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Homosexuality and African Criminal Justice System: Exploring the Current Laws and Enforcement Regimes in Nigeria

The discussions surrounding the position taken by the various legal systems towards the lifestyles and activities of homosexuals have gained notoriety and remained topical within and outside the academic space. While some nations have reviewed their criminal laws to decriminalize homosexuality in the recent past, others have re-hardened their criminal justice system against it. Most


Gender differences in language about Feminism: Results from Sentiment Analysis and Use of Emojis on Twitter

Social networks, such as Twitter with its around 192 million active users per day, are increasingly changing the way how people access information, communicate with each other, express opinions and discuss a wide range of topics. An example of a rather controversial topic is feminism. This study tries to shed light on the used language


Solo Female Thai Backpackers Crossing Borders and Transgressing Boundaries: Myths, Stereotypes and Their Fluid and Multiple Identities

“Solo-backpacking” has gained its momentum and popularity among (urban) Thai women nowadays. A gendered nature of this solo-travel has attracted a sizable number of young middle-class Thai women. These young urban women are traditionally shaped and restricted by strict Thai social norms. This study provides an investigation of the current movement/phenomenon of solo female backpackers