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The Construction of ‘Singapore’ In Singapore Cinema

“The fact that we have this multiracial mix is problematic for our cinema…” (David Lee, Vice Chairman, Singapore Film Society). Supported by excerpts from my documentary on the same topic, this paper will explore how race and language are addressed in Singapore through the incorporation of ‘Multiracialism’ and how filmmakers negotiate these issues in their films


Matauranga Maori and Therapeutic Landscapes

The indigenous Maori of New Zealand contend that the relationship they have with the land, shapes the ways in which the cultural, spiritual, emotional, physical and social wellbeing of people & communities are expressed. While research has explored the concepts of Maori health, few studies have explored the influence of the cultural beliefs & values


A Study of Cultural Transmission through Thai Television Drama

This research entitled “A Study of Cultural Transmission Through Thai Television Drama” were 1) to study a policy of drama television producers on transmitting content of Thai cultures through television drama and 2) to study content of television drama presenting Thai cultures. The result revealed that the majority of producers’ policies have been focused on target


London and the Cockney in British Cinema

London has long been one of the great world cities—the beating heart of the British Empire in the past and still now the metropole par excellence. Famed for its political, financial and cultural institutions, it is a living and mutating locus that has been best defined and brought to fullest life by its working-class inhabitants—both


Turning the Industrial City into the City of Humanities Using Historical Heritages

The city has a close relationship with our daily life. The spaces that we routinely use, such as streets, apartments and parks, are a component of the city. Therefore, understanding of the city is a precondition for understanding our present life and looking into the future. As urbanization progressed rapidly, cities in South Korea have


Tourism Communication of Bangkok Governor

The purpose of this research is 1) To study the communication of Bangkok Governor and Tourism policy and 2) To study tourism communication of Bangkok Governor. The Methodology of this research are Qualitative and Descriptive. This is a documentary research which basically its source of information are as followed: 1) Primary document which is Bangkok


Relations Between Gentrification, Hospitality and Tourism: Illustrating Change in Amsterdam

Working class areas close to city centres can transform into middle and higher class areas, referring gentrification. Wealthier residents move into these areas since there is a new interest in urban living and because these neighbourhoods offer cheaper accommodations. Residents interested in settling within these cheaper neighbourhoods can still benefit from urban facilities, services, and


SkypeLab: The City As Urbaness

The City as Urbaness presents the concept of ‘urbaness’, that is the understanding of oneself as an urban citizen, as the contemporary form of urban consciousness that is redefining perceptions of the city and the urban self within rapid urbanization and digitalization. This is demonstrated through the research project SkypeLab that investigates and maps urban


City of a Nation and a Nation of Cities: Jawaharlal Nehru and the Civic Consciousness of Anti-Colonial Nationalism in India

Most historical writings on India have often put the village as the backdrop of the study of Indian society. This has come from certain intellectual perception of India as often been consisting of “village republics” or agrarian society widely prevalent in Colonial India. This sidelines the history of cities and how they were crucial in


Communication Building City Identities: Communication as a Key Enabler for Dynamic Urbanism in Smart City Environments

Why are some cities so appealing, despite their weak quality of life indicators? Dynamic cities like Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, New York and Rome rank poorly in some life standards indicators, despite thriving economically, being specialized workforce magnets and innovation sources when compared to neighbour regions. In a fast-paced, mobile world, where innovation is one


A Postmodern Exploration of the Screened Dialogue Between Past and Present in “Barcelona (Un Mapa)” And Barcelona As a Dystopia

This proposal highlights the postmodern elements in Barcelona (un mapa). In focus is the screened representation of a sophisticated Barcelona portrayed against the backdrop of a transformative post-Olympic era, and Pons’ tendency to steer away from urban gloss. Rather, he highlights the dystopic elements of his native city. The film portrays the darker aspects of


Sense of Place in an Inner City: Insights from the End of the World

Understanding cities is like understanding metaphors: one needs to engage in a search for the common ground below the surface. Although substantial work in the field of cultural studies has scrutinized metropolitan contexts, when discussing the global, we seem to have overlooked inner cities as part and parcel of that totality. The wave of increasingly


The Trading of Individual Investors without Knowledge of Law Related to the Stock Market

The purposes of this research was to study the individual investors who almost never study the news securities and exchange act (fifth amendment) of 2016 which identified that criminal offense by notification distribute false information or endorsement or mistake text declaration on financial position operating result stock trading or involving information to issuing company that


How Do Cities Promote Online Their Investment Potential? Comparative Analysis of Investment Promotion Websites of Barcelona, Manchester, Wrocław, and Lublin

Investment potential is one of the key assets of the city that are used to develop the local economy. Hence, cities compete against each other in a global market to attract investments. They use many sophisticated marketing tools, both offline and online. However, currently, the influence of the Internet channels of communication, including social media,

‘A Dirt Field’: Nature and Power in Local Planning

Research in urban political ecology (notably Neil Smith’s notion of the production of nature) provides needed legibility for people and things at the cognitive borderland between nature and society, a persistent division in the western worldview. As a social creation, this divide produces material impacts through local political processes. This research problematizes nature as a


A Study of Multi-Agent Simulation in the Urban Transformation of Tamsui, Taiwan

Cities embed the parameters and drive components, which has intention behind the physical embodiment. Based on the research of Cedric Price’s urban planning operated by the dynamic and adaptive system showed the interactions to reflect such intentions of the immediate neighbors, participants, and the other informational feedback loop. The bottom-up intelligence becomes visible and with


Transformation of the Open-Air Cinemas of Istanbul Under Urban Gentrification

This study aims to look at the history open air cinemas in Istanbul and how they formed democratic spaces for different social classes in Turkey. Open-air cinemas were located at small neighborhoods and addressed middle and lower classes who do not have access to major movie theaters at the city centers. With no hierarchical settings,


Ecofeminist Ethics for Sustainable Urban Public Space

Throughout history, the public urban space has been the reflection of a city’s social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being. In the broader discussion of urban environmental sustainability, however, there has been a pronounced dualism and an implicit hierarchy of value when looking at the city-ecology paradigm. This corresponds to political-social, human-nature and subject-object divides within


How a Neighborhood Changes From Summer Resort to Conservative Quarter: The Case of Florya, Istanbul

Florya one of the oldest summer resort in İstanbul competing with its neighbors in growing. With the changes in its dwellers, the neighborhood started to change incrementally in the past 20 years. In 1950’s it has been one of the most modern and beautiful summer resorts for Istanbul’s citizens. From 90’s to present Florya wriggle


Depth Perception and Visual Manipulation of Japanese Gardens

The primary interest of this research is to introduce the principle of visual perception of depth and how the principles are implemented and applied into Japanese garden design. Physical and psychological proximity to nature is essential for Japanese gardens. Consequently, many Japanese gardens are located near or surrounded by natural environment, however some of