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Exposure Therapy as an Intervention for Social Anxiety Disorder: A Case Study of a College Student

Social anxiety disorder or SAD is defined as intense fear or anxiety of one or more social situations where one might behave embarrassingly or be observed and be negatively evaluated by others. This anxiety makes individuals distance themselves from daily social situations. Individuals with SAD are more likely to have impairments in various areas of


Suicide Intervention Experiences and Practices of School Counselors: Basis for Development of Practice Guidelines

The current study investigated the Filipino school counselor’s knowledge, attitudes, and competencies in suicide intervention as well as their experiences and practices in suicide intervention. The study also aimed to develop and standardize suicide intervention guidelines. The study has two (2) phases. Phase 1 utilized the descriptive and generic qualitative inquiry methods of research. Purposive


College Students Informal and Formal Ways of Seeking Help: Who’s to talk with?

Records show various ways to better understand help-seeking behavior. Literatures also showed that despite the fact that free counseling is available in the campus; only limited numbers of students are accessing the said service. The current study investigated the college students’ informal and formal ways of seeking help among 488 samples enrolled at a private


Boosting Self-care Strategies and Resiliency Manual for Promoting Counselors’ Wellness

Counselors’ well-being is very essential in the fulfillment of day to day task of providing counseling services to their clients. It is expected that a counselor with positive physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional state will be able to develop therapeutic alliance, demonstrate empathy, and design appropriate intervention plan to address client’s presenting concern. On the


The Using of Guidance Process for Promoting Opportunity of Adolescent Mothers in Udon Thani

The purposes of this study were to study the needs and the guidelines for supporting of opportunities educational, career, and personal and social of adolescent mothers by using of guidance process for promoting opportunity of adolescent mothers. The participants of this research were 6 adolescent mothers by purposively selected that they were early pregnancy before


Relationship Between Gender, Culture Adaptation and Employment Equity – the Case of Foreigners in Japan

This paper explores two issues: the relation between gender and adaptation and gender and job equity of international students in Japan. The continued increase in the number of international students has caused a corresponding increase in a variety of problems and challenges regarding overseas study (Gebhard, 2012; Li et al., 2014). The problem of adjustment,