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Bio-Oil Production From the Pyrolysis of Blue-Green Algae for Sustainability Alternative Fuels

Pyrolysis experiments of blue-green algae (Arthrospira platensis) were carried out in a custom-built tube reactor to determine the pyrolysis conditions which was affected by the production of pyrolysis oil. The effects of process variables; the operating temperature (400-600 oC), raw material federate (0.4-3.0 kgh-1 ), particle size (150- 800 µm) and N2 flowing rate (50-250


Students’ Intercultural Communication Competence in Rural Areas of Japan

Most local governments in rural areas of Japan have been suffering from population decline. Local companies in the areas are supplementing the shortage of workforce by employing overseas students in the areas. Most Japanese students born and brought up there are expected to play important roles in local companies after graduation. It is predicted that


Teacher Perceptions and Beliefs About Field Trips as a Curricular Source

In today’s educational arena, field trips are often viewed as an extracurricular activity disconnected from curriculum. Currently, teachers are experiencing pressure to prepare students of all ages to be college and career. Policy makers are mandating commercialized curricula as a means to ensure proficiency on standardized assessments. These types of curricula are often void of


The Courses on Inclusive Education in Departments of Early Childhood Education in Taiwanese Universities

According to official statistics, more than 90% of the preschool-aged children with disabilities in Taiwan are placed in regular education classes in recent years. In the trend toward inclusive education, it is crucial for early childhood education majors to understand inclusive education and practice it. However, numerous studies have noted that preschool educators are not


Factors Related to Administration and Management of Moral Higher Education Institutions

The objectives of this research are to 1) study the opinions of the executives, lecturers, and supporting personnel about the management of moral higher education institution group in (1) the purposes, missions, policies, (2) operational processes and mechanism, and (3) participation of the personnel and 2) study the factors that have a relationship with the


Implementing Pair Work for Using Smartphones in University Liberal Arts Education

There has been a marked decline in students’ motivation in liberal arts courses at Japanese universities. Therefore, research and experimental classes focused on active learning are being conducted as a countermeasure. However, a majority of the practical teaching techniques imitate active learning methods used in the U.S., a country with advanced active learning whose citizens


A Study of Open Courseware’s Learning Effectiveness on E-Book Production Professional Technique Competence for Design-Related Department Students

This study intended to use the development of a set of industrial technique oriented open courseware for E-Book production, as well as applied the open courseware as the Blended Learning to conduct a teaching experiment, in order to improve students of design-related departments for their E-Book Production competency, as well as satisfy with industries’ demand


Development of Physical Blocks with Communication Device for Visual Programming Study

The visual programming language Scratch is widely used to learn problem-solving skills and logical thinking; However, it is not easy for elementary school students to learn how to use Scratch language. Conventional Scratch learning has two different aspects on how to use the PCs to carry out various operations and programming. For students who are


Facilitating Skills-Learning by Blending Teaching in Clothing Construction Class

This study aims to facilitate students’ learning of sewing skills through blending teaching method. Clothing construction class was designed for students to learn the clothing’s patterns, to use industrial sewing machine and to compose a garment project. Conventionally, demonstrating was the most adopted method to teach students learning the sewing skills. The teacher first introduces


The Development of Science Activity Packages Learning on Ecosystem and Environment for Mathayomsuksa 1. Students

There were three Purposes of the study:1) to develop and identify the educational quality of science activity packages learning on ‘Ecosystem and Environment’.2) to study learning outcomes; knowledge and science process skills of Mathayomsuksa 1. Students by science activity packages and 3) to study attitude towards the environment of Mathayomsuksa 1. Students by science activity


A Development of Science Laboratories on “The Basic of Wastewater Management for Students Living Along Saen Saeb Canal”.

There were four purposes of the study: 1) to develop and identify the educational qualities of science laboratories ‘The Basic of Wastewater Management for students living along Saen Saeb canal’. 2) to study learning outcomes with regard to the knowledge of Mathayom 1 in science laboratories 3) to study the Mathayom 1 students’ attitudes toward


Online Cinema Ticketing Industry: Impacts and Opportunities for Transformation in the Chinese Film Industry

In recent years, China’s film market has been growing rapidly. The magnet effect brought about by growing box-office sales has captured the attention of new electronic businesses and internet industries. These entities possess large capital and powerful information processing capabilities, creating major change in the structures and systems within the Chinese film industry.As electronic business


Turning the Industrial City into the City of Humanities Using Historical Heritages

The city has a close relationship with our daily life. The spaces that we routinely use, such as streets, apartments and parks, are a component of the city. Therefore, understanding of the city is a precondition for understanding our present life and looking into the future. As urbanization progressed rapidly, cities in South Korea have


Identity, Religion and Intergroup Conflict: The Role of Religious-Secular Discourse in Self-Investigation

This paper explores the logic and implications of a Secular-Religious Discourse and group processes to construction of individual and social identity. The theory argues that Intergroup discourse can create a safe environment that encourages individuals to engage in self reflection and in discourse with ‘the other’. Qualitative thematic content analysis was used to analyze the


On-Site Production of Electricity and Hydrogen for the Energy Needs of Rural Areas

In both developed and developing countries, energy supply in rural areas is needed in an economical and environmentally sustainable way. On the one hand, extensions of the power grid are often inadequate due to their high cost and landscape impact. On the other hand, diesel generator sets have high greenhouse gas emissions and other undesirable


CFD Simulation of Natural Ventilation in Urban Buildings Due to Wind Effect

Previous studies regarding natural ventilation in buildings were mostly limited to isolated buildings. Considering an urban context, this study investigates the wind-induced single-sided natural ventilation in buildings near a long street canyon under a perpendicular wind direction using CFD method. Four aspect ratios (AR) of the street canyon, from 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 to 6.0, are


Analysis and Improvement of Distribution Routes and the Associated Vehicle Fleet – Application to a Real Case in Portugal

Logistics management plays a key role in improving business efficiency, since it is the part of supply chain management that plans, implements and controls the flow of goods, services and information between the point of origin and the point of consumption. Customers are more demanding and want the right products, in the right place, at the


Analysis and Improvement of the Management of Stocks in ‘Vasco Da Gama’ Frigates – A Practical Study

Vessels, as an autonomous system, require the provision of maintenance needs, and transport the spare parts necessary to meet those needs. The existence of stocks and the type of lots on board are intertwined with the type of mission assigned, and according to the duration of the mission, often the ship cannot be supplied by


The Dynamics of Large Publicly Traded Corporations in Santa Catarina, Brazil

The research comprised the study of three public companies: BRF SA, Tupy SA, and WEG SA. These companies present a high level of technological development, with administrative headquarters located in Santa Catarina – Brazil, with business in several countries. The aim was to accompany historical development, geographic expansion, and business evolution of such companies in


Effects of Aerobic Dance with 9 Square on the Cardiovascular Endurance System and Percentage of Body Fat

This experimental research was one group pretest-posttest design. The purpose of the study was to compare the effects of nine-square aerobic dance on the cardiovascular endurance system and percentage of body fat before and after the implementation. Simple random sampling was employed to select a sample group of fifty students who studied in Silpakorn University