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Mobile Telephony for Community Networking: A Study of Thai, Rohingya and Hmong Communities in Multicultural Australia

In situations of displacement from beloved landscapes and acquired tastes to the unfamiliar land, it is common for immigrants to retrieve what they have missed. Their actions may include the potential to recreate the atmosphere of their homeland in their new receiving lands, to maintain strong connections with people of the same groups, and to


The Relationship Between Social Support and Self-Esteem to the Self-Disclose of Social Media on Older Adults

Social Media has profoundly changed people’s daily life experiences. Whether it is to collect information, consumer trading, and express their viewpoints, participate in activities or making friends all connected with social media. Social Media is also the future of global mainstream business opportunities, although the elderly is not the main users. During 2009-2010, media survey


Rise of Media Technologies and Emergence of a New ‘Political’ Popular Culture in South Asia

The advent of media technologies changed the whole course of communication and its dissemination. The convergent global media brought a popular culture that provided a ‘third but common space’ to the people of different cultures. Of late, South Asia has been observed as the crucial region for the growth in media technology use with a


Uses and Gratifications of Live Streaming Apps Amongst Indonesian Youth: An Exploratory Study of Periscope

Indonesia, with a total online population of 93.4 million people in 2015, is one of key regions to watch in the development of digital ecosystem. Social media has been an integral part in Indonesian daily digital activity. APJII found that 87.4% of surveyed Indonesia internet users use social networks. That, coupled with the exponential growth


A Study of the Effect of Using Social Networks on the Quality of Family Interpersonal Communication (with an Emphasis on the Relationship between the Couple)

Social networks played an undeniable role in everyday life and human relationships and social networks .Iranian’s interest to join, like the rest of the world is growing. Given the importance of family functioning,present study was to evaluate the relationship between the usage of social network connections rather than interpersonal communication & family functions. The results


Classifying and Profiling Social Media Users: An Integrated Approach

The fast evolving business practice and the continuously changing users’ profiles attract researchers’ interest, such as Brandtzaeg& Heim (2010) and Brandtzaeg et al. (2007), Constantinides (2011), Hsuan (2008). However, the current classification studies allows for users’ segmentation in specific social media application and only one at a time (e.g. SNS, blogs). Thus, Van den Beemt


Social Media as a Voice to the Voiceless: The Nigerian Experience

Social media as a communication tool has some advantages over the traditional media because of its ability to bridge the gap between the privileged and the less privileged. The study looks at how the social media was used to give voice to the voiceless especially in the 2015 presidential election in Nigeria which led to


Social Media as a Game Changer in the 2014 Indian Parliamentary Election: A Study of the Indian Diaspora Society in Canada and Oman

India is the seventh largest democracy of the world. Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Press are its four pillars. So, media and politics have been cheek by jowl from many decades. Since Britishers till now, media is playing its significant role. Its role becomes more powerful with the advent of social media, because people got a


Political Parties Re-Disconnected? Websites and Social Media of Indonesian Political Parties

Political parties of Indonesia nowadays have created their own websites (Hameed, 2007) in which the patterns of the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) by political parties are much affected by the political and media system (Anstead and Chadwick, 2010; Ward and Gibson, 2010). What are the patterns of Indonesian political parties in utilizing


What’s on Your Mind? Rhetorics of Identity Construction on Facebook

Among young Filipinos, Facebook enjoys wide acceptance, with almost 81 percent of the youth population using the social networking site. With this knowledge, this study, What’s on your mind: Rhetorics of identity construction in Facebook, aims to determine how Facebook features, specifically, status updates and profile pictures, aid in the construction and representation of identities.


Social Media Modi-Fication: Narendra Modi’s Use of Social Media in Indian Elections 2014

Title: Social Media Modi-fication: Narendra Modi’s use of Social Media in Indian Elections 2014 Research objectives: In an unprecedented rise to power Right Wing Bharatiya Janata Party’s candidate, Naredra Modi, now Prime Minister of India, used social media strategies to advance his campaign to the masses. From using 3D holograms at political rallies to caller


Microblogging and Life Changes: An Ethnographic and Statistical Analysis of Young Adults

Microblogging has revolutionized people�s interaction on the web. This paper investigates the changes in the microblogging practices of young adults after they have experienced life changing events associated with studying and working overseas. To test for the presence of significant changes in microblogging behaviour the empirical analysis focusses on young Chinese adults who have moved


Village Voiced, Village Empowered: A Case Study of the Citizen Journalism Practice Using New Media as a Medium of Empowering the Villagers at Banyumas Regency in 2012-2013

Village is basis of the poor in Indonesia. This condition has placed Village as the main target of the poverty-eradicating program. Unfortunately, the development program that has been implemented in Village is ineffective. So far, Village is viewed more as passive object with limited authority to manage itself independently. The condition above encourages a group