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The Sustainability and Effects of Community Based Tourism: A Comparative Case Study of Thailand and Lao PDR

Tourism is a substantial mechanism for driving economic growth in many countries. In the present, there are various kinds of Tourism which meet the new demands of tourists such as Eco-Tourism, Pro-Poor Tourism, and Community based Tourism. However, tourism development without care may cause many problems to the tourism sites and villagers. In this research


The Relationship of Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law between Organizational Climate and Organizational Citizenship Behavior : A Case Study for Career Women

By 2060, Taiwan is expected to become a super-aged society with approximately 40% of its population classified as elderly citizens, and the labor shortage is expected to reach 1.96 million people. Although the labor shortage can be improved through industrial transformation and technological development, adding new sources of labor is the most direct solution. The


Operation of a Bed and Breakfast in E-Commerce and Clan Society

The Internet is one of the most widely used channels for the purpose of micromarketing (also called local or individual marketing). The e-commerce platform built on the internet brings new opportunities for the tourism industry.Kinmen is dominated by clan society. The influence of clan society can also be seen there on the management and marketing


Understanding the Insides of Un-Soung Pai (1900-1978): Records About Korean Artists’ Work and Life, Including Their Identity

This presentation explores the role of identity, and the issues surrounding it, for Korean modern artists under Japanese colonization (1910-1945) by focusing on Korean artist Un-Soung Pai’s work and life. I will mainly focus on his art studies in Europe and his relationship with Japanese culture and celebrities from various circles during that period. Un-Soung Pai


The Study of Culture Marketing Strategy on Winery Tourism: The Case of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Incorporation

Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor (KKL) Incorporation is a state-owned enterprise managed by Kinmen County Government which produces and sells Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor. The cultural marketing strategy of Winery Tourism has become an important and mature strategy for local culture developments. Winery Tourism can demonstrate the distinctive local culture which comprises humanities, history, and local unique features.


A Study on Technology Acceptance Model with the Service of the E-Gate: A Case of Mini Three Links in Kinmen

This study analyzes the 300 surveys in 2012 from Kinmen E-Gate customs clearnece system based on Technology Acceptance Model (Davis 1989) to provide suggestions on ways to promote using E-Gate system. Kinmen is an island between Taiwan and mainland China, and it is a frequently used transit hub between the two because direct commute was


The Influences of the Culture Upon the Development of Interior Design: A Case Study of the Housing Refurbishment Industry in Kinmen

Kinmen is impacted by Min-Nan culture, as it can be perceived that traditional Min-Nan clans treat their hometowns as important as their ancestors, and needless to say, the clan activities and ancestors worshipping ceremonies are quite essential in Min-Nan culture as well. This research uses case study method to investigate the influences of Min-Nan Culture


The Influence of Social Capital and Knowledge Sharing on Organizational Innovation: The Chinese Case

This study proposes that social capital can manifest itself in the form of guanxi, trust, and norms. The concept of interpersonal relationships is discussed within the context of Chinese culture, embedding the guanxi concept into a conceptual model to further explore relationships among the three dimensions. A survey-based methodology is applied to collect data from


Tourists Explore the Cultural and Creative Products for Purchase Intention: A Case Study in Kinmen Images

Cultural creative industries are considered a crucial indicator of a country’s soft power. Amidst the wave of globalization, cultural and creative products of a region, which are rich in cultural content and characterized by local images of that region, have attracted the attention of tourists and became a memento of their travel experiences. Under this


Examining the Mechanisms Linking Commitment-Based Human Resource Practices, and Employee Job Performance: The Roles of Organizational Socialization

The aim of this study is to test whether commitment-based human resource (HR) practices influences employees’ job involvement via the mediating mechanism of organizational socialization. A survey-based methodology will be used to collect data from service firms within Taiwan, and hierarchical linear modeling analysis will be applied to examine the hypotheses model. This study will


The Parallel Society in Thailand (2001-2014)

The article on the parallel society in Thailand during 2001-2014 is developed from the field research by the authors when the contestation between two rival protest movements still existed. The research focused on the hostility between two major political factions; the conservative middle class based yellow shirts and the rural mass based red shirts. The


Mediating Zone in Colonial Propaganda: Medical Support Activities in Japanese Film Projection Unit in Manchukuo (1932-1945)

This research examines the medical support activities in film propaganda system in the former Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo. The focus is on Junkaieisha, that is the mobile film projection unit active in rural areas. This research reveals how a colonially national film propaganda project was aimed at the ordinary people in rural area which


Landslide Warning by using Rainfall Monitoring in the Mountainous Areas of Thailand

Landslides are a disaster event caused by heavy rainfall in mountainous areas and it occurs in many countries including Thailand, especially in northern and southern regions. This problem is still arising and likely to escalate in the future. Long-time torrential rainfall is often the cause of landslide. Generally, landslide warning is done by checking rainfall


Measure of Labour Law in Thailand for Supporting to AEC

The research is aimed at studying ASEAN Charter and Thailand’s labor commitment; studying and reviewing Thailand’s current labor laws; and studying and seeking appropriate approaches for labor law improvement and amendment in accordance with ASEAN Economic Community. The research applied qualitative research methodology by analyzing legal contents, legislation and relevant legal research. Research findings were


The Study of the Readiness for Entering the ASEAN Community of Undergraduate Students

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is established to create a mutual understanding for political and economic purposes among 10 countries, all of which include Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia. This brings all the nations not only to maintain peace, political stability, and economic prosperity, but also


“The Theatre Research Project “Hua Jai Thong”: The Play Which Reflects an Idea of Educational Values in Thailand “

Hua Jai Thong’ is the play written by Professor Pin Malakul in 1968 to reflect the problems of the Thai education system. The purpose of this theatre research project is to explore the educational issues in the play in comparison to the educational situation at the present time. The methods employed in this study were


Adaptation of International Students: A Case Study of Ubon Ratchathani University

This presentation discusses the findings from the case study on the adaptation of international students enrolling in degree programs at Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU), Thailand. The purpose of this research is to explore their problems and adaptation to new learning environment. The participants of this qualitative study are international students in ASEAN countries including Laos,


Design and Development of Mobile App for Language Learning

Mobile devices have become a significant part of everyday life. The potential of mobile learning is accepted and highly popular, including among language educators to enhance language learning and literacy for students. This paper presented the educational app prototype design and development that could be used as CAI and CAL for an informal learning as


Challenges of a Transitional Democracy in a Post-Election Myanmar: Cooperation or Conflict?

After winning overwhelmingly in Myanmar’s recent elections, the National League for Democracy (NLD) finally assumes power in April 2016. They will also form the bulk of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (or the Assembly of the Union) and helming many of the ministries and cabinet seats. However, under the Constitution, the military continues to dominate 25% of


A Proposal for Information Dissemination of Regional Culture for the Purpose of Multicultural Coexistence: Based on Japanese Local Government Plans

Japan has witnessed a considerable increase in the population of residents with multicultural backgrounds (MCR), especially around urban areas. A majority of these MCR have nationalities of other Asian countries, many of whom, although an integral part of the Japanese labor force, do not speak the Japanese language. The aim of this study is to propose


Applying Wearable Technology to Facilitate the Transmission of Tacit Knowledge for Practice-Based Learning

The 10,000-Hour Rule, the key to success in any field, is simply a matter of practicing a specific task for more than 10 thousand hours (Gladwell, 2008). The ability to speak a language or knead dough requires to a lot of hours practice to accumulate tacit knowledge. Whether the wearable technology can facilitate the transmission