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The Structural Model in Parenting Style, Attachment Style, Self-Regulation and Self-Esteem with Smartphone Addiction

Technological addiction has become a common issues worldwide, this research hopes to discover the possible framework of smartphone addiction, raise awareness on further discovery and acknowledgment on the problem of technological dependencies. The present research aims at investigating the relationships of students’ parenting styles to their attachment style, self-regulation, self-esteem and smartphone addiction. Two hundred


Musical Meaning as Embodied Meaning: The Case of Horror Film Music

The film sound theorist K. J. Donnelly’s essay ‘Demonic possession: horror film music’ (2005) famously remarks that some horror film music attempts at a ‘direct engagement with the physical’ in that they trigger bodily effects ‘bypassed culture’s learned structures’. Donnelly notes that his ‘direct-access thesis’ of (horror) film music is subject to challenge from the


Communicating Knowledge about the World: Reflective, Collaborating Artists

Art and film-making practices are shared across linguistic and socially diverse social contexts, reflecting a variety of ways of knowing about the world, or epistemological views. There are points of connection and dissonance when one works with a cultural group that shares little of the language and cultural practice that an individual identifies as their


Band Musicians in Macau

Researchers have documented the potential social benefits of popular music, such as empowering young people to cope with life challenges, providing a positive force for social change and enabling young people to connect with and express their indigenous cultures. In Macau, growth of a native music industry has been constrained by a tiny population and


The Effectiveness of Self Management Program ‘Bipolar Beraksi’ in Decreasing the Frequency, Intensity or Duration of Bipolar Moods

Bipolar Disorder is a kind of mood disorder which contains of mania or hypomania episode, depressive episode, or the combination of both. Preliminary study on people with a bipolar disorder shows that they need some improvement on self-illness management because frequency, intensity, and duration of this bipolar disorder seem to come often and disturbs people’s


Levelling the Score – The Role of Individual Perceptions of Justice in the Creation of Unethical Outcomes in Business

Rationalist models of ethical decision making assume that higher order conscious reasoning dominates the ethical decision making process however research shows that psychopaths have a similar capacity for ethical decision making to the rest of the population. In contrast research from the fields of social psychology, criminology and neurocognitive science shows that personal and contextual


The Effect of Level of Parenting Stress towards Mother-Child Interaction Quality: A Study on Mothers with Toddler from Poverty Family

This research was conducted to explain the effect of level of parenting stress towards mother-child interaction quality in mothers with toddler form poverty family. This research used the mixed method design for collecting data. Quantitative method used in order to analyzed the effect of level of parenting stress towards mother-child interaction quality. Level of parenting


A Qualitative Study of Genital Sex Reassignment in Transgendered Teens: Age of Consent and Assessment Process

Currently, the WPATH guidelines recommend that a person be at the majority age in order to be considered a candidate for bottom surgery. In British Columbia, the majority is 19 years. However, in our clinical experience, there are youth between the ages of 16 to 19 that may benefit from having the surgery earlier. Some


Asoke Buddhist Education in Thailand

This paper looks into the Buddhist community-based education in the Asoke Buddhist villages in Thailand. The Asoke Buddhist movement has been running its own schools for the last thirty years. Thousands of young people have been trained in these samma sikkha schools. Many of the young people subsequently stay in the Asoke groups and may


An Idea of Justice in the Platonic Tradition of Russian Religious Philosophy

The Platonic tradition is very strong in the ontology and cosmology of Russian religious philosophy. The concept of Sophia as the foundation and the final goal of mankind, as well as the idea of the celestial and terrestrial hierarchies, and the ascent of the creation toward the creator established in classical Greece, are remarkably developed


Purity and Equanimity the Mandala of Zen Rock Garden

This paper discusses the ultimate essence of realization in Buddhism as the nature of purity and great equanimity. To illustrate this, the Zen rock garden is revealed like a Zen Koan, a case study to discern into the essence. The example used here is the karesansui (dry landscape) or rock garden in the Ryoanji Temple


Self Concept in Adolescent Lesbians Living with HIV: A Case Study

This research is self-concept study in adolescent lesbians living with HIV. The study objectives are studying self-concept, lifestyles, parenting styles and social support in 4 cases study of adolescent lesbians who are HIV infected from maternal, clinical and antiretroviral (ARV) follow up at Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen province, Thailand. A self-concept questionnaire


Comparison of Dietary Behaviors and Acculturation of Korean International and Japanese Students in Japan

