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Republican Freedom Against Pluralism

Phillip Pettit has drawn on a republican tradition in order to articulate a conception of the state as primarily oriented towards pursuing freedom, understood as non-domination. In his framework, domination constitutes a harm that the state ought to alleviate. He explicitly treats this ideal as a political one, but in this paper I assert that


Development of Cheap Flow Meter

In this study, we plan and develop a cheap and accurate flow meter and the boat to mount it. The purpose of this study is to reduce the cost of flow rate measurement in rivers. In the development of the flow meter, we are planning to develop a magnetic flow meter. The principle of the


The Design of a Small Footprint Versa Writer Control Chip

In this paper, we present the design of a versa writer control chip. We have to reduce the chip area as far as possible for our CMOS custom VLSI chip. The versa writer consists of our control chip, 24 RGB LEDs, a clock generator, battery and an I2C serial EEPROM. We use a hardware description


Finding the Root Substance: Religious Classification of Liu Zhi

During the Qing dynasty in China, starting particularly in the 17th century, Hui Muslim scholars began to develop a distinctive Chinese reinterpretation of Islam based on the preceding Neo-Confucian tradition. In the early 18th century, the work of several such scholars was collected in the Han Kitab, a volume compiled by and primarily authored by


Factors Related to Estimated Maximal Oxygen Uptake (VO2Max) Among Faculty of Health Sciences Students in Universitas Indonesia 2016

Estimated VO2Max value, which is the maximum oxygen capacity a body can use in a minute, is regarded as the best indicator to measure one’s level of cardiorespiratory fitness. The objective of this thesis is to get information about the mean value of estimated VO2Max among Faculty of Health Sciences (Rumpun Ilmu Kesehatan) Students and


Vegetables and Fruits Intake as a Dominant Factor of Hypertension

Hypertension is a global public health problem and cardiovascular risk factor. The purpose of this study was to find dominant factor of hypertension in officer population. This research was a cross sectional study with 132 respondents. Data were collected from April to May 2016. Data of blood pressure were collected with sfigmomanometer and stetoskop. Data


The Differences of Sugar-sweetened Beverages Consumption Averages according to Some Factors among Students of SMAN 48 East Jakarta 2016

Sugar-sweetened beverages are certain types of calorie drinks which are ready to drink when it purchased. This research aims to get information about the differences of averages sugar-sweetened beverages consumption among students of SMAN 48 East Jakarta according to sex, mass media exposure, accessibility, availability, family influence, peer influence, nutritional knowledge, attitude, physical activity, the