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Geography of German Daycare Centers and its Association with the Preschoolers’ Sociolinguistic Characteristics

Purpose: Language acquisition is associated with or influenced by a number of factors which can be called sociolinguistic, social/sociological or demographic. Among other things, children cannot avoid being influenced linguistically by their peers and other contact persons from their neighborhood. Also, neighborhood might be a correlate of several factors influencing language acquisition. This study aimed


Intercultural Competence – Its Role in the Intensive English Program

In the 21st century, with __globalization__ as one of its buzz words, the concept of intercultural competence has drawn attention of participants in all professional fields. In the Intensive English Programs, incorporating intercultural competence into the fundamental competences such as reading, writing, grammar, speaking and communication not only makes English learning more pragmatical and effective


“We Need to Be Able to See the World Through the Eyes of Others”: Transforming Curricula in Teaching Foreign Languages

The United States Senator of Hawaii Daniel Kahikina Akaka was so right when he stressed the necessity of being “open to the world”. Addressing the National Council for Languages and International Studies, he emphasized that “we need to be able to see the world through the eyes of others if we are going to understand


The Concordance Between EFI Learners’ Linguistic Sequential Development and the Curricula of Formal Learning Settings: An Analytical Study

Do EFL curricula best tackle the learners__ needs and are adhere to the linguistic sequential development? This research explores the extent of appropriateness of content in EFL curricula to our learners__ linguistic development. English as a foreign language (EFL) programs offer their courses with a diversity of textbooks and methodologies. This diversity creates, in some


English Loanword Modifiers as a Means for Native vs. Foreign Differentiation in Contemporary Japanese

English has had an extensive influence on numerous languages, one of them being Japanese. Historical contact between Japan and Western cultures has resulted in extensive borrowing of new phenomena as well as lexicon. Various sources estimate that 10% of the Contemporary Japanese vocabulary consists of loanwords (Chinese-origin words excluded), and such loanwords are referred to


An Appraisal and Corpus Study of Thai News Agencies’ Evaluation of Suthep Thaugsuban Found in Political Conflicts in Thailand

Appraisal has been employed in previous foreign studies focusing on corpus-based analysis and comparison of news reports. However, the previous work in Thailand has inadequately been concerned with appraisal of news report comparison among news agencies, and corpus analysis. Thus, this paper aims to analyse and compare representation and attitudes of the media towards Suthep


A Japanese-German-English Trilingual Childs Word Acquisition Patterns Focusing on Category Differences in Comprehension and Production

Problem: The current study focused on trilingual ( German, Japanese, and English) word acquisition by a single child to investigate relationships or patterns among the different categories of words produced and comprehended in the three languages at each time interval and to see possible changes of the patterns over the period of 14 months. Methods:


The Ultimate Test: Suffix-Conditioned Stress Shift in English L2 Learners

The present study examines the prosodic proficiency of English L2 learners by using derived words with stress-shifting suffixes. Stress-shifting suffixes could relocate the stem stress to three different positions: 1) one syllable before the suffix (pre-stressed 1) e.g. Athlete to atheLEtic 2) two syllables before (pre-stressed 2) e.g. INfant to inFANticide, or 3) 1/2 syllable


Learning Environment and Academic Performance of Senior Secondary Schools Students’ in Abia State, Nigeria

Learning is described as a change in behaviour that is relatively permanent resulting from experience. It is also the process of absorbing unknown information in a meaningful way and putting it to use. There has been a general conception as to what causes people to behave the way they do, what influence them to learn,


A Study about Use of Foreign Language in the Students__ Assessment as a Barrier in Exact Evaluation of the Individual__s Expertise of the Material

In this age of an information-based global education & economy, standards are strategically important as marketing tools and also required to interconnect such activities. The flow of technology is usually from the west for last several decades. The under developed countries has to rely on that literature to keep them on the track of development.


Seven Linguistic and Pedagogical Principles Leading to Success of Phonics Based Instruction: An Overview of Magic Phonics

Until recently, the dominant phonics material to teach Iranian Young Learners of English was Jolly Phonics originated by Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham in 1970s. However, a growing body of national and international researches has questioned the efficacy of Jolly Phonics in over 100 countries where they are being taught either in public educational institutions


“Maeha’a Nui”: A Multilingual Primary School Project in French Polynesia

This article describes a collaborative longitudinal project which aims to create a multilingual environment in a French Polynesian primary school called Maeha__a Nui situated in Tahiti. The project was conceived with the joint efforts of four researchers from the University of French Polynesia and a number of professionals involved in primary education. This project was