For cross-cultural students to remain healthy, proper nutrition is an important factor. However, Japanese universities do not show adequate interest in international students’ health behavior. It is believed that health behavior is a key aspect of acculturation. In this study, we examine a change in Korean students’ dietary habits as they acculturate to Japanese culture,


Justice and the Cyberworld

In its widest sense, justice creates conditions that enable each member of the society to flourish. Justice directs individual to respect and promote rights of the individual in the world we live in. Today, at one’s fingertips, social interaction takes on a new dimension as time and space condense creating a reachable world. Yet, it


Historical Justice or the Dusk of the West? Messianism and Catastrophism in the Inter-War Philosophical Thought

A quarter-century ago F. Fukuyama announced the end of history, understood in Hegelian terms as a process of a realization of the consciousness of freedom. His statement was immediately met with criticism ( with the harshest one coming from S. P Huntington), stating that further course of history, understood as a process of conflicts between


An Investigation of the Mate Preferences of Young Adults Using Choice Based Conjoint Analysis

The current study is an exploratory investigation concerning mate preferences of young adult males and females. Specifically, those that self proclaimed to be single or in a relationship, all of which were never married. Previous research shows that men and women differ in their mate selection preferences, specifically, men desire physical attractiveness and potential for


Japanese Attitudes about Home and Children in Relation to Marital Happiness across Time

The current study analyzes marital happiness in conjunction with attitudes about home and children within a Japanese population over the span of 18 years. Data was taken from the International Social Survey Programme from 1994, 2002, and 2012 with a total number of 3651 participants. Research on Japanese couples demonstrates a shift in individuals marrying


Understanding Emotion Recognition among Malaysian Malay Adults With and Without Major Depressive Disorder

Depression is a mood disorder that affects a large number of people worldwide and in Malaysia the number of people diagnosed with depression is on the rise. Impairments in emotion processing and regulation lead to depression. It was found that those with MDD had impaired emotion processing abilities especially in recognition of emotion. This study


The Good Sense of the Modern: Revisiting Heidegger’s Social Ontology

By the term social ontology I mean to argue Heidegger’s definition of the social existence of the self. In this paper I will look at Dasein as an engaged modern self, located in its context and history within the specifics of self’s embeddeness. The good sense of the modern is the manifold ways in which


Coping Strategies of Female Adolescents Living with HIV

This research is on coping strategies in female adolescents living with HIV. The study objectives are study in coping strategies in 3 dimensions that are personal, family and school context. The case study are female adolescents living with HIV, who acquired HIV from maternal, clinical and antiretroviral follow up at Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen University,


Effects of Job Autonomy and Positive Psychological Capital on Job Performance of Banking Employees: Mediating Role of Intrinsic Work Motivation

Factors that affect employee job performance have long been a topic of interest to industrial and organizational psychologists. There are numbers of studies which explored the relationship between motivation and job performance. However, there has been little empirical research on the joint impact of employees_�� personality factor and autonomy aspect of job itself on job


A Causal Model of Professional Nurse Engagement Using Organizational Nurse Engagement

Employee engagement has become a hot topic in recent years. Many studies have been published that identify organizational factors that drive employee engagement. One of the important factors was organizational communication. The purpose of this study were: (a) to validate a causal model of professional nurse engagement with organizational communication as the mediator; and (b)


Do We Have Epistemic Support for the Existence of Afterlife?

In a paper discussing our attitude towards death, Freud (1915) put forth that it seems impossible to imagine our own death, so much so that in the unconscious we are all ‘convinced of our own immortality’. In more recent efforts, Smullyan (2003) explicitly endorsed Freud’s hypothesis and took the inability to conceive oneself as non-existing


Relationship Satisfaction and Children: Effects on Sexual Satisfaction in Married Couples

This study addresses the great importance of relationship satisfaction in regards to sexual satisfaction. 4000 participants were analyzed utilizing data from the Relate Assessment, which analyzes factors impacting martial satisfaction. Previous research suggests that both relationship satisfaction and sexual satisfaction decrease when a couple has children (Glenn & McLanahan, 1982). Analyses yielded supporting evidence that


A Population-Based Study on Health Literacy and Health Behaviors

Health literacy has been proved to be associated with various domains of health. The objective is to describe the prevalence and distribution of health literacy and health behaviors and define the association between health literacy and health behaviors in Taiwan. An area sampling was applied in this study. Structured in-person interviews in the respondents’ home


Forensic Investigation Protocol on Marital Nullity for Psychologists in the Philippines

