Category: Films and Digital Distribution (use of the internet and video sharing)


Using Social Media Platforms for Social Issue Documentary: A Case Study of “Let Kids Be Kids” in The Series “Weirdos”

In 2020, several film directors in Taiwan launched a documentary project named “The Weirdo,” a collection of various short films themed on a wide range of social issues with an emphasis on diversity. Each film of the project was screened via social media to examine the impact of social issue documentaries on the unique platform


The Viability of Online Distribution for South African Feature Films

Distribution is an important aspect of the film value chain. Despite the growth of the South African film industry, distribution remains one of its central challenges. This can in part be contributed to the country’s political history that still affects the economic and social sphere. Issues related to poverty, unemployment, infrastructure, transport, and mobility all


Research on Chinese Art Film Screening

In China, commercial cinema is the mainstream screening channel. Unlike the United States, Europe, and Japan, China lacks independent art film distribution and screening channels. Art movies are not as popular as commercial productions, so the listing time and space of screening are often limited. At present, the viewing of Chinese art films presents a


Perceptions of the Impact of US Drama Binge-Watching in the Emirates

Binge watching is a new TV-watching behavior; that is tremendously becoming very popular among young people in the Middle East, is expected to be one of the media imperialism indicators. Ahmed (2017) found that university students in the United Arab Emirates tend to binge watch non-Arab media content rather than the Arabic ones. The study


Digitizing Local Trip: Global Connectivity of Spatial Narratives in Indonesian Web-Series

Indonesia’s local film creation has further flourished into many kinds of innovative narratives, giving them power to be autonomous and independent within Indonesia documentary/web-series industry. Popular Indonesian travel narratives emerge in an overflowing number, bringing the story of places in Indonesia within reach of global access. This paper will focus on a popular web-series Jalan


The Film is the Story: Story-Extension in Digital Distribution of Independent Films

Independent films have always found themselves at the margins, most even completely outside of popular film culture. Traditionally, only a small number of filmmaking centers, most notably Hollywood, controlled film production, distribution and exhibition. Digital media and the Internet are often celebrated as enabling what some have termed ‘truly’ independent filmmaking, with individual filmmakers not