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An Analysis on the Need for the Philippine Mental Health Act to be Made Law

The world today is witnessing an alarming rise of mental health conditions. Depression is cited to be the second leading cause of disability and illness by 2020. Only heart diseases surpassed it, but still it is ahead of all other diseases. Suicide has become the third leading cause of death among adolescents already. Self harm


Examining DOH’s National Safe Motherhood Program as a Policy Addressing the Increasing Trend in Philippine Maternal Mortality Ratio

The Philippine Government has been actively trying to address issues pertaining to maternal health since the inception of the MDGs. Yet, despite its efforts to reduce the MMR in the country, the MMR trend continues to be high and increasing. As such, the creation of the National Safe Motherhood Program by the Department of Health


The Participation of Young Refugees in Programme Designing: Social Inclusion and the Restoration of Cultural Normalcy in the Philippines

The Philippines has been continuously lauded by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for its consistency in promoting international solidarity through the acceptance of refugees and asylum seekers, despite its economic and social instability. This paper intends to discuss the efforts of the Philippines in its adherence to its international


Syria’s Relations with the European Union under the Barcelona Process: 1995-2010

This paper is an attempt to analyze Syria-EU dynamics and engagement, interest and priorities during 1995-2010. It had instituted its multifaceted relations which were primarily guided by economic mutual benefits and political cooperation by EU member countries as well. International relations are becoming much more important towards achieving goal of sustainable growth and development for


Ludic Culture and Simulation Gaming in Teaching the Principles of Economics for Sustainability

Images play an essential role in the composition of knowledge, activity and thinking; any professional occupation needs proper understanding of reality, which means the ability to construct its image. Simulation (or business) games are a valuable source of the imagery assisting in the formation of conceptual language of socio-economic knowledge in general and environmental economics


How and Why Students Learn and Its Implications on Academic Achievement

This study examines the relationships between how and why students learned and their academic achievement for 2646 university students from various faculties. The Learner Awareness Questionnaire (LALQ), a self-report measure of student approaches to learning was administered and academic achievement data were obtained from student CGPA. The results showed significant differences in the approach to


Behavior and Satisfaction of Thai Tourists Towards Cultural Tourism Through Homestays in a Community Enterprise in Thailand

This article focused on behavior and satisfaction of Thai tourists toward cultural tourism through homestay tourists at Ban Rim Khlong Community Enterprise in Samut Songkhram, Thailand. This quantitative research used questionnaires concerning the behavior and satisfaction. Participants consisted of 400 tourists that were recruit from tourists available at Samut Songkhram during the period of investigation.


The Factors Attributing to the Successful Management for Mango Orchards in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand

The modern management of mango orchards in the highly competitive marketplace needs greater professionalism in producing and marketing. This research was aimed to study the mentioned factors attributing to the success management for mango orchards in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. The instruments were a constructed questionnaire consisted of 175 items, which were used to collect data,


Investigation on Behaviors and Affectation on Teachers and Students Rising From Use of Tablet on Integrated Learning in Primary School

This study was aimed to determine the affectation and behaviors rising from the use of tablet in an integrated learning for grade 1-students and teachers in the primary school. The participants were consisted of 104 teachers and 416 students. Data were collected using questionnaire, where frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test, analysis of variance, and


Job Safety Knowledge and Apply Job Safety Analysis for Small and Medium Enterprises: At Chacheongsao Chonburi and Rayong Province

This study aimed to determine the job safety behavior among the employees and employers in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in order to develop a guideline for the promotion of job safety knowledge and to support the job safety activities in the workplace of SMEs by applying the Hazard Identification Technique in job safety analysis.


Ethnicity and Community History Related to Active Aging Development at Sao Cha-Ngok Subdistrict, Bangkla District, Chacheongsao Province, Thailand

This research was aimed to develop a guideline for promoting a better health quality of elderly in Sao Cha-ngok Sub-district, Bangkla District, Chachoengsao Province, Thailand, while the quality of life in terms of the potentiality, value, and being active in participation of ageing in society, should be enhanced. The study mainly focused on the investigation


Participation of Family in Promoting Quality of Life for Elderly

This research was aimed to study the involvement of the family in promoting the health of the elderly in Hua Sai Sub-district, Bang Khla District, Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. The study was done by the group process. Data were collected using questionnaires and observation of three activities from the participation, i.e., an adjustment in the principle


Social Justice: Widows’ Perspectives

Abstract: Widows in the state of Maharashtra have been very supportive of each other and are very independent individuals. In this paper 20 widows from Mumbai are interviewed and an attempt is made to define social justice from the perspective of widows. ‘Social Justice’ meaning and definition from the views of society at large is


Human Capital of Teachers and Education Personnel Affecting the Student with Learning Disabilities in Elementary Schools

