Category: Visual Culture


Record and Reflection: COVID-19 Pandemic Documentary in Japan, China and Korea

Documentary has always been used to characterize nature, history, and social reality. As a medium text with the spirit of realism and authenticity, it diverts our attention to the world in which we live. During the epidemic, Japan, China, and South Korea each produced documentaries on the theme of the epidemic. This paper focused on


Attitudes of Thai Male VDO Game Players in Choosing to Use VDO Games’ Women Characters

This study aims to investigate the online social phenomenon related to the attitudes of Thai MALE GAMERS opting to use women characters in video games. The subjects were Thai male game players interacting in gaming community on social media– Facebook. Data were collected by using a non-participatory observation of talks about female characters among gamers


Reflections on the Creative Cultural Art of an Ibibio (African) Artist – Sculptor Sunday Jack Akpan in the Global Scence

The arts of the whole world reflect various unique cultures and creative ingenuity of humanity. Ibibio cultural art works of sculptor Sunday Jack Akpan of Africa deserve being brought to limelight. Sculptor Akpan was born on August 1st, 1940 at his native home of Ikot Ise Etuk Udo, Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area of Akwa