Category: Climate Change and Arts, Media, Culture


Xinyang Maojian Tea, Domestic and International Tea Packaging Comparative Study

Xinyang tea is a specialty of Henan Province, carrying the deep cultural heritage of the Central Plains. Its packaging design plays an important role in conveying product information and benefits to attract consumers’ tea desire. The purpose of this paper is to explore the cultural differences and design features between Xinyang Maojian tea packaging design


Art, Data and Climate Change: Investigations Between Image, Science, and Ecology

In recent years, artistic expressions exploring the interactions between technology and nature have gained increasing prominence as they incorporate the political and social transformations associated with Anthropocene theory. Within what has been referred to as the ‘Information Age’ (Castells, 1996), artistic experiments have been unfolding with an increasingly heightened awareness of environmental crises and their


Emotional Interpretation of Funeral Symbols in Animations

Following the transition from the traditional Confucian funerals practiced by the ancient Chinese to the contemporary funeral culture in Taiwan, the new generation of amination directors have used symbolic translation to reinterpret and give new meanings to the funeral culture. On the basis of semiotic theories and the funeral culture of Taiwan, this study explored


Towards Regenerative Cultures and Metanarratives in Girona: A Transition Narrative-Design Case Study

At the age of a failing economic system and undeniable evidence of the effects humankind has had over the planet, it is necessary to look for alternatives to the way we live locally. This project explores the use of narratives and metanarratives to co-create imaginaries serving as the needed alternatives. This research starts by considering