The study of human capital of teachers and education personnel affecting the students with learning disabilities in elementary schools aimed to study the mental health level of personnel and the effect upon the knowledge, attitude, and performance of the students in elementary inclusive schools. The two-stage random sampling group included 300 teachers and education personnel


Local Wisdom in Weaving Reed Mats by Designing Patterns at Community Enterprise of Kok Mat Transformation in Ban Sang District

This research was aimed to study context, ways of thinking, principle, wisdom evidence and knowledge management on weaving reed mats of the entrepreneur group and the continuation of adopted local wisdom through the decoration design and development the reed mat products of the Bang Pluang Reed-Mat-Transformation Community, Ban Sang District, Prachin Buri, Thailand. This research


Data Management of Standard Test and Assessment O-Net From Students Grades 6 And 9 During the Year 2010 And 2013

This study was aimed to analyze the differences of academic achievement and results of the 8 subjects’ test from the Ordinary National Educational Test (O-NET) that took place during 2010 and 2013 of the students Grades 6 and 9 in Chachoengsao province, Thailand. The samples were taken from 81 schools under the Educational Service Area


The Study of Primary Educational Students with Immigrant-Worker Parents in Sakaeo Province, Thailand

This study was aimed toinvestigate current conditions inprimary education for children of immigrant-worker parents in Sa Kaeo Province, Thailand,in order to find out problems and obstaclethat occurred among these students.The qualitative research used in the study was designed with an in-depth interview technique.The participantswere 20 students,20 student’s parents, and 6 teachers who taught in the


Factors Affecting the Quality of Life of the Elderly in the Eastern Provinces

This research was aimed at studying fundamental factors, mental factors, and needs factors of the elderly in the eastern provinces that are related to the quality of life of the elderly in order to propose a model of elderly care. This research used mixed methods approach of quantitative and qualitative research. The sample for the


The Study of an Impact of Immigrant-Worker on Public Health: A Case Study in Sakaeo Province, Thailand

This qualitative research aimed to study impact of immigrant-worker on health situation in SaKaeo, and proposed strategies to improve it. The site of study was Sakaeo province in the Eastern of Thailand, nearest Cambodia, which a lot of immigrant-worker. In-depth interview was used for collecting data. The researcher interviewed 20 persons: Tambom Health Promoting Hospitals


Revitalizing the Indonesian National Values to Strengthen the Nation’s Character

National values are not present in a vacuum. They grow and develop from the interaction of history so as to form a civilization that characterizes a nation. The characteristic is then institutionalized and becomes an identity of a nation. National values are a set of values manifested in a collective consciousness of the society and


World Maritime Axis: Media and Indo-China Discourse

This paper deals with the study on both the Indonesian and Chinese media in covering the same event, i.e. some Chinese fishermen who were considered entering the Indonesian territorial waters. The Indonesian media that is studied is the daily newspaper Kompas Online, and the Chinese media is the daily newspaper The People’s Daily English Online.


ASEAN Community 2015: Model for Managing International Labour Migration in Thailand

To enter to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015, human resources would be one of weaknesses for Thailand. There are more than 3.5 million persons from other ASEAN countries without Thai nationality living in the country, more than 3.0 million of them are working in the country, and approximately 1.4 million of them are not


Assessment of Impact of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition on European Russia Forest

During the last two centuries, agriculture and the burning of fossil fuels have increased significantly the global pollutions and deposition of nitrogen compounds. Atmosphere nitrogen depositions influence on function of the natural habitat and limited nitrogen nutrition forests have particularly strong disturbance. The aim of our study was to assessment of effect of mineral nitrogen


Determinants of Profitability of Rice Farming in Peri-Urban Area, Bangkok, Thailand

Rice farming is not only beneficial for farmer, but also have a significant contribution to the share of agriculture in peri urban area of Bangkok. This study examined the profitability of rice farming and investigate some socio-economic factors affecting the profitability of rice farming in peri-urban area of Bangkok, Thailand. A questionnaire were administered to


Contributing and Inhibiting Factors of Cultural Adjustment

There is a growing population of international students in U.S., and though previously only the elite or scholastically advanced students were able to study abroad, currently this experience is becoming more easily accessible. As this new demographic grows, questions arise on how to make international students experience in U.S. more positive and less stressful. Asian


Teaching and Learning: The Approaches of a Modern Environmental Regulator

Established in 1971, the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA Vic), located in Melbourne Australia, is the world’s third oldest environment protection agency. Like any organisation operating for in excess of four decades, EPA Vic has had to change and consider contemporary approaches to its teaching and learning practices for those staff engaged in regulatory or


The Influence of Religious Beliefs on Participation of the Public for Local Government in Thailand: A Conceptual Perspective

The purpose of this study is to describe the empirical data corresponds the influence of religion belief variables that effect on people participation in Thepparat Sub-district Organizational Administration, Banpho, Chacheongsao, Eastern Thailand. The specific aims of this study are to 1) study the belief and religion variables that effect people participation, 2) examine the accordance


