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A Voice E-book Reading System Designed for the Visually Impaired People

No matter in life, study, or at work, reading is one of the major sources to obtain information. However, traditional books are mostly printed on paper. The books are not suitable for visually impaired persons to read. Though such a situation can be improved by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. However, the quantity or timeliness


Math Readiness: Early Identification of Preschool Children Least Ready for Formal Mathematics Instruction in School

Key mathematics competencies mastered in kindergarten are associated with higher mathematics achievement in later elementary and middle school. Unfortunately, deficits in math understanding can begin before students enter school, often due to home environments that lack sufficient mathematics enrichment. Moreover, the gap between students who begin school behind and their more prepared peers only widens


Project Inclusive Education: People with Intellectual Disabilities work as University Lecturers

The German project Inclusive Education tackles, worldwide unique, the social isolation of people with intellectual disabilities via qualifying them in full-time over three years to be fully paid lecturers at universities. Participants have been diagnosed with mild or moderate intellectual disabilities (ICD-10-CM, Code F70 and F 71). The group of currently 31 participants is diverse


The Characteristics of Arab Parents’ Orientation Regarding the Future of Their Children with Developmental Intellectual Disability

Future orientation focuses on the image an individual constructs regarding their future; including future goals and courses of action they set for themselves in order to realize these goals. The present study discusses the consolidation of the orientation of parents in the Arabic society regarding the future of their children with developmental intellectual disability who