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Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? E-learning Hegemonies and Educational Justice

Although the pandemic has brought about a global interest in online education, the prevalence of e-learning hegemonies still hinders educational justice in many settings. This paper explores and exemplifies the six hegemonies of e-learning (i.e., linguistic, technological, economic, educational, sociocultural, and sociopolitical), as demonstrated in the Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) community, and attempts to


The Characteristics of Chinese Artificial Intelligence Policies for Innovations in Industry: Policy Distribution and Inclination

Globally, many countries have elevated artificial intelligence (AI) to the level of a national strategy. It is widely recognized that AI plays a pivotal role in contributing to sustainable national economic development, industrial upgrading, technological progress, and innovation. The purpose of this research is to identify different phases of China’s AI policy issuing evolutions and


Tripping Over Cables: Discussing Tech Pitfalls and Working Toward a Positive Framework

The resources and learning opportunities that technology offers educators are well documented. Its urgent relevance came to light through the learning environment of 2020-2022, but with most institutions easing back to face-to-face structures, teachers need to re-evaluate the use and purpose of technology in their classrooms. Duoethnographic dialogues are held between two Digital Natives working


Promoting Whistle-Blower Engagement: Fostering a Culture of Fearless Reporting for Staff to Uncover Irregularities

This research focuses on the concept of whistle-blower activity and proposes methods to encourage staff members of companies to report irregularities without fear of facing negative consequences. Whistleblowing plays a crucial role in preventing and exposing wrongdoing, safeguarding the public interest, and upholding accountability and integrity across sectors. However, whistle-blowers often face significant personal and


Online practices for Teaching English Grammar in Higher Education: Combining the Flipped Classroom with Digital Learning Paths (DLPs)

The study aimed to investigate whether combining DLPs and flipped classrooms could help English teachers improve grammar and meet communication and social needs during the pandemic. An extensive online literature search found no research on integrating DLP (combined with flipped classrooms) in teaching English grammar in higher education. Coincidentally, the project “Sustainable Integration of Digital


A Bleeding Edge or a Cutting Edge? A Systematic Review of ChatGPT and English as a Second and/or Foreign Language Learners’ Writing Abilities

This systematic review, adhering to PRISMA guidelines (Page et al., 2021), examines the educational implications of ChatGPT, an AI language model by OpenAI, on the writing abilities of English as a Second and/or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) learners. Relying on data from academic databases like Scopus and Web of Science, the review integrates both statistical techniques


A Study of the Relationship Between Impostor Syndrome, Internship Experience, and Career Adaptability

This study examined the relationship between impostor syndrome, internship experience, and career adjustment. The difference between individuals with and without internship experience in terms of impostor syndrome and career adjustment, as well as the positive impact of impostor syndrome in the workplace. The instruments used in this study were the Impostor Syndrome Scale, the Perfectionism


Awareness of Cooperatıve Insurance in Turkey

Cooperative insurance is a model in which partners come together to form a company. Aiming to help each other, this model is funded by stakeholder contributions and managed by the company. The individual who wants to insure his/her commodity becomes the policy customer as well as the partner of the cooperative. Unlike conventional insurance companies,


The Many Faces of Affect: A Multimodal Analysis of Boys Love (BL) Manga Covers

The unconventional complexity of Boys Love (BL) manga as a social practice in which women create and consume homoerotic fiction has been extensively discussed, with arguments mainly revolving around representation and fan culture. However, the multimodal potential of the covers has yet to be addressed despite being at the intermediary forefront between content and readers


Analysis of Conversation Data With AI Chatbot at the Time of Natural Disaster

In recent years, many natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes have occurred in Japan. Thus far, disaster information from local governments and television has been the main information source for such disasters. In addition to such information sources, the provision of disaster and evacuation information through dialogue with AI chatbots has recently begun as


De-radicalization Style in Indonesian Pilot Prisons: Classification Scheme to Support Risk Reduction Theory

In order to tackle radicalism and terrorism phenomenon in the 21st century that become a more serious threat for national security, countries in the world have been implementing various soft approach methods and techniques that adjusted to domestic wisdom of the respective countries.  In Indonesia, the so-called de-radicalization program has been designated for its terrorist


Internet Users Attitudes towards Online Targeted Advertisements

Users leave their footprints about their interests while they are surfing on the internet. Companies have the opportunity of capturing user’s implict data on the internet by behavioural targeting. So that they can deliver the advertisements of the products or services that appeals to those consumers. Users are being exposed to targeted advertisements according to


Responsibility of Armed Group for Sexual Violence against Women during Internal Armed Conflicts: The Case of Iraq

Women have become the most affected civilian group in armed conflicts, and they constitute the majority of all victims of sexual violence. A good example of such violence is what women have suffered in Iraq under totalitarian regimes, foreign occupation and now armed insurgency. There has been an increase in the number of armed groups


The Experiences of the Members of Basic Faith Community (BFC) of San Isidro Labrador Parish, Virac, Catanduanes

This study explores the Basic Faith Community experience of San Isidro Labrador Parish in Virac, Catanduanes. It also identifies the personal, spiritual and community life of the members prior to and after joining the Basic Faith Community (BFC). The primary data were gathered from documents of the diocese; parish priest; priests directly involved in the


Enhancing Women’s Capacity in Peace Building Through the Open and Distance Learning System

The World Economic Forum reported in 2012 that women make up one half of the world’s human capital. This study reveals that illiteracy among women often leads to poor self-image, and inadequate knowledge, making them susceptible to being deprived of their rights and ability to play active role in the society. In contrast, literate women