Examining the Concept of a Special Relationship: A Study of Indonesia-Malaysia Relations

The aim of this paper is to examine the concept of a special relationship. A special relationship is a close relation between two states founded on two sources of closeness, that of the two states’ common identities and shared strategic interests. The paper develops a theoretical framework based on constructivist theory in order to explain


Analysis of Linguistic Features and Functions in News Editorial Discourse Related to Social Issues in the ASEAN Community

News editorials are embedded with editors’ critical views on current issues or events. Within their critical views, language attitudes, ideologies, and values are carried to convince recipients of the editors’ views. In doing so, effective use of discourse is one of the key elements in news editorial production. In particular, the use of linguistic features


Research of Users’ Emotional Responses to Interactive Advertisements in Waiting Space

Advertisements that can evoke emotional responses from users have been proven to be more successful than their counterparts as they engage the user in a way that allows their message to be heard. This study focuses on the use of non-commercial public service advertising in intelligent waiting spaces over recent years. It analyzes the emotional


The Use of Social Media in European Union Enterprises – Comparative Study

There are over 3 billion Internet users all over the word today. Over 50 per cent of them already use social media. The main role of social media is to build and maintain relationships between people from different backgrounds, with similar expectations, interests or preferences. Social media are now increasingly used by businesses, for example,


Exploring Triangle Centers in Euclidean Geometry with the Geometry Explorer

The aim of this study was to have Thai preservice mathematics teachers explore and visualize various centers of a triangle (incenter, orthocenter, centroid, circumcenter and excenter) using the Geometry Explorer program. The participants comprised of 40 Thai preservice mathematics teachers at Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University, Thailand who enrolled in Foundations of Geometry course during the second


Seriously Funny: An Autoethnographic Investigation Into Humour’s Subversive Power

At the heart of the autoethnographic quest is a desire to examine the complex ways in which an individual and their surrounding culture intersects, and to explore the outcomes of that juncture. This paper details that pursuit, using an autoethnographic methodology to examine the way in which the author’s embodiment of humour has functioned to


A Virtualization-Based Laboratory for Learners’ Hands-On Skills of Hacking

Information security continues to be a popular concern in current days, leading academics and practitioners to contributing lots of efforts in this field. Inspired by The Art of War, this study considers that engineering students would learn better if they have hands-on experience of both attack and defense skills in security education. In this regard,


Urban Governance and ‘Human’ Development Challenges in India

The development process in the developing countries faces many challenges: poverty, illiteracy, violence, social conflicts, corruption, and the ever widening socio-economic gaps in the society. The government of these countries, through specific political institutions, laws, and policies tries to de-entangle the society from these ills. But in India it has been realised that in order


UN Essentials or Reinventing the Wheel: Rising Powers and the Decline of Trilateralism in Middle East Peace-Making

Amid a protracted array of efforts to secure a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian question and the related wider Arab-Israeli conflict, the search for justice still forms a core element of the challenges facing the international community. While the traditional negotiating template centred on United Nations resolutions and international law has been somewhat sidelined since 1967


Problem Identification and Prioritization Methods: Significant Steps of Forest Policy Formulation Based on Public Participation

Problem identification and prioritization is vital to policy formulation in managing forest resources because it is a fundamental step leading to an analysis finding out solutions for the problems. This research study aims at synthesizing appropriate problem identification and prioritization methods with public participation through the review of literature and related research. The research findings


Suicide Prevention as Governance: Suicide Discourses in Post-Martial Law Taiwan

This thesis re-examines the current dominance of suicide prevention discourse and the widely accepted pathologized suicide implications in contemporary Taiwan. Increasingly constructing suicide as a personal and psychological problem, this pathologization of suicide has helped the creation of institutions, discourses, and national policies that work together to form a concrete demonstration of social and emotional


Framing of Nuclear Discourse at 5-Year Memorial of the Great East Japan Earthquake by Two English Newspapers in Japan

A useful theoretical framework for the study of news coverage is framing. According to Entmen (1993) to frame is to select some aspects of a perceived reality and make them more salient in a communicating text”. Making certain aspects more salient than others in media content leads to different construction of reality. This study uses quantitative


Ecovillage and Its Application in Thailand

This paper aims to review the ecovillage concept and its applicaton in Thailand. Ecovillage is a type of community founded by a group of people who are interested in changing themselves to live daily without negative effects on environment, integrate life with nature, decrease natural resource uses, perform routine activities that least affects the nature


Ecosystem Services of Rubber Agroforestry System: A Review

Mono rubber plantation is generally known to be a source of high economic income. However, various impacts on ecology remain controversy. In order to balance between the economic and environmental aspects, rubber agroforestry system (RAS), a system that rubbers are planted together with different kinds of tress, is seemed to be the great solution. The