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Tagubhang: The Lifeblood of Living Traditions

Tagubhang is a literary theory conceived through the inspiration of the continuous rendition and performance of the oral narrative tradition of the people of Partido, a culturally-rich district in Camarines Sur, Bicol Region, Philippines. It has been conceived upon the observation of the poetics of the oral narratives locally called as osipon, systematically collected in


Digital Writing in the Workplace: The Present and the Future

As in most other fields of the humanities, writing has been greatly transformed by digital technologies, and this transformation is still undergoing. Writing is an omnipresent activity, both in our personal and professional lives. In professional settings in particular, writing receives growing attention from scholars because of its key role in the knowledge economy. Indeed,


Pali-Sanskrit Word and Expression Used in the Royal Tutelage of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Through an analysis of Pali-Sanskrit (PL-SKT) word and expression employed in the royal tutelage of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej as bestowed to graduates in commencement ceremonies of Thailand during B.E.2493-2537, the objectives of this study were to explore PL-SKT word and its sound and semantic change used in the royal tutelage of HM King Bhumibol


The Otaku Culture in Brazil: The Brazilian Manga, The Impact in Medias and the Cultural Miscegenation Processes

The theme of the presentation is the Japanese pop culture in Brazil. The goal is to analyze the Brazilian manga, the cultural miscegenation process among Brazilian creators and the constitution of the otaku communities. In the translation of the otaku culture and its media products to Brazil, to the example of what always happened in


Applying a Project Management Strategy to Rule of Law Programs: Recommendations for Myanmar Based on Lessons Learned From Afghanistan

Since 2003, the US government and international partners have worked to develop the rule of law in Afghanistan. This effort has focused on areas such as the judicial system, corrections system, informal justice system, legislative reform, legal education and anticorruption efforts. In a report issued by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, RoL programs


New Ceramics Out of Brunei Darussalam: A Teaching Exhibition

“New Ceramics Out of Brunei Darussalam: A Teaching Exhibition” was a recent studio-based exhibition of ceramic sculptures from local clay found on the University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD) campus, Brunei Darussalam. Geiger-Ho’s solo exhibition represented a body of work and its relationship to Brunei’s creative industries. Geiger-Ho’s exhibition was intended to be a teaching model


Future Development in Community Murals and Future Investment in Teaching Artists

Prof. Kong Ho, a teaching artist for more than 25 years and a muralist for 18 years of them, considers himself to be a good source of “archived” experiences that he can share with others who might find them beneficial. This paper explores his inclusive and expansive study into community murals and the role of


The Reflection of Justice in Performing Art: A Case Study of Contemporary Performing Art “Mae-Dok-Bhu-Som”

The Lady of the Camellias (La Dame aux camelias) by Alexandre Dumas, Fils, is the most famous French novel, firstly published in 1848. It was translated and published in Thai language by Sangworn Krileak (first publication in 1981). The literature illustrated the social problems related with French morality during the middle of 1800s. It presents sentimentality


Disneyization of Davao City’s Public Spaces: The Myth and Amusement in Kublai Millan’s Not-So-Indigenous Sculptures

This paper explores the relationship between the role of Davao-based artist Kublai Millan’s gigantic art sculptures and the Disneyization of the public spaces in Davao City. This paper further argues how the sculptures were considered as authentic representations of indigenous peoples and cultures in the city, as well as depictions of nationalism, indigeneity and visual


Justice As Mercy and Revenge: Antigone, Medea, Montecristo, Yong Pal

This paper is about personal justice understood in two of its opposite manifestations, mercy and revenge, and oriented against official and public law seen as untrustworthy. It is also about globalized archetypes and intercultural communication. The archetype chosen for mercy is Sophocle’s play Antigone, and the archetype for revenge is Euripides’ Medea. Some evolution will be


Role of Televisual Literacy in Second Language Teaching

In non-native English speaking countries like Asian countries, where English is learnt as second language, teachers explore innovative practices for SLT. Televisual aids are really helpful as teaching tool. The present paper is writer’s endeavour to know how and why they work. Television, in present days, is used in social system by 95%. Although in


September 11, 2001: U.S. Ruling Class Agenda for Hegemony

The attacks of September 11, 2001 represented a turning point in modern history. The United States’ territories were attacked for the second time ever, victims belonged to different nationalities, ethnicities and religions; and the attacks received intensive, long-lasting, coverage by media agencies across the globe. Additionally, the attacks were followed by a US-led global war


The Co-Created Performing Artistic Space: The Urban Office Garden

One of the natural spaces closest to human living space is the garden, the outdoor space which could integrate natural energy of fire, wind, water, earth, and air into our daily life, directly enhance our holistic health of body, mind, and spirit. In some cultures, like Japanese Zen gardening, the garden space is the area


The Effect of Explicit Grammar Instruction on Language Learning

Explicit grammar instruction in the second language (L2) classroom is an increasingly important area that requires more research. Second language acquisition (SLA) researchers investigate the role of explicit grammar instruction and its impact on achievement. However, the findings are inconclusive. The present study, therefore, sets out to investigate the impact of teaching the target language


Peaking Emotions Positively: Discovering Viewers’ Justice in Reality TV and all Its Glory!

