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The Art of Justice: Woman Holding a Balance

The Roman goddess of Iustitia (Justice), the blindfolded woman equipped with sword and scales, who impartially delivers human fate in this life and the next, seems almost a timeless figure. And as the image of order in judgment, she is the most universally recognized icon of fair rule and good government. The origins of the


Analysis of Social Economis District Proliferation in Indonesia

Regional proliferation in Indonesia for the period 1999-2004 occurred rapidly and reached 114 new districts proliferation. The new Hundredfourteenth districts can be mapped with Klassen Typology for determining the areas of experiencing economic growth and high per capita income by comparing the growth of the district division with an average value of economic growth and


Factors Affecting the Probability of Local Government Financial Statements to Get Unqualified Opinion

The Policy of regional autonomy in Indonesia had an impact on the financial accountability of local governance and that led to the issuance of the financial statements of local governments. Based on Law 15 of 2004 the Supreme Audit Agency of BPK is the only which authorized to carry out financial audit of the financial


A Pilot Study on Co-Teaching: A Cross-Discipline Approach to Enhancing Teaching and Learning in the Trade Specific Context

Failing to realize the importance of English in the workplace, vocational students tend to appear lowly motivated and are reluctant to learn English in vocational institutes. What are the possible reasons? Lacking of confidence? Lacking successful learning experience? Failing to see the value of English in relation to their future professions? Lacking the needs to


Framework of Effective Learning Management System Controls of Technology Enabled Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions

E-Learning is an important education tool in modern teaching and learning. Several E-Learning tools are available for students to make the learning processes in an effective way. The use of E-Learning tools should be in such a way that it does not affect the behavioral patterning that drawn up for the conventional learning. Plagiarism and


Teaching English Vocabulary; From Concept to Instruction

Vocabulary is of prime importance in English language teaching because without sufficient vocabulary, students cannot understand others or express their own ideas. There can never be full comprehension of a text, either in the learner’s native language or a foreign language without understanding the vocabulary in the text (Adeniyi 2006). This view clearly shows the


Challenges That English Language Learners at College Level Encounter When Studying Mathematics

A large number of students who are non-native speakers of English are expected to undertake the twofold task of learning a new language and mathematics subject matter simultaneously. Teachers of these English Language Learners, ELLs, are aware of the fact that language plays a major role in learning mathematics. Evidence has shown that ELLs do


Relationship between Homesickness, Self-Efficacy, and Achievement Motivation among Non-Native Students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences

Abstract The transition to university often involves separation from home can lead to the challenge of adapting to a new academic environment. For most new students, adjusting to an unfamiliar academic setting can induce homesickness. The present study investigated the relationship between homesickness, achievement motivation, self-efficacy among non-native students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences


Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls in Nigeria: The Way Forward to National Security

Essentially, women have been subjected to social control been dominated by men. This is as a result of persisting cultural stereotype, misuse of religious and traditional practises in which educational, political and social power are dominated by men, and women have always been followers of men in the society and the men predominantly see themselves


Image of ‘Justice’ in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment

Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment (1860) is a psychological novel, which has been subjected to various interpretations by the scholars worldwide. Dostoevsky has aptly dealt with the problems of the concept of justice and human existence. The protagonist is suffering from an acute psychological crisis after committing the dual murders. He has his own vision of


The Role of Art Education Teacher’s in Developing Designs of Traditional Crafts in Oman: A Field Study

This paper is devoted to a review of the literature that covers all the topics related to the role of art education teacher’s in developing designs of traditional crafts in Oman. These topics can be mostly grouped into two main parts. The first part explores the most significant stages in crafts enterprises’ historical developments including


Justice in Measure for Measure: An Approach through Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga-Psychology

The theoretical approach applied in this paper is based on the ‘consciousness investigation’ of Sri Aurobindo( 1872-1950), who gives us a detailed map of human consciousness using his own terms for the different areas of our being, like the Physical, Vital, Mental, Psychic(in the Upanishadic sense), their various sub-divisions and the blend of those planes


It was the 15th of December

A reflection on the merits of an a priori poeto-epistemology in relation to tacitly held assumptions about the a fortiori validity of computational logic to transcend the limits of contradiction and infinite regression and establish a valid ontology. Save as a Favourite


L.A. Streetwalkers: Female Artists Telling Stories on the Streets

This presentation will examine the practice and artwork of three female street artists’Annie Preece, A Common Name and Anna Drumm’who currently live in Los Angeles and illegally put up work on its streets. Their practice varies in material, aesthetic and narrative content but shares a strong ideological commitment to authentic communication, a raw energy and


A Local Investigation into the Attitude Towards Global Products in Karachi

This research investigates the attitude of local consumers of Karachi towards global products with respect to their age and gender. This study involves in-depth understanding of the attitude of local consumers towards global products through secondary sources as well as measurement of these variables through primary data collection from adult consumers located in Karachi. The


Dramatic Tools as a Vehicle Towards Teaching Igbo Language in Primary Schools in South West Nigeria

This paper examines the pedagogical shift from conventional teaching strategies to a dramatic mode in the Igbo class in primary schools in South Western Nigeria. The study utilises the quasi- experimental design involving twenty five primary schools in senatorial zones that are foreign to the Igbo language. The population consists of 250 subjects randomly selected


Testing School Climate as Predictors of High School Students’ Academic Self-Regulation and Achievement Motivation between Public and Selective Schools In Urmia City- Iran

ABSTRACT This study examined to assess whether school climate variables predicted students’ academic self-regulation and achievement motivation and compared how these variables acts in two types of high school (public and selective ) in Urmia City. Using multi-measure research design involving 197 high school students and we compared prediction of these students’ academic achievement ( The


The Practice of Language Advising at the School of Modern Foreign Languages (Falem) at the Federal University of Para (UFPA)

This presentation aims at defining language advising, as well as informing how the practice is done, and who is involved in the process. Studies have shown the importance of language advisers in teaching and learning a foreign language (GARDNER; MILLER, 1999; MOZZON-McPHERSON, 2007; RILEY, 1997; VIEIRA, 2007). One of the goals of language advising is


Entrepreneurship Education and Women Graduates Productivity in Ondo State Nigeria: Available Option in Lifelong Skills Approach

Education has revolved from long established systems to the needs of students and the society. Due to this, nations have tried to tailor its societal needs to the goals and objectives of its educational policy especially, with the current global economic, social and environmental change, the transition to a knowledge-based society and demographic pressures from


Comparation of Creativity Dimensions (Fluency, Flexibility, Elaboration, Originality) between Bilingual Elementary Students (Azari Language-Kurdish Language) in Urmia City Iran

ABSTRACT In Urmia city, many children learn and speak their first language (either Azari or Kurdish) at home and study all of their courses in Farsi throughout their education. The goal of this study was to compare the creativity abilities between bilingual elementray students (Azari- Kurdish language). Almost (N=387) students from 10 schools from all over Urmia