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How Does the Government Construct the Pedagogical Relationship between Teachers and Children in Saudi Preschool Education?

Pedagogy is understood as being embedded in the relationship between teaching and learning. How the teaching-learning relationship is understood, recognized and developed is important, especially in the case of cross-cultural educational reforms (Nyland & Alfayez 2012). Reforms to the Saudi Early Years curriculum are based on the American High/Scope Model and the idea of Developmentally


Modular Learning Design

Current technology integration process in education substitutes tools in the classroom and changed the way pupils reflections about learning, however woefully lacks the aspects which technology can be useful in the whole learning progression, especially, analyze, deciding, applying, collaborative working, peer learning; shortly, when learning is happening. This presentation proposes a new paradigm for schools


The Night of Science: Optics and Photonics for All

Today, optics and photonics are widely regarded as among the key technologies for this century. Many experts even anticipate that the 21st century will be the century of the photon – much as the 20th century was the century of the electron. Optics and photonics technologies have impact on nearly all areas of our life


Planning and Building Wooden Houses with, and for, Refugees and Residents

In this paper we present the project “Building as Integration” by the students of HTL Rankweil (higher level secondary technical and vocational college). The project was initiated to help the integration of young refugees and immigrants in the most western part of Austria called Vorarlberg. Throughout the course of this project, a construction engineering class


Augmented Reality Applied to the Teaching of the Descriptive Geometry

Augmented reality allows students to visualize tridimensional shapes by turning and handing them in the palm of their hand. Taking objects “away” from the computer improves the students’ perception of the three projection planes. A pedagogical application was designed with this new representation tool. Tridimensional models were made using the Google Sketchup open license software


The Utilization of Water Footprint Education to Build-up the Level of Environmental Awareness

Due to the water scarcity situation worldwide, there are many campaigns introduced to raise the awareness of people for the purpose of saving water. According to the manufacturing businesses, one of the initiatives is the water footprint focusing on the calculation of the amount of freshwater used to manufacture a product. For Thailand, the income