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Digital Computer Technology on Traditional Architectural Decoration Design of Guangfu Windows

Guangfu traditional architecture is one of the representatives of traditional architecture in Lingnan area of China, with a long history and unique architectural style on the buildings. The windows of traditional buildings in Guangfu make the interior space design of traditional buildings to appear rich in connotation and innovation in the regional culture of Guangfu.


Temporary Appropriation Practices and Spontaneity in Public Spaces: The Case of Downtown Cairo Passageways

In contrast to the orthodox comprehensive planning approaches, several contemporary studies on public spaces have focused on the notion of how people utilize space and how they appropriate and inhabit the city. Since the 1960s, many theorists have embraced this idea and developed unconventional concepts such as spontaneous public spaces. Hence, this paper aims to


Architectural Solutions to “Street Vendors” in Cairo

In Egypt and according to recent statistics, the poor represent about 48% of the total population, which is an indication of the low standard of living and high poverty rates of a wide range of the people of Egypt. This makes the presence of street vendors important to provide goods or some services to large


Evaluation of Media Architecture in Urban Night Scene — A Qualitative Study of Avena Theater in Swansea

In June 2020, the Media Architecture Biennale Formal (MAB) was held in Amsterdam. Due to the influence of pandemic, most of the activities were held online. In the introduction of this session, it is proposed that the transformation of media architecture is gradually transformed from media facade and urban screen to urban experience, management and


Fantasized Romanticity: Rethinking the Role of Curtained Motels in Thai Contemporary Culture

Examining through the lens of social-sexual production, this paper focuses on the curtained motel, known to Thais as rong raem man rud, in Thai contemporary culture, which has long been determined by Thai sex-gender discourse or so-called “hetero-normality”. In general, these are enjoyable places for anonymous sexual activities or having sex without any strings attached.


Exploring Physical Stores in Omnichannel Retail Strategy: How Interaction Design Is Changing In-store Behaviour

The research investigates the use of interaction design in retail environments in the current omnichannel scenario, where many different coordinated retail channels operate simultaneously.The growth of online shopping forced retailers to look for a new meaning of brick-and-mortar stores in which customer experience is more relevant than making a purchase. Where the transaction happens is


Museum of Works as a Means of Improving Professional Knowledge of Senior High School Students Through Public Intervention

Due to high school students’ lack of professional knowledge, graduates contributed 7.92 percent to Indonesia’s unemployment rate. This can be solved using self-actualization activities and public intervention in the form of seminars and counseling, which can be accommodated by a “museum of works” that is directly integrated with the high school environment. The goal of


Exploring the Effect of Pull Factors on Recreational Needs in Heritage Tourism

Attracting travelers and preserving heritage are important issues in heritage tourism because several heritage sites have failed to attract travelers. Past studies found that heritage architecture, art activity, wide nature, regional attractions, recreational benefits, and long-term values were critical considerations in heritage tourism. Specifically, heritage architecture, art activity, wide nature, and regional attractions were pull


Measuring Growing Heritage Ability in the City Competitive Advantage – A Case Study of Pekalongan Creative City, Indonesia

Measuring the resilience of heritage is related to the value that is often difficult to measure. The tangible side of heritage is often considered unattractive, dull, and challenging to use, and it needs to be built to be able to adjust to the development of the times. On the other hand, the intangible value of


A Study on Agricultural Production and the Vicissitude of Settlements in Japanese Colonial Period – A Case of Kaohsiung Settlement in Taiwan

In the past, traditionally agricultural farming methods usually followed family members in Taiwan. To get cheaper crop materials, the Japanese government changed the way of agricultural production by capitalism in Japanese Colonial Period. The role of farmers changed gradually in the market mechanism, return to the complete producer in the market from producer, processor and


Evaluating Socio-cultural and Spatial Impacts on Brownfields Recycling in Europe. What is the Effect on the City and Territory?

Throughout the last decades, more and more attention has been given by scholars and practitioners to neglected and abandoned sites and their regeneration. In Europe, at the regional and municipal level, many innovative redevelopment policies and projects have been promoted to recycle these spaces and create an impact at the local scale (Bollenti Spiriti Programme


Residential Preference Toward Logo of Thai Property Developer

A logo is considered as one of the simplest tools that serves an organization in distinguishing itself from others. In competitive markets, attractive logo is capable of adding value to goods and services particularly for the industry that image and trustworthiness are the main concern such as real estate business. This research aimed to investigate