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Fine Arts in a Digital Age

This article will summarize the research shared at The 10th European Conference on Arts & Humanities, 2022 hosted at Birkbeck, University of London, UK, including a discussion of the Canadian landscape of fine arts in an online environment, an exploration of the use of web technologies to promote diversity and equality through notable examples, and

“F O R M S”: Creating Visual Composition Through the Movement of Dance and Artificial Intelligence

What relationship exists between dance and visual arts? How can dance visually express lines, shapes, and visual compositions in space? It is true that performing arts and visual arts have common methodologies and connections with each other. However, how can the audience understand their relationship? The present work intersects art with technology, more specifically dance


Star Trek and the Metaverse: An Analysis of Foresight for Augmented Reality in Science Fiction

An analysis combining viewpoints of futurism, strategic foresight, computer science, learning technology, and film studies to compare and contrast themes found related to Augmented Reality in Star Trek to trends found in the development and commercialization of these technologies. The use and proliferation of immersive media such as augmented and virtual reality is increasing, with


The Impact of Snapchat Beautifying Filters on Beauty Standards and Self-image: A Self-Discrepancy Approach

This study explores the problematic nature of Snapchat’s beautifying filters by presenting Saudi women’s perceptions of self-beauty and reactions to these face-perfecting filters, from satisfaction to self-discrepancy. It expands the existing literature on Snapchat filters to users from Eastern regions. It uses the self-discrepancy theory to show the impact of perceived discrepancies between the actual


Personal Branding on Instagram: The Challenges Encountered by Saudi Female Fitness Trainers

In Saudi Arabia, significant investments in fitness field reinforcements were started since the announcement of the 2030 vision. Instagram is a popular marketing platform for fitness professionals. This study investigates the challenges Saudi female fitness trainers face when using Instagram as a personal branding tool. A purposive, typical sample of eleven Saudi female fitness trainers


The Implementation of VR Technology in the Recoloring of the Historical Pharaonic Sites: Case Study on Khuwy’s Tomb

Egypt has a rich Pharaonic heritage. Most of them are tombs or temples as the Egyptians believed in eternity. The ancient Egyptian artist decorated tombs and temples with colored hieroglyphic texts that serve their eternity believes. By developing his own color identity a remarkable color scheme was distinguishing most of the pharoanic arts. He used


AI in the City: Speculating on Potential Futures Through Media Art

This paper analyses the increasing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the social and spatial experience of contemporary urban living, and how media art projects can enable us to speculate on its future implications. AI technologies are being combined with sensors, surveillance cameras and databases to improve the efficiency of key urban infrastructures and make


Modified Customer Approach for Publishers Under the Influence of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) establishes a link between the virtual and the physical world by adding the “material” dimension to access to information via the internet – through intelligent everyday objects. Recently, the IoT has gained enormously in importance in various industries – whether warehouse transport robots, agricultural vehicles with extensive sensor technology and


The Humanity and Feminism of Roberts in Sci-fi Movies —Take Alita: Battle Angel as an Example

The birth of the film began with the development of science and technology. As a new technology, a new medium, it began to be used for human creation and recorded human traces. As one of the types of movies, science fiction movies record the development of science and technology in the course of human history.


The Use of English on Social Media: Deviation or Variation?

This study examined the use of English on social media with a view to assessing the extent to which the language of social media conforms to the standard English usage. The theoretical framework adopted for this study is constructed homophony. The data for the study were drawn from selected messages and posts on Facebook, Whatsapp


Creating Meanings on Ice by Photos and Textiles

Northern residents experience the ice as an element which shapes an everyday environment. The ice can be identified also as a physical and multisensory element. These kinds of relationships can also unexpectedly determine experiences which shapes the aesthetic environment. The environment becomes part of the landscape of the soul which has individually and culturally shared


Influences of Knowledge and Attitude on Using Social Media towards Adolescence’s Behavior in Using Social Media for Learning in Bangkok Area

This research aims 1) to investigate a relationship among adolescence’s knowledge, attitude, and behavior in using social media for learning and 2) to examine influence of knowledge and attitude on using social media toward adolescence’s behavior in using social media for learning and power of predictor variable. Samples were 901 of those who are 15-


An Analysis on the Differences in Visitor Behaviors between Traditional and Digital Exhibitions Taking Kaohsiung Museum of Shadow

In recent years, the evolution of new technologies has affected the relationship between visitors and exhibitions. Therefore, this study attempts to investigate the differences in visitor behaviors and experience behaviors under different exhibition patterns in Kaohsiung Museum of Shadow Puppet. Firstly, this study investigated and analyzed the existing exhibition planning and patterns, further used non-participant


Introducing Cinemagraphs as a New Format for Fashion Online Advertising in Korea

Fashion marketing has used different ways to promote fashion goods, including advertisement. Print or digital media were exploited, however, both format have its strengths and weaknesses whereas the industry needs something more creative and attractive. This study is about introducing and creating cinemagraphs as a new format for fashion advertisement, particularly in Korea. Cinemagraphs are


Traditional Art, Interactive Technology, Gamifying Cloud: Cross-Cultural Hybrid Puppetry New Experience

Puppetry is the key project intangible cultural heritage in Taiwan, which has developed into the most drama performances featuring arts and culture, modern life has become an integral part of the entertainment . In the past few years , with the significantly improved computing capabilities , emerging digital tools ( such as tablets , smart


Goodnight & Night – A Fictitious Commodity of Conceptual Art

《Goodnight&night》is an art creation using FLOSS., combining open source with space exhibition. The core of 《Goodnight&night》is an explosive cell phone cover, made using open source and 3D printing. We create this fictitious commodity to construct of this behavior conceptual art. The concept of《Goodnight&night》originates from the prevalence and rapid development of mobile internet and handheld devices,