The literature on the legal aspect of marital nullity in the Philippines has significantly increased since The Family Code has given birth to the idea of psychological incapacity. And while there appears to be voluminous cases of annulment that have been filed, there remains to be a dearth of literature in the parameters of responsible


Marital Relationship Satisfaction: Impacts of Children, Religion, Income Level, and Gender

To understand the effect of having children and length of marriage on relationship satisfaction, 4000 participants were analyzed from data supplied from the Relate Institute, which is dedicated to assessing marital satisfaction. Relationship satisfaction decreased at a slower rate after controlling for children. Children were found to have a significant effect (p


Symbolic Immortality, Death Anxiety, and Quality of Life in Japanese Elderly Men

According to Erikson’s theory of psychological development, elderly people face their own death by withstanding death fear and anxiety in order to accept death. Death anxiety is a basic human anxiety and cannot be eliminated fully (Rank, 1945). Lifton (1973) proposed the concept ‘ȡ’ symbolic immortality ‘ɡ’ to refer to the universal human quest to achieve


Ethical Judgments of Directors’ on Earnings Management Practices

The objective of this study is to determine directors’ ethical judgments of earnings management practices. We use the questionnaire which was originally designed by Bruns and Merchant (1990) which consists of 13 earnings management scenarios. The questionnaire asked the directors to rate their acceptability of earnings management practices using a 5-point scale ranging from ethical


The Role of Visual Attention in Preference Formation for Food

Evaluative decision-making is the decision-making based on personal preferences among different choice options. Previous studies have suggested that people tend to gradually commit toward a choice by spending more time looking at it. Thus, attention may imply a positive feedback mechanism, promoting the choice of an attended item. Alternatively, attention may imply information integration, with


The Effect of Goal Structure on Job Performance: The Mediating Role of Goal Orientation and Work Engagement

Research on work engagement has widely studied and almost exclusively focused on a dependent variable. Based on work engagement model (Bakker & Demerouti, 2008), The objective of this study was to examine the pathways from goal structure to job performance through goal orientation and work engagement as mediation variables. The job performance model was tested


Empirically Informed Theorizing About Justice and Distributive Justice Reasoning Among Asians

Although some philosophers who are committed to applying the method of wide reflective equilibrium to theories of justice have already argued that evidence from the social sciences should inform theorizing about distributive justice, it remains unclear how or whether evidence on the impact of sociocultural factors on patterns of reasoning about just distribution should similarly


The Effectiveness of the Application of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning in Chinese Learning

Computer supported learning has become a major trend in language learning and teaching in the 21st century. However, there are still few studies addressing the application of computer supported collaborative learning in teaching and learning Chinese as a foreign language. The researchers designed a distance collaborative program in which 72 Chinese learners in the US


How Can the Pursuit of Equal Opportunity Be Reasonable in Education?: A Perspective from the Rawlsian Theory of Justice

The question of whether equality, or equal opportunity, is an appropriate goal in education has been hotly contested in the philosophical context. Some have strongly argued that the pursuit of equality, or equal opportunity, necessarily results in significant wasteful spending, or creates undesirable claims, such as ‘leveling down’ or the disregard of ‘family values.’ I,


Disclosure of Zakat Information: Is it Important?

Despite the high collection of Zakat fund, hardcore poverty among Muslims is still exist especially in rural area. The difficulties in the application process as compared to payment are also give bad impressions to Zakat institutions. This situation sparks public debate on how Zakat fund being managed by this institution. Why there are so many


The Rise of Western Pop Music and Pole Dancing in Taiwanese Traditional Religious Festivals

In traditional Chinese religious festivals, a procession in which the participants, prior to returning home from a holy pilgrimage, would tour to and visit the neighboring villages. This is called raojing _�__�_ (patrolling tour). The detour is to share the blessings from the pilgrims in order to bring good luck and prosperity to their fellow


Guiding Three to Six Year Old Children into Developing Social Sense of Decorum

The paper discusses the hypothesis that a parent or caregiver must master three important child-guiding skills to help improve young (3 to 6 years old) children’s behaviors: Empathy, setting boundaries, and early intervention. The best time to be empathetic with children, to begin the use of boundaries, and to utilize early intervention techniques is when


Philippine Practice of Forensic Clinical Psychology in Marital Nullification: From Client Assessment to Court Appearance

There appears to be a dearth of documentation of forensic clinical psychology practice in the Philippine cases of marital nullification, as seen from the lens of forensic clinical psychology. The documentation of the forensic clinical psychology practices in marital nullification in this paper comes from the practitioner’s actual clinical data and his rich clinical experiences