In the current glory of reality TV, the ideology of viewers’ justification revolves highly around their acceptance and recognition of the TV series. In truth, reality TV possess high capability in influencing viewers’ feelings and emotions despite of viewers’ inability to notice their affection towards the content of the show. This was stated as the


The Ghostly Double: The Crisis of (Gendered) Subjectivity and Self in Asato Mari’s “Bairokeshon”

From Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” to Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan,” the double or doppelg√§nger motif remains prevalent in psychological horror films. The idea of a divided/ duplicated self involves the disassociation of one’s identity that often results in the creation of an uncontrollable evil ‘other’. Moreover, the double is deeply connected to the Freudian concept of


An Investigation on Vibrotactile Emotional Patterns for Blindfolded People

Different feeling and cognition was often triggered by the tactile exploration process, such as the reaction of tactile emotional linking. These reaction might occur in different patterns of Human-Computer interaction. According to the compilation of relevant literature, the previous works lacked this important issue that deeply investigate the cognition of vibrotactile emotion. Therefore, it is


Survey on the Role of Visual Arts in Reading Motivation and Visual Tranquility among Managers, Librarians and Library Users of Tehran

This research studies the role of artistic atmosphere in public libraries in order to create reading motivation and providing visual tranquility for the clients. The main role of public library is to disseminate information without discrimination and help social justice to reduce information gap of the society. So libraries can use visual arts to attract


Discussion and Application of 3D and 2D Aperture Problems

In Kinetic art, most visual effects are related to visual psychology. By the mean of literature review, this current study analyzed the dynamics optical illusion between the 3D aperture problems caused by rotating the form with spiral pattern and the 2D aperture problems caused by dynamic flat line from the angle of visual psychology. Based


Using a Role Play to Improve Stress and Intonation for Thai Learners

The purpose of this study was to improve learners’ pronunciation focusing on word stress and intonation through a role play. From the purposive random sampling method, 45 of the first year bachelor’s degree students who study in Rajamanagala University of Technology Isan, Nakhon Ratchasima in the first semester of the academic year 2015, were selected


A Preliminary Study of Sports Picture Books applied on High School Special Education Students’ Sports Cognition and Sports Learning Interests

The development about cognition, personality, morality, and life could be promoted on picture books (Lin & Wu, 2014). In the past picture books were widely used in special education areas such as, life education (Peng, 2013), social skills (Tsai, 2014), and gender education (Chang, 2014). Nevertheless the utilization in the special physical education field of


Justice- Adrift in the Filmosphere

The world of cinema treats ‘justice’ in a nuanced way. If the film depicts conflict zones, justice sometimes becomes the kernel of the chronicle. Lemon Tree (2008) and J√Æn (2013) ‘ from Israel and Turkey are two of the films which convey post-positivist connotations of justice. Lemon Tree is an Israeli film directed by Eran


Embedding of Buddhism Reflected through the Language of Thai People

Language and religion are regarded as the human’s culture. Human succeeds to religion through the language usage. Meanwhile, religion influences to language usage of people in each society. In Thailand, most populations follow Buddhism. Thereby, Buddhism is held as the important base of Thai culture. Mostly, thoughts of Thai people as well as the language


A Communication Requirements Research of Children with Severe Cerebral Palsy

This study looks into the communication needs of a young cerebral palsy (CP) patient with severe physical disability and speech impairment. This individual case study involves interviews with the caretaker, observation of the patient’s living habits, and development of customized assistive technology. A vocabulary database of the patient is made for the development of an


Schematic Figures As Foregrounding Elements in John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech

A writer’s style of persuasion is worth analysing, especially when this style can serve as a powerful tool to convey the writer’s persuasive goal in a speech as well as to highlight the aesthetics of the language used. In this case, a writer can use certain linguistic features to function as foregrounding elements in the


The Relation between Justice and Martyrdoms in Religious Art: The Paintings in the Church of the Gesù Depicting Japanese Martyrdoms

Martyrdoms are powerful political instruments that convey different aspects of the concept of justice. Legally speaking, they refer to public executions carried out as punishment for breaking the law. However, they are usually regarded as unjust acts performed by a ruling class which, ultimately, strengthen the martyr’s righteous cause. This multifaceted relationship between the concepts


The Sound Exchange of Movement: A Study on the Current Soundscape Conditions of Taiwan’s Metro System

Soundscape developed in Europe and Canada. In 1996, it was incorporated into urban planning in Japan. In recent years, Taiwan has begun attaching value to the conceptual application of soundscape, which is reflected on the actuation of the 2015 Taipei Soundscape project. The development of the rapid transit in Taiwan is entering into its second


“The White Man’s Burden”: Politics of Volunteer Tourism

This conceptual paper explores critically the political economy of volunteer tourism along the lines of a ‘white savior complex’ and argues that the meanings, practices, and policies of volunteer tourism development continue to be informed by colonial thought, resulting in disempowerment of the rural populations in the Third World and making volunteer tourism an avenue


