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Pathways to Professions (P2p): Preparing Culturally Responsive Educators for Inclusive Excellence

With the overarching goal of inclusive excellence, Coppin State University, CSU Professional Development Schools Network (PDSN) in Baltimore City, Frostburg State University (FSU), FSU PDSN in Allegany County, and the University System of Maryland are implementing the Pathways to Professions (P2P) initiative. The P2P aims to build capacities in delivering high-impact clinical and induction programs


The Teacher Leadership Journey

Schools require a dual leadership paradigm for administrators and teachers to meet comprehensive and intense responsibilities in the field of education. School divisions face pressure to sustain a competent and effective professional work force. There is a need to promote school and division leadership opportunities for teachers and provide support. The implementation of leadership initiatives


Demystifying Higher Education: High School Programming to Support First Generation Youth in Post-Secondary Attainment

The Starr Academy is a school offering unique programming for students who are the first generation in their families to pursue post-secondary education. As the first of its kind in the Ontario public system, Starr Academy was born out of the recognition that education plays a vital role in helping children overcome the effects of


Developing Intercultural Literacy Through Foreign Language: Review of Learning and Teaching Models and Practices at University in Japan.

Japan educational institutions are currently facing the critical need to develop more global human resources – people capable of thinking independently and flexibly, and taking leadership in culturally diverse international environments. The Japanese Prime Minister’s Council on Promotion of Human Resource for Globalisation Development clearly (CPHRG) states that, As globalization gathers speed for the international


If You Succeed, I Succeed! – Reciprocal Learning Through Musical Theatre Production

The purpose of this grounded theory study was to gain knowledge about how learning occurs in musical theatre production (MTP) since little is known about how thespians learn and create a show. MTP brings together all artistic disciplines and people with varying degrees of education and skill sets. Successful production requires both learning and contribution


Right-Wing Populism, Eco-Populism, and the Future of Environmentalism

My paper analyzes the populist rupture in what is generally understood as “normal politics” and the implications of this rupture for ecological theory and environmental policy. I draw on John Judis’ book The Populist Explosion: How the Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics and other works to define populism generally as well as the


Salvador, Nelie S. August 2018. Mariano Marcos State University. Classroom Interactions in the Tertiary Level

The study aimed to determine and analyze classroom interactions in Social Science, Filipino and Physical Education subjects at Mariano Marcos State University. Specifically, the researcher analyzed the pattern of exchanges of teachers and students; language used by teachers and students; linguistic structure of teachers’ and students’ utterances; and language function of teachers’and students’ utterance.Tape recorder


Exit Slips: Feedback, Formative and Fulfilling

The use of exit slips and reflection have been researched for the use in the classroom. During the fall semester a goal of improving instruction using exit slips was implemented. At the end of each class, each student was provided an exit slip (post-it). On the last slide of the power point was either a


The Roles, Responsibilities, And Significance of Mentor Leaders: Supporting the Professional Development of Teacher Candidates

Initial Teacher Education programs within our College of Education are composed of three critical, interconnecting components: Mentor Leaders, cohorts, and extensive field experiences. The model provides a two-year scaffolded program. This presentation focuses on the roles, responsibilities, and significance of Mentor Leaders. Mentor Leaders are College of Education faculty who are assigned to incoming cohorts


Effects of Reflective Practices on Self-Directed Learning Competency in a Korean University Pre-Service Teachers’ Course

Self-directed learning (SDL) is the central theme of adult education. Teachers, in particular, need to have SDL competency to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for themselves when they begin teaching. While SDL has been demonstrated to support students’ learning in higher education, little is known about reflective practices’ effectiveness for SDL in pre-service teachers’


Purpose of Mindfulness in Teaching Learning Process: Perspective of Buddhism

Mindfulness is the mental awareness and practices as a tool for purification of mind for creative doings, ultimately which nurtures students’ all-round development. It is beneficial to everyone as it helps to maintain the mental health with increased abilities/skills, efficiency and productivity as well. It develops insight and wisdom, eventually supports for the best human


Learning Japanese with Gestures

This session presents the findings of a research project that investigated the impact of Intentional Teaching Gestures on primary school students’ learning of Japanese as a second language. A quasi-experimental approach was used to investigate the impact of 170 students’ learning with gestures. Students’ oral telling of stories in Japanese was used as a measure


An Education Model for Coding and Software to Improve Computational Thinking

The regular coding (programming or software) education in elementary, middle and high school has been begun in Korea since this year (2018). Many models for efficient coding education have been proposed, and Scratch is widely used as acceptable easy tool. However, under previous education models and tools, the computational thinking capability of the students does


Mass Balance of Microplastics in the River Network of Taipei Basin – A Case Study in Taipei (Taiwan)

The presence of microplastics has been a growing concern in recent years. In spite of the increasing interest in microplastics, the majority of studies have focused on the existence of microplastics in marine environments, while little emphasis placed on freshwater systems. With an estimate of over 1.2 million tonnes of plastic entering the oceans annually


Climate Change Law: Limitations of the Legal System to Respond To the Threats

From clean air regulations that affect cars and the transportation industry to government subsidies/incentives for renewable energy (solar & wind) to protecting the first amendment rights of scientists and journalists who maintain that climate change really exists and is caused by human activity, the American legal system is an integral part of the response to


Enhancing Assessment Feedback in Higher Education: An Inclusive and Integrative Approach

Enhancing assessment feedback practices remains a fundamental concern for higher education institutions (HEIs) globally.Translating research into effective practices to support the self-regulation of learners should be a priority, with assessment acting as the driver for curriculum change (Evans,2013,2016). Translating what we know from assessment research into efficacious assessment practices remains problematic.The EAT Framework tackles this


Transient Modernity and Obstinate Conformity in Japan: Review of 2020 English Education Reform Plan

The changing geo-political, socio-economic and academic panorama in Japan is anchored in the several treaties the country concluded in the late 19th century when it opened its doors to the West. The eras that treaded the Japanese soil can be characterised by some level of acknowledgement – but highly debatable commitment – that Japanese citizens


Not Your Local Food Bank: A Food Rescue Program for Migrant Women and Their Families

Through a maternal health research program, we sought to improve nutrition among migrant women living in difficult circumstances and receiving services from a Community-Based Organization (CBO). However, nutritious food was not of primary concern for these women; any food was needed. In response, we launched a food rescue program. We collect food, that would otherwise


Reconciliation in Research Through Collaborative Knowledge Mobilization with Indigenous Elders

Background: Using grounded theory methodology, we studied barriers and facilitators to implementing Truth and Reconciliation Commission [TRC] of Canada (2015) Calls to Action with university faculty. The main concern was the social process of dominionization: ownership of expertise, animated as academics design and defend their own expertise. When challenged to incorporate TRC Calls to Action,


Agile-Model Based Dynamic Curriculum Development and Refinement Approach

High quality curriculums play a key role in successful education, and curriculum development is one of the mandatory tasks for every educator. Dysfunctional curriculums not only degrade learning outcomes but also result in students complains. Educators and researchers have put significant efforts into developing high quality curriculums and a number of curriculum development models have