Category: Communication Theory and Methodology


The Multi-Format Visual Storyteller:Exploring Narrative Perspectives in Contemporary Media and the Intersection of AI and Narrative Creation

The Emergence of digital technology has revolutionized the way narratives are constructed and conveyed across various media formats. The advent of multi-format visual storytelling has expanded the creative possibilities for artists, filmmakers, and content creators. This study aims to investigate the potential of AI in storytelling and visualization by comparing their performance with GPT-4 and


Generation of Laughter by Meta-structure – Consideration of U.S.- China Sitcom

In sitcom, characters are mainly “speaking” in a fixed space such as a living room or a classroom, so that “laughing” is created in the content, and the viewer is delighted. A technique of creating “laughter” by combining dialogues of a plurality of characters in “daily conversation” is used. The research used works that are


Suratthani Rajabhat University Branding

The objective of the research is to study the different perceptions of the image of Suratthani Rajabhat University by people both inside and outside the university and to develop a strategic communication plan to manage the image of the university through studying strategic brand management by type of Higher Education Institution. The results showed that


Islam and Mosque Developments in the Australian Media: A Literature Review

This paper is a literature review of current thinking on discursive representations of Islam in Australian media, particularly in relation to proposed mosque developments. Significantly, research into representations of Islam in Western media has increased since the events of 9/11 (Abu-Fadil 2005; Kothari 2013). This research has found that ‘Western media have generally failed to