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The Effects of Psychological Adjustment on First-Year Students: A Case of the University of Namibia, Hifikepunye Pohamba (HP) Campus

This study investigated the psychological adjustment issues that first-year students encounter at the University of Namibia’s Hifikepunye Pohamba (HP) campus, as well as its impact on academic achievement. The study sought to explore the psychological adjustment issues that first-year students had, how these challenges affected their academic performance and the techniques they used to overcome


Optimizing Early Childhood Adversity: The Impact of Play-Based Learning and Counselor Competence in Indonesia

Early childhood adversity in Indonesia is an intriguing topic for research. Based on initial interviews with teachers and school counselors for early childhood education, it was discovered that many children had decreased adversity ability, as evidenced by their lack of confidence and their fear of trying again after failing while playing. Due to the continued


Caring in Crisis: Unveiling Compassion Fatigue Among Indonesian School Counselors

The large number of traumatic problems in adolescents and the shortage of school counsellors cause school counsellors to have a heavier workload. Compassion fatigue occurs when a counsellor is unable to consistently demonstrate empathy, compassion and care to clients. This is due to the fact that constant contact with clients undergoing intense emotional experiences is


Well-Being of the Students – What Matters?

According to the WHO (2022), anxiety disorders are highly prevalent globally. It is much more prevalent among adolescents because of their exposure to a variety of stressors. Research shows that emotional well-being changes over the course of their schooling, with a general increase in anxiety, highlighting the need to further investigate the risk factors that


Career-Related Parental Behaviours and Senior Secondary Students’ Career Development in Underdeveloped China

Parents are major socializers for senior secondary students’ career development. Prior research has investigated parental influence and highlighted typical types of parental support. While parental support highly interplays with other career-related behaviour, limited research explores the career-related parental behaviour (support, intervention, engagement) on senior secondary students’ career adaptability, especially in underdeveloped areas of China. Therefore,


A Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of a Growth Group Program for Empathy Training

Empathy can be conceptualized as three components: cognitive capacity, emotional capacity, and expressive and communicative motive. A growth group program is designed to comprise these three components of empathy. Mu wave (8-13 Hz band) in human electroencephalography (EEG) is a signature of mirror neurons which involve in social functions such as empathy and theory of


Elementary School Counselors’ Experiences Engaging in Advocacy Action for Transgender Youth

Transgender youth, marginalized at much high rates than their cisgender peers, are present in elementary schools and in need of support. School counselors have an ethical responsibility to advocate for marginalized students, including transgender youth, yet very little is known of this phenomenon at the elementary school level. The study described within aims to understand


Special Education Teachers’ Mental Health After Reopening Schools During COVID-19

The aim of the present study was twofold: (a) explore special educators’ mental health after reopening schools amidst the pandemic, and (b) identify the psychological services that they might need. A total of 10 special education teachers represented the sample of the present study: three of which from middle schools, four of which from elementary


Why Does a Student’s Perspective Matter? Understanding the Relationship Between College Transition and Academic Wellbeing: A Critical Realist Perspective

Transition to college is a multifactorial process entailing the reciprocal interaction of dispositional and situational factors. This relation is reflected in the experience of an individual and creates unique construct of Adjustment. In turn, this influences academic well-being of the learner and in the long term, the achievement of the learning objectives. Interaction of constructs


A Positive Psychology Based Counseling Support Group for Taiwanese Teachers: A Qualitative Analysis on Its Therapeutic Factors

Introduction. Positive psychology based interventions have received evidences in increasing positive emotions, decreasing emotional labor, and improving mental health (Dreer, 2020). As overloaded work stress among Taiwanese teachers has become an important issue (Ho et al., 2017), the researchers aim to develop a counseling support group based on positive psychology approach for teachers. The purpose


Factors Associated With Depressive Symptoms Among Students of a State University in the Philippines

The passing of the Mental Health Act in the Philippines benefits all Filipinos, especially our students. Identifying students who have a mental health condition, particularly depression, is an appropriate strategy for assisting students with their mental health problems. This quantitative study aimed to ascertain the prevalence of depressive symptoms among 619 university students. The University


Life Design Counseling With High School Students: A Narrative Approach

According to educational experts and career guidance, the market and global economic forces linked to a postmodern society have led to a crisis in career development models and practices. in such an uncertain changing context students face major challenges during their career development. The life design method was used in this study to increase student’s


Quarterlife Crisis Among Emerging Adults: A Phenomenological Study

This study focused on the experience of Quarterlife Crisis among Filipino emerging adults. It aims to examine the quarterlife experiences of emerging adults as they transition from adolescence into adulthood. Several factors were taken into consideration in this investigation such as attainment of bachelor’s degree, pursuing a higher degree of education, age, and single as


Anti-Bullying Bibliotherapy Intervention (ABBI) Manual: Grounding Teachers and Counselors in the Use of Literature

