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Exploring University Student’s Insights Towards the Field Trip Under the PBL Method

A field trip is sometimes used in a university class. Kwan and So (2008) found that the field trip used under the PBL (Project/Problem Based Learning) method provided university students authentic and deep knowledge of the subject and reduced the learning gaps. However, Kent, Gilbertson and Hunt (1997) explain the field trip depends on the


UGC on Youtube and Political Participation: Using the 2016 Taiwan Presidential Election as an Example

The aim of this study is to examine the democratizing potential and political implications of user-generated content (UGC), including political expression, idea exchange and public discussion, during the 2016 Taiwan Presidential election. YouTube, the largest and most widely used video-sharing website, both appeals to a large audience and allows for diverse modes of expression through


School Climate as it Relates to Organizational Commitment of Teachers

Teaching is one of the most important professions from the standpoint of human welfare. It is considered as one of the most exalted forms of social service. Teaching is also one of the most technical, difficult, and challenging professions (Acero, Javier, & Castro, 2000). Likewise, teaching is also considered a great opportunity. In the words


Performing (Non-) Compliance Body, Subjectivity and Medication in Psychiatry

Medication and its compliance is regarded as the cornerstone for therapeutic relationship and efficacy by the contemporary psychiatry. From the perspectives of the patients, however, the question of being compliant or not with psychiatric medications is a serious and complicated issue beyond what psychiatry can figure out. As the recipient subject of psychiatric medication, patients


Uncompleted Body and Representation of Etiology: The Cultural Context of Women with Breast Cancer in Taiwan

The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between of uncompleted bodies and self-explanations of the etiologies in cultural context through narrative stories of women with breast cancer. In Taiwan, above 90% breast cancer women have suffered from surgeries combining with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and their decision makings are very different from most


Monks in 26th Buddhist Era: Characters of Monks in Thai Films Against the Code of Monastic Discipline

According to Thailand’s constitution, it is declared that a person has the right to freely express opinions but the movies, showing monks inappropriately conducting the monastic discipline, must be banned or censored even though the film art is trying to tell the truth in the society which Thai Authority feel uncomfortable to accept. Therefore, this


Imaging Taipei and Its Significance: Contemporary Discourses by the Local Novelists and Architects

Along with democratization in Taiwan, the emergent local public sphere in the cyberspace has begun to discuss about the path toward ‘global city’ or its alternatives that should be taken by Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. To contribute to this discussion, with the belief that (Charles Montgomery’s) Happy City emerges as a result of the notions


The Sociology of Literature: An Analysis of Belis Imamat Novel, a Work by Inyo Soro

Belis Imamat, a novel by Inyo Soro in this study is a literary expression of the social condition on the bride pricing tradition ‘belis’ in the marital custom of the East Nusa Tenggara society. The discussed issues pertain to the structure builder of a story figure “Aku, an Indonesian term for ‘I or I am’


The Hall of Mirrors: Reflections on Cultural Belonging

Culture is not only a defining element of a society but also a natural attribute of a human being. While it manifests itself in a kaleidoscopic array of various elements, what makes it universal and therefore accessible is that common humanity, which bonds the seemingly unconnected elements. I argue that cultural belonging is navigated by


Transcending the Catastrophes and Horrors of History: Atomic Bomb Threat and Activism in Tanaka Chikao’s ‘The Head of Mary’

The moments of the 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing, along with the Holocaust, is imprinted in our memory to be the most terrible disaster mankind has suffered. The moment was promising to end the most destructive war in human history. It also, paradoxically enough, resulted in another disastrous massacre or what anthropologist Mircea Eliade


Misogyny in Hell-Joseon: An Intersectional Approach to the Misogyny of South Korean Society

This study aims to explain the recent misogynistic atmosphere of South Korean society through intersectionality theory. While misogynistic hate speech and resulting feminist movement increase, the generalized binary framework, which regards men as offenders and women as victims, maintains the fight between men and women. Black feminism, which emphasizes identity politics, provides an alternative framework


A Book Review Analysis on Haruki Murakami in Four Countries

Haruki Murakami novels are popular around the world. We analyse how his novels are read in foreign countries and identify the cultural differences, using the amazon book reviews on his novels in Japan, US, UK, and Canada. We set the target novels “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage” and “Norwegian Wood” because types


The Entanglement of Signs—Examining the Political Turn of Internet Memes in China

Memes in China have gained momentum in recent years thanks to the high penetration of the Internet and usage of mobile phones. Previous studies on Chinese Internet memes mainly go into two directions, one is from a political perspective that addresses how memes reflect the tension between the Chinese party-state and civil society. The other


Comparison between Japanese Tipping Customs, Kokorodzuke, and Western Tipping Customs: Japanese Cultural Uniqueness Making Foreign Tourists Confused

Our research topic is a discovery of Japanese cultures uniqueness making foreign travelers get confused from tipping customs’ differences between Japan and western countries. Most people think that there is no tipping custom in Japan, and this is correct in most situations. Therefore, many foreign tourists can enjoy Japan without worrying about tipping. However, there


The Myth of Creative Work as Liberation

The rise of the creative industry as the new economic sector for post-industrial societies has afforded great interest in the global economy, with its promise of autonomous and self-realizing creative work that not only satisfies the labor force, but also generates substantial revenue in the process. However, there is a blatant disregard for the exploitative


Queer Taiwan: A Critical Overview of Discourses on Queer in Taiwan From 2006 To 2016

Queer studies in Taiwan has its own developing trajectory for over two decades. Scholars from different disciplines have been engaging themselves with queer theories, politics, activism, and performing arts, all of which have, in turn, redefined the relationship between gender and identity. However, through a critical reading of Taiwanese queer discourses from 2006 to 2016,


Anthropomorphic Imagery and Characterization in Haruki Murakami’s Novel Kafka on the Shore

The research paper traces the effect of employing anthropomorphic elements in Haruki Murakami’s novel Kafka on the Shore. The delicate art of characterization when combined with anthropomorphism highlights the very nature and function of Murakami’s animals. The article traces the function and effect of imagery, as a literary technique, in highlighting the characteristics of the


The Trope of Ibayong Dagat in the Narratives of Filipino Diasporic

The study involves the reading and interpretation of narratives of Filipino diasporic who may be Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) or contract workers, returnee OFWs, migrant Filipino workers who converted to permanent residency and/or on to citizenship of the receiving countries. The narratives come mostly from the Philippine radio program “Serbisyong OFW” which is aired every


Global Identity and Culture Transmission

In the 80s, the Hong Kong entertainment and cultural scene were more liberal compared to present times as they were able to absorb foreign culture despite the gap between eastern and western countries. Hong Kong established a local culture by using foreign culture as reference, which was called a culture moment. Hong Kong tried to


The Model of Intervening Cultural Space in the Hybrid Design Case Study: The Combination of Japan-Indonesia Craft

The development of craft in Indonesia has a huge economic potential due to the availability and diversity of materials as well as export opportunities. The craft needs design innovation for competing in the global market because the design applied is a pattern of inherited forms of hereditary artisans. Those are bamboo, wood, ceramics, batik and