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Creative Change the World: A Study of Big Idea in Cause-Related Marketing

Enterprise competitiveness is not only the ability of marketing strategy and innovative technology. It should reconsider the relationship between people and society and the natural environment. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the key to success for sustainable business. More and more companies use the cause related marketing to communicate, and the creative performance in


Designing the Stereoscopic 3D Media Soundscape: An Exploration of the Perceptual Effects of Auditory Cues Alteration on Stereoscopic 3D Presentations

Assisted by the technological advances of the past decades, stereoscopic 3D media are currently making another attempt to be established as mainstream forms of entertainment. Arguably, the main focus of this effort is placed on the creation of immersive 3D visual worlds. However, with few exceptions, little attention has been given so far to the


L2 Learner Autonomy in Learning Target Grammar and Social Context

In this study, we create a translation-based TBLT activity facilitating learner autonomy in acquiring polite forms/expressions in Japanese in different social contexts. Translation activities are prepared to help L2 learners of Japanese learn different levels of formality and the forms/expressions in reference to their real-life usage. The subjects are international students enrolled in the advanced


A Study of Gender Differences among the Representation of Inquiry-Based Learning, Conceptual Understanding and Self-efficacy Exhibited by the College Students

The study was aimed to investigate the gender differences among the representation of inquiry-based learning, conceptual understanding, self-efficacy exhibited by the college students. According to Taiwanese national curriculum guidelines, scientific inquiry and operation are addressed in science teaching and learning. Approximately forty college students who took a three-semester-hour course emphasized in science teaching and learning


Pre-service Teacher Reflections: Embracing Growth and Professional Development

The production of reflections has been identified as an efficient means of guiding perspective language teachers to construct meaning about their experiences and professional growth. This virtual talk will present the results of a two-year qualitative interpretive study, which examined pre-service English teachers’ reflections as part of their assessment for the completion of their training.


The Impact of a Literacy Strategies Course Taught in a Public-School Setting on Teacher Candidates and Students with EBD

School-university partnerships have been among the most frequently recommended approaches to educational reform. From the university perspective, the goal of these partnerships is to bridge the disconnect between what teacher candidates are taught in on-campus courses and what they implement in P-12 settings with students. This study describes the impact of a literacy strategies course


A Method to Predict Students’ Success in Distance Online Courses

Information technologies change the entire structure of the educational process. Its aspects – academic, administrative, technical, communicative, and personal – acquire specific traits in the framework of online education. Scholars and practitioners nowadays face the task of developing new methodologies of assessing and predicting students’ success in online classes. One of such methods is described


Journeying with Communities: Theoretical Reflections from the Community Integration as Complex and Integrative Strategy for Teaching, Research and Community Development

Teaching and serving in a university setting is very challenging and yet very substantial. The role of the faculty members is to respond to the challenge of being agents of social transformation within and outside the university. To be able to respond from this call, faculty members must be committed and equipped with integrated knowledge,


Student Reflection to Curriculum Design for Computer Scientist Comprehensive Examination

Currently, computer scientists do not need professional certificates for applying for jobs although many organizations have introduced several specific-purpose certificates. In Thailand, most professional certificates are granted by authorities in the field. Nowadays, there is still a controversy whether theses authorized committees should involve in the curriculum design process or they should act as the


What is Expected of Us? – Study Abroad and Expected Roles of Native and Local Teachers

As study abroad with English has become popular for university students in Japan, in-country language preparation courses have become a popular option. These courses allow Japanese students to acquire not only English but also academic skills before they actually progress into foreign universities. Although the demand for these courses are increasing, the number of studies


The History of English Education in Japan: Focusing on Its Dawn

How did the English education start in Japan? A strong need to foster human resources to handle situations in the English language (instead of Dutch) arose from “the Nagasaki Harbour Incident” of HMS Phaeton in 1808. Facing a foreign power, the Japanese saw that a simple fact – nobody understood English – might have led


Stage of Development Indicators Outlined by the Sufficiency Economy in Highland Communities of Thailand

The highland in Thailand is located in the North mountainous complex at 500-1,400 meters above sea level covering 10.75 ha in 20 provinces, 53% of total area of the nation. The mountain populations more than 10 ethnic groups of 940,494 are poor, lack access to public services and limited participation in local development. In 2005,


Humanistic Approach on Art Therapy In Attempts To Create Balance Self-Concept

This research paper explores the connection between Self-Concept and developmental process of a person in attempt to understand better about how obscurity in Self-Concept Clarity (SCC) and Self-Concept Differentiation (SCD) can create incongruence that will affect one’s function as a human. Holistic experience in each life event play major roles to clarify about own Self-Concept,


Empathy and Late Adolescents’ Self in Digital Age

Adolescents develop a sense of self by exploring the world through social interaction. However, the digital technology nowadays changes the way how adolescents interact. By spending time online, adolescents enjoy to interact with others virtually than face-to-face. This superficial interaction might reduce their capacity to understand what others’ thinking and feeling, which is called by


Facing the Face of Death in Serenity: Learning from Abrahamic Religion

You and everyone you’ve ever known someday will die with a certainty. Death is a topic which relevant to us, and yet it isn’t pleasant to talk about. Western societies embrace individualism that promotes the personal autonomy of the dying. IOM defined a “good death” as “one that is free from avoidable suffering for patients.”


The Values of Australian Foreign Policy and the 2019 Election: A Potential Contest of Political Philosophies?

Australia’s political system is dominated by its two main parliamentary parties: the conservative Liberal-National Party Coalition, which has been in government since 2013; and the social-democratic Labor Party. Australian politics is thus typically a contest of the rival political philosophies and values commonly observed in modern liberal democracies, that of conservatism versus social democracy. While


Is the Death Penalty Ethical?

The Death Penalty (DP) becomes more controversial especially after Pope Francis revised the New Roman Catechism declaring that DP is ‘inadmissible in all cases.’ This disturbs the conscience of Catholic Justices, Senators, and Politicians—globally. The Papal pronouncement is premised on DP’s attack against human dignity—which is an Ethical issue. My paper focuses on: Whether DP


Analyzing the Modern Sex Selection with the Perspective of the Prohibition of Infanticide

The emergence of modern biomedically assisted sex selection for non-medical reasons facilitates parents to desire the sex of a fetus. This practice raises many ethical questions that centers around human value and dignity. The notion and practice of infanticide is categorically prohibited in Islam. Whether the non-medical gender selection practice is a form of pre-Islamic


Building an E-profiling of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Instructors in Malaysia

The study in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has been progressively improving for the past decade supporting all possible market trade in supply and demand for workforce management. In the era of industrial revolutionary, most of the things are connected and administered by big data computational edge technology. The challenge is on how


Further Development of Concise Power Conditioners for Photovoltaic Power Generation

In latest medical equipment, the development of the structural function in the operating system is remarkable. The endoscopic surgery including surgical robot and the catheter intervention have been applied, so that such remarkable operating techniques have been developed with like robotic operating room and hybrid operating room. For almost electrical equipment using in such medical