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In the Shadow of White Christian Privilege: Exploring the Internment of Japanese Nationals From Hawai’i During WWII

During WWII, Camp Livingston in central Louisiana was a site of internment of civilian Japanese men, the majority of whom were from Hawaii. These men were Buddhist priests, newspaper editors, Japanese language schoolteachers, consular agents, among other occupations. Arrested beginning on December 7th and taken from their families, these men were placed in U.S. Army


Telling Our Own Stories: A Phenomenological Study of Sub-Saharan African Immigrants

Many immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa consider emigration towards the West as an opportunity for educational and economic self-fulfillment. Their needs and interests, along with their skills and talents remain poorly understood and underutilized with most countries not recognizing their presence and doing little to facilitate their integration. We undertook this phenomenological project in order to