This study focuses on the development and validation of an Anti-Bullying Bibliotherapy Intervention (ABBI) Manual which espouses a form of Bibliotherapy that combines two types – developmental and prescriptive. The descriptive and research and development methods were used. The manual was developed based on the conducted online survey and comprehensive bibliographic review. There were three


Gains and Losses: A Phenomenographic Study on Adolescents’ Understanding of Isolation Due to COVID-19

The global health emergency posed by the COVID-19 outbreak has affected millions of people. In the Philippines, among the establishments closed were schools which resulted in children and adolescents staying at home for more than two years under quarantine. Many studies were conducted focusing on the impact of isolation due to quarantine on people’s physical


Student Transitions and Mental Health: Literature Review and Synthesis

Waning mental health and resilience in the post-secondary student population is a growing concern across North American institutions, these concerns have only been compounded further by the added stressors associated with the Covid 19 pandemic. Transitioning into post-secondary brings with it a variety of interpersonal and intrapersonal challenges that often reciprocally influence each other. Successful


The Vision and Preference of International Students Enrolled in a Japanese Language School Post-Pandemic

In 2022, Japan re-opened its border creating a new wave of students coming to Japan. In the summer of 2022, we investigated a group of 36 international students, coming from eight countries, who are currently enrolled in a Japanese language school in southern Japan. We conducted a rapid survey using a qualitative approach, asking the


Quality of Life, Perceived Stress and Self-efficacy Among Filipino Students During COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine

Coronavirus disease (COVID 19) is a pandemic infectious outbreak affecting the lives of people across the world. It is a newly discovered virus that disturbs not only the physical aspect but adversely impact the mental health status of a person even those at their homes. With only few literatures in this topic, the objective of


Effects of a Positive Psychology-based Group Intervention on Culturally Disadvantaged Children and Adolescents in Taiwan

Statement of the problem: Children and adolescents from a culturally disadvantaged group encounter many challenges. We developed a group counseling program based on positive psychology for them. The purpose of this study is to examine effects of the program. Method: Seventy-five participants attending an elementary school or a junior high school were recruited. A quasi-experimental


What Drives Parents to Be More Involved in Their Child’s Online Activities?

In recent years, information has been accumulating from various sources around the world and in Israel indicating a continuous increase in children’s accessibility to smartphones. The use of these devices, which enable access to the Internet, leads to a continuous increase in children’s exposure to various dangers arising from surfing the Internet and introduces challenges


A Virtual Brief Psychosocial Intervention on Mental Wellbeing of Community College Students During the Pandemic: A Pilot Study

Family, friends and peers are often seen as pillars of social support, especially in challenging times. However, during the pandemic where there are constant fear of infection, uncertainties, social isolation, and everyday disruptions, interactions with acquaintances and even strangers, even virtually and briefly, may help provide comfort and support. This study evaluated the ‘Inner Nurturing


Students’ Experience Two Years Into the Pandemic at a Bulgarian University

After the pandemic began in March 2020, universities in Bulgaria suspended in-person learning. In the current 2021-22 academic year, schools shut down again in areas of Bulgaria where COVID-19 infection rates spiked, returning students to online learning. This study investigates the experiences of undergraduate students at a Bulgarian university about the impacts of the pandemic


ODD Self-Efficacy Test Academic Self-Efficacy Among College Students

It has long been considered that persons with a high level of self-efficacy can tackle even the most difficult tasks. As a result, the harder the activity, the more self-confidence and self-control they have, and the more successful they will be. The ODD Self-Efficacy Test is a 100-item survey designed to test college students’ self-efficacy.


In-Depth Inquiry on the Reasons of the Students’ Academic Failures and Their Coping Mechanism

Using qualitative method of research, this study focused on the reasons of the students’ academic failure (specifically those who failed more than 50% of the enrolled subjects) and their coping mechanism. Ten (10) participants under contract of Agreement (COA) were interviewed personally and virtually. Attitudes (laziness), computer gaming addiction, work, people, and personal issues were


Reaching Beyond: The Lived Experience of Loss Among Overseas Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This qualitative study explored how overseas students experienced loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. It involved in-depth, semi-structured interviews with six college students returning to their home countries for winter vacation and requested to postpone their return to campus life in December 2020. Their accounts were analysed using interpretative phenomenological analysis. Two major themes were identified


Novel Approaches to Developing Student Resilience and Wellbeing in School Settings: Martial Arts and Cooperative Electronic Gaming

Psychological wellbeing and mental health are increasingly recognised as essential for individual health and community productivity (World Health Organisation [WHO], 2021). However, the costs associated with mental health are staggering. The WHO (2016) estimated the annual global economic cost of issues related to mental health is $2.5 trillion (USD) and projects these costs to increase


Psychometric Properties of MRRF-Academic Resilience Scale (MRRF-ARS): A Multifaceted Measure of Resilience

Resilience views as a multifaceted construct anchored on the strength of the human being to withstand and bounce back despite adversity. MRRF- Academic Resilience Scale (MRRFARS) is a newly developed instrument that will help measure the academic resilience of Senior High School Students. Hence, this paper aims to establish the psychometric properties of the MRRF-


