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The Relevance and Impact of Professional Counselling on Land Use and Management for Environmental Sustainability: The Benue Experience in Nigeria

This paper would report the environmental implications of indiscriminate multiple land use in the Benue region of Nigeria. The relevance and impact of professional counseling on land use and management for environmental sustainability in Nigeria has been studied using a structured questionnaire. It was administered on more than 500 urban and rural dwellers in the


Pushing European Boundaries Towards East and West: Gulliver in Japan and America

Worldwide, in the East as well as in the West, one character has become a part of everybodys childhood, regardless of ethnicity, national or cultural belongings, age and status. The fame of Lemuel Gulliver has survived from early eighteenth century until today, outlasting many other fictitious protagonists in world literature, making Jonathan Swifts Gullivers Travels


Sustainability on Economic and Energy Planning of China

From the “13th five year” plan, China now is directing to transit to the green economy for not only relying on GDP performance, but also ensuring the environmental protection. Therefore, it is crucial to have the energy plan which can build up safe, efficient and sustainable energy strategy systems. This study discusses the concept of


Searching for the Spice: On Chinese Diaspora’s Food Practice in Helsinki, Finland

In this research project, I examined the ever-changing interconnected relations between immigrants’ identity construction, food practice and the broader social formations in their respective adopted countries. The main research questions were guided by this vision: Are food practices of Chinese diaspora in Helsinki facilitating the construction of a new, creolized, hybrid “Chinese-abroad identity”? To what


Urban Logistics Planning of Kho Chang Port Island, Trad Province, Thailand

With the potentiality of Thailand in being ASEAN’s logistics center, the past and present governments have given emphasis on this matter. Many strategies and projects have been continuously initiated to promote Thailand to be the logistics and transport hub of the region, be it land, sea, or air. As for sea transportation, Laem Chabang Port


DEA Environmental Assessment on U.S. Industrial Sectors

A green image is recently an important component for corporate survivability in modern business. This study discusses a new use of DEA for environmental assessment by incorporating an analytical capability to handle zero and negative values. The proposed approach provides us with not only quantitative assessment on unified (operational and environmental) performance of firms but


Teaching Cross Cultural Communication Course Through Content Based Instruction: Curriculum Design and Learner Perspectives in an EFL Context

This study intends to introduce a content based curriculum design for the course “cross cultural communication” in an EFL context. It also explores students’ perspectives regarding their perceived learning outcome with both content knowledge and language skills. Sixty non-English major EFL students from a university in Northern Taiwan participated in this study. Content knowledge from


Performance of a Solar Heating System with Photovoltaic Thermal Hybrid Collectors and Heat Pump

The energy consumption in buildings accounts for a large part of the World’s CO2 emissions. Much energy is used for appliances, domestic hot water preparation and space heating. In solar heating systems, heat is captured by solar collectors when the sun is shining and used for heating purposes. When the solar collectors are unable to


The Strategies of Piano Manufacturers: Crafts, Industry and Marketing

This article focuses on a study of product architecture and marketing strategies of piano manufacturers; Steinway & Sons and Yamaha. Main consumers of Steinway piano are world class artists and concert halls. 99% of concert pianists and main concerts hall use Steinway pianos. On contrast Yamaha targeted the mid-priced segment rather than the high-end one. Gaining


Type of Coal and Possible Occurrence of Congestion Related to Eco-Technology Innovation in U.S. Electric Power Industry

Coal-fired power plants generate approximately 32% of electricity in the United States. The electric generators fueled by coal are a major source of air pollution. There are two types of coal mainly used by the coal-fired power plants are called “bituminous” and “subbituminous”. Almost 48% of the coal produced is bituminous, while about 44% is


Political Communication – Reach and Relevance: A Case Study of Delhi

In the nineteenth century mechanical printing replaced direct communication/dialogue/ speech. In the wake of twentieth century radio and television occupied a corresponding space along with print media as a source of information and communication. The advent of 21st century introduced internet thus multiplying the cognitive, affective and behavioral impact of communication. In the course of


Effects of EFL Instruction Utilizing International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) on Intelligibility of Japanese Students

This study focuses on intelligibility of Japanese students pronunciation. Japanese students are handicapped in acquiring EFL, because Japanese differs from English especially in phonetic system and the relation between letters and sound. The shortest unit of Japanese sound is a mora, while that of English is a phoneme. Therefore, Japanese students tend to insert vowels


Time Series Analysis of Thai Flooding Effects on Japanese Insurance Companies

In this paper, we analyzed effects of the 2011 Thai flooding on Japanese economics, especially on the Japanese insurance companies. In 2011, the Japan economy was severely damaged by the great East Japan earthquake that happen on 11th March. To pay the insurance premium, Japanese major insurance companies were also damaged. In addition, the flood


Sustainable Development of Catchment Land-Use for Multifunctional Agro-Ecological Landscapes Under a Changing Climate

Incorporating the likely impacts of climate change into regional and rural planning is vital to accommodate their profound effects on anthropogenic systems such as agriculture that interact with natural environments. The importance of agriculture to feed the growing world population without compromising the already scarce and depleted resource base, makes it a challenging, yet promising


A Field Report on the Art Movement: The Case of Mullae Arts Village, Seoul

This study takes a deep look at the art movement as cultural practices based on the local community by focusing on the case of the Mullae Arts Village in Seoul, Korea. The study adopts an ethnography to explore the characteristics of an art movement grounded in a specific location by pointing out the way art


Influencing Factors and Processes Involved in the Commercialization of the Industry-University-Government Alliance Outcomes

According to data from the Japan Science and Technology Agency (data from 2004 to 2014), the total number of Industry-University-Government Alliances during this period more than doubled. However, from the industry side, there are few analyses related to how companies have used outcomes for their business. Thus, an understanding of factors and organizational cooperation processes


How Public Educational Policy Reform has Lost Its Way

American education has lost its sense of mission, its direction, its connection to real life, and its willingness to change its structure and administration. We do not attend to civic literacy, financial literacy, teamwork, project-based learning, and creation of global citizens. Graduates typically reject a sound grounding in history, geography, and the social sciences. The


Research on the Structural Forms of Dance

This paper which is about dance structure is the summary of the author’s practical experience, and could be regarded as a kind of theoretical exploration on the dance structure. It is presented mainly from the perspective of dance creation practice. However, research approaches used here are certainly interdisciplinary. To be more specific, the study refers


Stochastic Model of Demand Curve Supported in Consumption Habits of Electric Energy for Residential Sector

This paper shows the methodological aspects to design and develop a stochastic model, which determines the demand curve from variation in energy consumption habits, using a survey that was applied to a group of 114 residential users located at Bogotá-Colombia in South America, in the same socio-economic sector, which is called four stratum. It was


Marriage Al ‘Mosaico’ in Divorzio All’Islamica a Viale Marconi: Muslim-Arab Migrants’ Code Switching at Play in Amara Lakhous’ Novel

The present article focuses on a popular novel set in Rome, Divorzio all’ islamica a Viale Marconi (2010), in which the Italian-Algerian author Amara Lakhous discusses the struggles of immigrants in an ‘arabicized Italian’ narrative style. The study offers insights on the patterns and meanings of code-switching as used by postcolonial Muslim-Arab migrants living in