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Student Reflection to Curriculum Design for Computer Scientist Comprehensive Examination

Currently, computer scientists do not need professional certificates for applying for jobs although many organizations have introduced several specific-purpose certificates. In Thailand, most professional certificates are granted by authorities in the field. Nowadays, there is still a controversy whether theses authorized committees should involve in the curriculum design process or they should act as the


Building an E-profiling of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Instructors in Malaysia

The study in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has been progressively improving for the past decade supporting all possible market trade in supply and demand for workforce management. In the era of industrial revolutionary, most of the things are connected and administered by big data computational edge technology. The challenge is on how


Data, Data, Data – What Does Management Want and Need to See?

News flash! Data is important and learning analytics are a major near-term trend. What data does administration need and want to see? How can you build data dashboards that have solid source data and are feasible to update on a routine basis delivering value to management? This presentation will go through variations of reports that


Using Peer Assessment and Feedback to Support Individual Learning

Background Feedback supports learning but providing detailed individual feedback is time consuming. Involving students in peer marking and providing constructive feedback can enhance student engagement. Delegating marking and feedback has the potential to save staff time but inter-rater variability limits the value. Higher levels of reliability are obtained when markers just decide which of two