Justice through Recognition

The question(s) of recognition has been largely discussed at the level of public and political debate, as well as studied in sociology, theory of politics and philosophy since nineteen. But there is still much to do in studying and understanding all implications of it refereed to problems and experiences of misrecognition and dehumanization, and referred


The Development of a Psychological Well-Being Enhancement Model for the Elderly using Family and Community Participation in Nakaew Sub-District

The objectives of the research were to develop a Psychological Well-being Enhancement Model for the Elderly by Family and Community Participation (PEMEF) and to study the results of using the PEMEF for the elderly people from Nakaew sub-district. The sample used in this research was 5 academicians in psychology and public health with the elderly


Stigma in People with Schizophrenia in Griya Pmi Peduli, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

The purposes of this research are (1) Determining public’s view of people with schizophrenia in ‘Griya PMI Peduli Surakarta’ (2) Determining the cause of stigma in people with schizophrenia in ‘Griya PMI Peduli Surakarta’. This research was a type of qualitative study by using phenomenological approach. The sampling technique in this research was a type


Links between, Prosocial Value and Bystanders’ Helping Behavior in Bullying Situation: The Mediating Role of Collective Efficacy and Psychological Well-Being as Moderator

Collective efficacy was examined as a mediator of associations between prosocial values and bystander’s helping behavior, where psychological well-being functions as a moderator of associations among prosocial values and bystander’s helping behavior: whether they are willing to help a bullying victim, or on the contrary support the bully. To answer this question, a study was


Coping Stress of Pilot of Commercial Aircraft After the Crash

The plane crash is a traumatic experience in the life of someone, especially a pilot because it has the burden of responsibility on the safety of the passengers. This study aims to determine the coping stress post-crash of a commercial airplane pilot. Coping stress is an individual effort in managing the full load condition, exert


Does Bystanders’ Psychological Well-Being and Attribution towards Victims Matters in Helping a Bullying Victim?

Previous studies shows that psychological well-being plays an important role towards pro social behavior, but it is unclear how bystanders’ psychological well-being together with their attribution (the extent to which the victim was considered guilty of becoming a victim) influence their willingness to help in bullying situation. 1868 participants consisting of students and school completed


The Effect of Varying Short Message Service (SMS) Intervention for Promoting Safe Sex Among Army Conscripts in Lopburi Army Area

At present, sexual risk behavior is threatening the health status of the Thai population and undermining quality of life of the population all ages. This study examined the effectiveness of self-regulation and mobile phone SMS intervention to promote safe sex among army conscripts in a central province, Thailand. Conscripts (n=192) were recruited by multi-stage sampling


A Study on Improving Listening Efficacy of Instructions for Nursing Students Towards the Accurate Information Transfer

Aim: Focusing on the listening efficacy of instructions as skills for medical safety, we devised a social skills training (SST) of instructions-received skills for nursing students. For that reason, this study aims to examine the relationship between the improvement of the skills after SST and the experience of the students. Methods: The participants were second-year nursing


The Correlation between Work and Family Balance and Quality of Life, with Gender as Mediator Variable among Java Ethnic Group

The economic burdens has forced some families all around the world to have dual carriers. In such situation, having work and family balance (WFB) becomes crucial, since men and women, unlike the old days, are expected to be successful in both areas: family and work, in order to achieve their quality of life. Earlier studies


Evaluating the Age of Juveniles in the Juvenile Justice System of India From a Developmental and Mental Health Perspective

The current study aims at evaluating the recent lowering of age of Juveniles (from 18 years to 16 years), who will be tried as adults in the Juvenile Justice System of India, from a developmental and mental health perspective. Based on the study, recommendations to promote mental health of adolescents have been presented. This research


Corruption: Its Representations and Psychology in Indonesia

Corruption has undermined the sense of justice of the society in various parts of the world, and it has to be admitted that corruption involves contested meanings. The problem is that there is no study about the meaning of corruption for Indonesians. Often the understanding of the community about “corruption” is simply assumed because we


Women’s Needs Related to Obstetric Services: Viewpoints of Mothers of Children with Disabilities in Japan

The experiences of pregnancy and childbirth are considered important events in a woman’s life. Particularly, memories related to pregnancy and childbirth can be painful to some mothers of children with disabilities. I previously interviewed 47 mothers of children with disabilities, and found that most of them had had unpleasant experiences at obstetrics and gynecology hospitals