Stress, Procrastination and Proactive Coping of Selected Foreign Psychology Students

Students encountered challenges amidst this Covid-19 pandemic. These students managed to have a face-to-face class, but due to pandemic, they were migrated to a digital classroom. This research study emphasized on stress, procrastination, and proactive coping of selected foreign Psychology students (N=399). enrolled in one of the universities in South Metro Manila. Researchers employed the


Should I Stay or Should I Go? Comparisons in College Adjustment of Chinese Domestic and International Students

College marks a watershed experience for emerging adults, and is often a time of excitement, fear, challenges, and change as young adults transition toward independence. For Chinese international students (CIS), separation from their primary caregivers and exposure to acculturative stressors may bring particular challenges to their college adjustment. Compared to their domestic counterparts who choose


Does Practice Always Make Perfect? A Study of Whether Psychotherapists Treating Older Adults Become More Efficient as They Gain More Experience

The current longitudinal study investigates the effects of practice on the outcome of psychotherapy for elderly persons. It follows 4 psychologists for the first 143 clients of their professional lives to explore whether increased practice leads to better outcomes for their clients. The participating psychologists routinely monitor the effect of their work with different psychometric


Home Quarantine Activities, Lockdown Fatigue, and Emotional State of Students in the Teacher Education Program Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the major changes brought by the COVID-19 crisis in the Philippine educational system is the implementation of a full online learning modality. The study sought to determine the home quarantine activities of students in the Teacher Education Program and relate them to lockdown fatigue and event-specific distress during the COVID-19 pandemic. A survey


Demographic Variations of Multiple Sclerosis Patients Between Britain and Kuwait

Introduction Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been described to result in debilitating symptom of the disease. The aim of this study was to compare the effects of MS on patients from Britain and Kuwait. Methodology A questionnaire was distributed to 200 individuals with MS (100 Kuwaiti, and 100 British). The questionnaire consists of three parts; General


Student Engagement in a Digitally Mediated Environment: Attitudes and Experiences of Student Advisers

Students’ healthy engagement with higher education (HE) can make vital contributions to their psychosocial development, educational attainment and future employability. However, it is important to note that how engagement is enabled, experienced, and assessed within Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) is evolving. This shift is evidenced in the growing interconnectivity between HEIs’ interpersonal and digital engagement


Exposure Therapy as an Intervention for Social Anxiety Disorder: A Case Study of a College Student

Social anxiety disorder or SAD is defined as intense fear or anxiety of one or more social situations where one might behave embarrassingly or be observed and be negatively evaluated by others. This anxiety makes individuals distance themselves from daily social situations. Individuals with SAD are more likely to have impairments in various areas of


Boosting Self-care Strategies and Resiliency Manual for Promoting Counselors’ Wellness

Counselors’ well-being is very essential in the fulfillment of day to day task of providing counseling services to their clients. It is expected that a counselor with positive physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional state will be able to develop therapeutic alliance, demonstrate empathy, and design appropriate intervention plan to address client’s presenting concern. On the


College Students Informal and Formal Ways of Seeking Help: Who’s to talk with?

Records show various ways to better understand help-seeking behavior. Literatures also showed that despite the fact that free counseling is available in the campus; only limited numbers of students are accessing the said service. The current study investigated the college students’ informal and formal ways of seeking help among 488 samples enrolled at a private


Suicide Intervention Experiences and Practices of School Counselors: Basis for Development of Practice Guidelines

The current study investigated the Filipino school counselor’s knowledge, attitudes, and competencies in suicide intervention as well as their experiences and practices in suicide intervention. The study also aimed to develop and standardize suicide intervention guidelines. The study has two (2) phases. Phase 1 utilized the descriptive and generic qualitative inquiry methods of research. Purposive


The Using of Guidance Process for Promoting Opportunity of Adolescent Mothers in Udon Thani

The purposes of this study were to study the needs and the guidelines for supporting of opportunities educational, career, and personal and social of adolescent mothers by using of guidance process for promoting opportunity of adolescent mothers. The participants of this research were 6 adolescent mothers by purposively selected that they were early pregnancy before


Where We Are: Current Level of Burnout and Self-Compassion of School Counselors in a Private School in Quezon City for School Year 2018-2019

Counselors are expected to be physically and emotionally ready to assist their counselees. Because of these expectations, counselors are affected by the emotional demands of the profession. The current study focused on the current state of school counselors in a private institution. The participants are fourteen female counselors from the elementary to the tertiary level.


Relationship Between Gender, Culture Adaptation and Employment Equity – the Case of Foreigners in Japan

This paper explores two issues: the relation between gender and adaptation and gender and job equity of international students in Japan. The continued increase in the number of international students has caused a corresponding increase in a variety of problems and challenges regarding overseas study (Gebhard, 2012; Li et al., 2014). The problem of adjustment,