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Centrality Computation in Weighted Networks based on Edge-splitting Procedure

The analysis of social network__s centralities has a high-level significance for many real-world applications. The variety of game and graph theoretical approaches has a paramount purpose to formalize a relative importance of nodes in networks. Analyzing network centralities it is necessary to consider edges__ weights as an important factor as well as the structural factor.


Inspecting the Bad Society? Bentham’s Panopticon Revisited

In Panopticon; or, The Inspection-House (2008 [1797]), the utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham outlined what he perceived to be a model prison, based on the inspection-principle (p. 68). It was centrally about power, the control of miscreants by subjecting them to total visibility. Even more worryingly, he claimed that his model applied equally splendidly to schools,


Power to the Population? Census Policy Under Review

The population census is regarded by many as the backbone of national statistics. It is also regarded as a national institution; a data source held in high regard by the academic, policymaker, historian and genealogist alike. However, technological advances, pressure on resources and the availability of alternative information about the demography of the population have


Comparative Analysis of Purchasing Behavior at Physical and Online Bookstores by University Students

This study conducts a comparative experiment on the purchasing behavior of university students at both physical and online bookstores. Recently, the spread of the Internet has changed people__s lifestyles and their purchasing behavior. Given the presence of large online bookstores, this also applies to book purchasing behavior. In particular, this study uses university students –


Improving Working Mindfulness by Multisensory Smart-Office with Cloud Computing

Trying to recall our day life in office, we rarely can stay on our seat and focus on the job all the day. There are so many factor cause we lost our mindfulness on our job, for example, the chair is not fit for our body, the desk is too high to comfortable our arms_¶etc. Depends


Asset Allocation Applying Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization (MOPSO)

Portfolio optimization is an important problem in finance. Its goal is to discover an efficient frontier which shows highest expected return on each level of portfolio variance. The problem has multiple objectives and its search space is large. Multi-objective particle swarm optimization is a multi-objective optimization method, developed from particle swarm optimization by applying non-dominated