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Towards the Philosophy of Locality

The paper derives from listening intently to the connection between man and a place. Under examination here is local man, and along with him, a cultural experience which holds hidden in itself the philosophy of locality and a tale about a place. What would the idea of locality be? Does local man have the power


Winding Ways and Hilly Tracts: Mapping the Identity and Cultural Patterns of the Gaddi Tribes of Himachal Pradesh, India

The words ‘culture’ and ‘identity’ have a deep emotional bond with one’s homeland or territories.The modern society,like any other society in the world, is inseparable from its culture and identity, for its history is recorded and embedded in its culture. With increasing globalization, tribes around the world are being exploited, and are almost at the


The Development of Virtual Tour Interface for a Wetland Park by Using Unity Technologies

This research focuses digital interface with content for the virtual tour of a wetland park located in Dashu district of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The development of the virtual tour commenced from field survey to investigation detail geographic and culture features. Next, a series of 3D models including traditional brick-based architectures and landscape were built into a


Hope and Destruction: A Comparative Analysis of the Consciousness of Death Between Patriotism and Sinking

Sinking (沉淪, 1921), the renowned Chinese novel by Yu Dafu was often compared with a Japanese novel, Melancholy in the Country (田園の憂鬱, 1919), given that both of them are categorized as I-novel. Nevertheless, another Japanese novel, Patriotism(憂国, 1961) by Mishima Yukio actually shares more similarities with Sinking in the aspects of content and the core


Towards an Agency of Dust

In 1987, photographer Peter Wellmer stumbled upon a deserted building with an interior both fully assembled and in working order: the abandoned United Linen Factories at 48a Viktoria Street in Bielefeld, Germany. It had been built in 1913, and, by 1920, Juhl&Helmke employed 164 seamstresses there, who worked on dowry assortments of undergarments and household


The Development of Typology Matrixes on Design Patterns Inspired by the Mangroves Species of Sungai Merbok

More than 30 species of mangroves have been identified in Sungai Merbok, Kedah, Malaysia and are considered to be the most extensive collection of mangroves species in the world. Because of the profound natural and historical elements, Sungai Merbok is now has been identified as a second natural biosphere in the world and is recognised


Becoming Beyond the Anthropocene: Thinking and Writing Our Animal Selves

Without intervention, the Anthropocene portends a certain telos. From this, and from liberal humanism, I make a timely ontological detour and provoke a different future to what is looking predictable; a post-human, metamorphic future — one with no end in sight. My PhD comprises a dystopian/magical realism novella-in-progress (set mainly in Japan) and an accompanying


Writing the Feminine: John Fowles’s Modern Myth

John Fowles writes courageous and other-worldly women characters. John Fowles explores relationships between men and women and has built his major themes around the contrast between masculine and feminine mentality. Fowles has always constructed his fictions upon the principle that women are intrinsically better, more authentic, and freer than men. Throughout his fiction, women tend


Creative Change the World: A Study of Big Idea in Cause-Related Marketing

Enterprise competitiveness is not only the ability of marketing strategy and innovative technology. It should reconsider the relationship between people and society and the natural environment. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the key to success for sustainable business. More and more companies use the cause related marketing to communicate, and the creative performance in


Financial Literacy at the Lower Secondary Schools in the Czech Republic

Importance of financial literacy among the population is permanently increasing. The number of financial products on the market is growing, and the age at which people start to use these products is decreasing. This is also related to the negative impacts of insufficient financial literacy in this area – rising household indebtedness, the high number


Lessons from the Perpetual Learner

Life is curious. We wake up, we make plans, and we see a slight incline, but not many major obstacles in sight. In fact, we know that our day is going to be perfectly brilliant (perhaps). That is not always the case, however, and as learners, teachers, teacher researchers, teacher educators, and/or administrators our days


The Design and Development of an Online Course as a Preparation for a Cambridge PET Examination for the Listening Section

This study explores and describes the effect of implementing an adapted flipped classroom model version when preparing 29 undergraduate students for a Cambridge PET examination in an online learning environment. The specific research objective was to analyze the students’ English proficiency level improvement through an online course. The study used a quantitative design method; an


British Students’ Identity Transition in Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language

Chinese has become an increasingly significant language in the global language market over the last 20 years. China’s increasing power economically has encouraged the development of Chinese Language Learning (CLL) and it is increasingly being seen as a strategic learning decision. This research focuses on investigating key identity transitions for a small number of British


Personal and Collective Narrative Meaning Making in the EFL Classroom

Personal experience narratives are among the dominant forms of folklore. Through these stories, we make individual meaning and negotiate collective meanings simultaneously. Such a pervasive narrative practice should find a prominent role in FL teaching and learning. In order to feel a foreign language, we must first of all feel it as a genuine means


Promoting Student Autonomy and the Co-creation of the L2 Class Through Linguistic Theory

In this paper, I will present ways in which linguistic theory can be combined with appropriate teaching methods in order to further develop learner’s independence and promote the co-construction of methodologies for the L2 class. For this purpose, I will refer to the use of some key concepts from Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics and


The Characteristics of Arab Parents’ Orientation Regarding the Future of Their Children with Developmental Intellectual Disability

Future orientation focuses on the image an individual constructs regarding their future; including future goals and courses of action they set for themselves in order to realize these goals. The present study discusses the consolidation of the orientation of parents in the Arabic society regarding the future of their children with developmental intellectual disability who


Swarm Intelligence Framework for Tutoring in Schools

A web-based intelligent tutoring system with some swarm intelligence capabilities and with the integration of a learning units with Adaptive Augmented Reality Serious Games (AARGS) is presented. Adaptation to the children, necessary for a more effective learning experience is achieved through two means: the use of sequencing graphs and swarm intelligence techniques. Sequencing graphs determine


Medical Undergraduates’ Core Performance Scores and Opinions Towards E-PBL

As a commonly used method in medical faculties, Problem Based Learning (PBL) is normally performed face-to-face. In this study, online sessions were conducted with multimedia supported (animation-based) problem scenarios. The aim of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of online PBL (e-PBL) sessions and to compare the success of the both group (face-to-face and


Writing in English with Help

Writing is one of the most difficult skills for Japanese people to master in English learning. The Ministry of Education held a nationwide English proficiency test for the 3rd year students of senior high school in 2017. In the report, the Ministry pointed out the link between low writing scores and low frequency of employment


Global Adaptation, Local Expression: Taiwanese Trendy Drama Highlighting ‘Zeitgeist’ – A TV Practical Perspective

Trendy drama is an arising TV drama genre popularized in East Asia in the recent decade. Its role has been legitimised by the social and popular culture phenomenon based on its specific features in local TV productions. The previous study shows that the genre has a significant position in the development of East-Asian regionalistion, that