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Eastern Broadcasting Code for Western Content

India is the second largest television Industry in the world, however private satellite television in India is as new as 26 years. The innovations in content has taken a lead in creating engaging programmes for the Indian consumers. India is a diverse television market, with 29 spoken languages, more than 800 dialects, 175 million television


Property Rights vs. Right to Knowledge: The Multi-Faceted Dilemma (Case Study: Software Piracy in Developing Countries)

Innovation is often described as key factors of competitiveness, as the driving force of the economy or as the basis of growth. This may be somewhat exaggerated, but it must be admitted that there cannot be any scientific advances without innovations, both are somewhat synonymous and correlated by a causal link. However, a paradox lies


Economic Performance of Portuguese Regional Health Administrations Following the European External Bailout: Trends After Austerity

This work aims discussing the economic performance of Portuguese regional health administrations after leaving the bailout program (May 2014) established by the European Union, EU and International Monetary Fund, IMF in 2011. Three economic variables (incomes, expenses and matured debt) are analysed during twenty five months based on analysis of variance ANOVA and multivariate hierarchic


What are Eco-Innovations?

Due to the challenges associated with measuring eco-innovations from patent information and surveys, the literature-based innovation output (LBIO) indicator, built from a data base of new product announcements in technical and trade journals, has emerged as a feasible alternative. Eco-innovation is a fuzzy concept because it is often synonymously used with green, sustainable and environmental


Key Indicators of Time Bank Participation: Using Transaction Data for Evaluation of “Banco De Tempo FlorianĆ³polis

Community currencies are growing worldwide and exist in a variety of forms. One interesting type of local currency is ā€�timeā€¯. A time bank operates like a volunteer organization, with a member registering all member transactions. The principal characteristic of time banking is that the credit, that every member receives for a good or a service


Contested Spaces

The role of civil society is to provide a platform for like-minded individuals to come together to pressurise decision makers in society. However, strategies to undermine the active civil sector, creates the current situation; where the responsive body of citizens is less active and effective. The lack of political desire to challenge the cyclic fall-out imbedded


The Libyan-Italian Partnership: Attempts of Innovation in Solving the Migration Crisis

Italy and Libya hold a close relationship, and the migrations flows across the Mediterranean only deepens it. In August 2008 both countries signed a Treaty on Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation. Among other things, it called for deeper cooperation to fight illegal immigration. However, the scenario of potential cooperation changed quite significantly in 2011, in the


Analysis and Improvement of Distribution Routes and the Associated Vehicle Fleet – Application to a Real Case in Portugal

Logistics management plays a key role in improving business efficiency, since it is the part of supply chain management that plans, implements and controls the flow of goods, services and information between the point of origin and the point of consumption. Customers are more demanding and want the right products, in the right place, at the


What Makes Boards Effective? Moving Beyond Non-Executive Directors’ Independence

This paper address the question of what makes boards effective by exploring governance attributes that go beyond board independence. Academic literature has predominantly focused on the independence of non-executive directors in board effectiveness and performance. However, there has been insufficient literature on the capability of non-executive directors in performing their roles and improving board effectiveness.


Bureaucracy of Power-Dependence in Domestic Politics in Japan and Interdependence of International Relations in the UK, U.S. and EU

This paper investigates power-dependence of central-local government relations and interdependence of international relations. The power-dependence means political dependence in the political networks between central government, bureaucracy, local government and interest groups in common regime state. On the other hand, the interdependence means comprehensive relationship, from which zero-sum game is not necessarily derived, between various states


The Dynamics of Large Publicly Traded Corporations in Santa Catarina, Brazil

The research comprised the study of three public companies: BRF SA, Tupy SA, and WEG SA. These companies present a high level of technological development, with administrative headquarters located in Santa Catarina – Brazil, with business in several countries. The aim was to accompany historical development, geographic expansion, and business evolution of such companies in


Mass Media and Peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina: The Role of the Bosnian Mass Media after Dayton Accords, 1995

The paper examines the role that mass media played in Bosnia-Herzegovina after Dayton Accords 1995. It provides a theoretical framework and explores how Bosnian media outlets contributed to the peace process and national reconciliation. To envisage the difficulty of retooling the Bosnian mass media to promote peace, the paper reflects to the destructive role that


Tourism Routes and Learning Activities in the King’s Projects of Thailand

The Kingā€™s projects of Thailand are one of the most important strategies for developing the country. The projects have launched in all areas throughout Thailand. Benefits from the projects not only helped people live sufficiently but also led them how to learn and apply the knowledge to their lives. The majority of the projects have


Effects of Aerobic Dance with 9 Square on the Cardiovascular Endurance System and Percentage of Body Fat

This experimental research was one group pretest-posttest design. The purpose of the study was to compare the effects of nine-square aerobic dance on the cardiovascular endurance system and percentage of body fat before and after the implementation. Simple random sampling was employed to select a sample group of fifty students who studied in Silpakorn University