the management and maintenance of their health abilities. In


Assessment Difficulty and Educational Needs of Home Care Nurses Providing Medical Care for Cancer Patients in Japan: Examining the Viewpoints

The primary cause of death in Japan is malignant tumors, and the increase in medical expenses is increasing social security costs. It is expected that home recuperation of cancer patients will increase in the future. Therefore, improving home care nurses’ practical skills is an urgent issue. This study aimed to clarify the assessment difficulty experienced


Development of the Scale of Productivity and Assignment in Corporate Organization

In recent years, the improvement of the productivity in corporate organization is a pressing challenge for the all countries of the world. The effective way of assignment that brings high productivity is also a major concern of the companies in all countries. In this study, we developed the psychological scale assessing status of productivity and


Exploring Property Developer Behaviour Through Organisational Theory: Implications for a Sustainable Future

Property developers play a large role in delivering building design and construction that are imperative for a sustainable future. Nonetheless, sustainable building practice is not always adopted, especially in developing cities. Developer behaviour and their response to the practice are often identified as a reflection of the market and notions of practicality (i.e. economic, technological,


Patterns of Depression Among Elderly Asian Immigrants to the United States Over the Past Decade

Immigrants in the United States often face increased stressors associated with the transitions from an established home to a new environment. Factors such as cultural displacement, language barriers, economic and employment concerns, immigration status and safe housing can all contribute to fears that can manifest themselves in depression or anxiety. These risks can be further