Production of Urban Spaces for the Creation of a ‘Modern Society’ In Turkey

The creation of a new culture, following the proclamation of the Republic and Turkish Revolution is the embodiment of an excessive passion. In Turkey’s experience, modernization (and westernization) was achieved by a plan introduced from the top. This plan was achieved by several reforms on political, legal, cultural, social, and economic policy debates for the


The Attitude of the Pre-Islamic Arabs towards Arts and Crafts

From the late Roman period the Saracens (the Arabs of Arabia) were described by the Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus (c. 380 CE.) as follows: “Nor does any member of their tribe ever take plow in hand or cultivate a tree, or seek food by the tillage of the land; but they are perpetually wandering over


“Hao Shi Duo Mo”: The Combination Practice of Gameplay and Culture Art with IPO-AER Principle

A grindstone was a kind of tool for rural people to grind beans, wheat or other Ingredients to produce food further by human power or animal power in early Taiwan. As time progresses and technology develops, this tool has gradually not been used in modern life of Taiwan, but for many elders, the grindstone is


Aesthetics of Villages: Analysis of Related Cases in the Combination of Art and Living

This study use the village is not only an art museum but art of life as the main ideology, to investigate and review domestic as well as foreign relevant cases for past five years, and summarize the present and future development trend of community design. The purposes of this research are (1) to understand the


Applying Digital Media Design in Elementary School: A Case Study of the Soma Cube

SOMA cube is a block that combines seven units of different shapes. With diverse assembly methods, these seven blocks can be created to unlimited shapes. Practice the SOMA which implies space record that may therefore enhance the learner’s sense of space memories and designing creativities. This study is to explore all possible profit that can


The Medieval University

Medieval Europe saw the emergence of the university. In Italy, France, and England universities developed from the late eleventh century to take on the role of educating the young for future careers. In many ways the medieval university appears quite unlike the university of today, with its numerous departments and its huge student body. Yet


The Investigation Research of the Group of Active Aging with Experiencing the High-Tech Eco-Travel Interactive Situation

With the rapid aging of the world population trends and technology, Eco-tourism has become one of the elderly’s relaxing and travel patterns. This research first begins with scenario approach ‘i-Travel’ Ecotourism interactive scenarios, and continues with the original design method to conduct the interactive model and simulation. We invited the active aging group for experience,


Overlooking Injustices for National Pride: Inside the Australian War Memorial’s Representation of the Papua New Guineans During WWII

War is sometimes argued as necessary in maintaining peace and justice. During the Second World War the Australian government sent troops to Papua New Guinea to thwart the imminent invasion of Australia by the Japanese. As a consequence, the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea was the site of some of the most desperate and


Effects of Robotic Dogs as Catalysts for Social Interactions: A Preliminary Study

As robotics technologies are advancing at an ever increasing rate, robotic pets have emerged in the market offering companionship and socialization to users, including robot-assisted activity. However, the effects of robotic analogues of living dogs as social catalysts remain unclear. Can robotic dogs act as catalysts for human social interactions like real dogs? How do


Constructing a Rubrics of Peer Assessment Applied on Online Course in 2D Animation Production

The continues controversy about the fairness on peer assessment. However, in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) environment, a huge amount of assignment had to use in peer assessment. According to the previous research, constructing a rubrics could help learners understand the evaluation criteria and improve the fairness issue. However, the literature of rubrics which was


Whose Voice? Love Legend of Phra Khanong: A Case of “Mak, Nak and People of Phra Khanong”

The love legend of Mae Nak Phra Khanong was perceived and portrayed as a haunting, revenge and furious ghost story for almost a century. In 1999, Nonzee Nimibutr’s version of Nang Nak was the first version that humanized Mae Nak and depicted tragic aspect of her as a mournful young lady who devoted her life


Heroes Looking for Their Own Justice as a Cultural Reflection in the New Turkish Cinema

The concept of justice is one of the most sought concepts since the existence of the human beings. According to Aristotle who was one of the first age philosophers approaching the concept more philosophically, the starting point of justice was formed by the concept of equality. According to him for justice it was not enough


Design and Developing Technology Integrated into Learning Origami: Using the Origami of One Straight Cut as an Example

Students can learn effectively through folding paper to observe and investigate the property of geometry. Therefore, origami is becoming valuable to learn. The action of folding paper can train the concepts of geometry like spatial abilities, line symmetry and hand-eye-brain coordination. The main purpose of the study is to investigate the effect of technology integrated


Personal Branding of Jesus-Portrayed in The Movies 1987-2014: Applying Meaning Theory of Media Portrayal

A phenomenal figure throughout the centuries, a hero for Christians and the savior for believers ‘JESUS- is the name that is the center of this research. More than twenty movies since 1897 until 2014 ‘in fact the newest of Ewan McGregor’s has been featured on Sundance film festival 2015- have been portraying the life, the


Jesus in Films: Audience Reception from a Promotional Film Poster

Art has seven categories, starts from literature, music, dance, writing, sculpture, theater, and film. One of the art categories has been debated into art with the consideration of the attraction of the film casting, the narration, the sound system to the social circumstances and the political background that affected the production of the film. In 1916,