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Social Art Activities in a Nursing Home: A Pilot Study in Indonesia

This pilot study investigates the feasibility, acceptability and the effectiveness of social art activities for reducing symptoms of depression of Indonesian elderly people who live in a nursing home. Sixteen depressed elderly people with ages ranging from 65 to 85 years old were selected randomly in a nursing home to join 12 sessions of a-90


Affective Learning to Racial Ingroup and Outgroup Members

Learning experiences occur within a social context and these can influence whether an individual is likely to approach or avoid certain people and situations in the future. The present study used an associative learning paradigm to investigate the acquisition and abolishment of affective responses towards ingroup and outgroup members. Australian Caucasian participants initially viewed images


Psychoanalytic/Psychotherapeutic Theories Developed by Means of the Scientific Method and an Unknown Clinical Phenomenon That Destroys Treatments at the Start

This workshop will begin with an overview of a long sequence of genuinely-scientific clinical researches in the above fields. It will then concentrate on a “formulation” method rooted in concretely-defined, standardizable concepts, and theoretical principles tested hundreds of times for predictive capability. The method relies on: A clearly-defined observational field Explicit process instructions (reference points


Effective and Ineffective Coping Strategies: Psychometric Properties of a Reduced Version of Brief-Cope for Heart Patients

Negative emotions (like anxiety or depression) have been linked to the onset and development of coronary heart diseases (CHD). Recent research has also shown that the way to deal with these diseases is also a powerful predictor of their prognosis. Moreover, many studies have found that the way in which people face situations is one


Reconstructing Social Identity: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Approach to Understanding Filipino Migrant Workers in Wales

Migrants from the Philippines have been coming to the UK since the 1970s under the work permit scheme as a response to the country’s shortage of skilled workers. Unlike other migrant groups, Filipinos receive less attention from researchers. Research on Filipinos is scarce in the UK and almost non-existent in Wales. Underpinned by Social Identity


Criminals Cash Flow Strategies in Financial Crime on the Example of Online and Offline Fraud

Financial aspects of crime are in many cases not evident and the criminal’s motivation to commit a specific crime is sometimes very individual, i.e. not driven by common sense. Those financial aspects are – also in cybercrime – related to motivational aspects, the type of crime, modus operandi and legal alternatives. In our work, we


Bargaining for Better Jobs: A Meta-Study on Antecedents and Outcomes of Individualized Employee-Employer Negotiations

Individualized employee-employer negotiations are the topic of an emerging literature on idiosyncratic deals (i-deals). I-deals are person-specific work and employment conditions that surface when individual employees seek out and employer representatives authorize deviations from an organization’s standard human resource practices (e.g., development opportunities, work hours). In contrast to “playing favorites” and “old boy networks”, i-deals


Supporting the Personnel Selection of Salesmen

The personnel selection of salespeople can rely on the measurement of basic abilities and personality features such as for example intelligence, communication skills, social skills and extroversion. However, a more specific measure, focusing on an ability to persuade would be beneficial in the decision process. In a series of studies, a situation based, achievement test