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News Framing of the Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Coverage: A Comparative Study of the Philippines Inquirer and the Wall Street Journal News Sites

Natural disasters, which strikes without warning and leaves limited scope of preparedness, is a potentially traumatic event that is collectively experienced with severe consequences. With its high news values, natural disasters gains attention of the media, and therefore is given foremost and extensive coverage, particularly on news sites which allow readers to access to the


Internet Users Attitudes towards Online Targeted Advertisements

Users leave their footprints about their interests while they are surfing on the internet. Companies have the opportunity of capturing user’s implict data on the internet by behavioural targeting. So that they can deliver the advertisements of the products or services that appeals to those consumers. Users are being exposed to targeted advertisements according to


From Censorship to Rating System: Negotiations of Power in the Thai Film Industry

This is a conceptual paper to analyze the transformation of Thai film censorship in Thailand. The study reviews literature on the history of Thai film industry and film censorship in Thailand. A brief discussion on film censorship is reviewed in the earlier part of this paper. Censorship has been perceived as an obstacle to Thai


My Own Little Television: Implications of the Conflation of Internet Broadcasting and Television Broadcasting in the Korean Context

Internet broadcasting jockey (BJs) has been a lucrative occupation in Korea, but it has not necessarily been a legitimate job. However, the recent boom in independent internet broadcasting shows spearheaded by an online video streaming service AfreecaTV has brought these shows and the BJs into the limelight. Not only do some of the popular BJs


Covering Genocide Trials: The Discursive Position of Genocide Victims in Cambodia

In the Cambodian society victims of the Khmer Rouge regime (1975-1979) are taking up an uncommon discursive position. Anyone that has suffered from the Khmer Rouge is considered to be a victim including former Khmer Rouge members who were brutaly disadvantaged by their own party. Within this context perpetrators can also be considered victims. For


The Role of Community-Based Media in Strengthening and Promoting Community Identity: A Case Study in the Thai Public Sphere

This paper analyses the role of community-based media in the Riverside community, an old and scenic location in Chanthaburi, Eastern Thailand. After being razed by conflagration and flood, the community has been regenerated by promoting itself as a cultural tourism destination. This community has started to produce its own media, and to use a wide


Mobile Telephony for Community Networking: A Study of Thai, Rohingya and Hmong Communities in Multicultural Australia

In situations of displacement from beloved landscapes and acquired tastes to the unfamiliar land, it is common for immigrants to retrieve what they have missed. Their actions may include the potential to recreate the atmosphere of their homeland in their new receiving lands, to maintain strong connections with people of the same groups, and to


Shumang Leela A Platform for Cultural and Development Communication Discourse

Shumang Leela which means __Courtyard performance__ is a Manipuri theatrical art form considered to have developed in the 19th and 20th century. The paper discusses how the theatrical art form broke the monopoly of art as being accessible only by the upper caste, the so called elite sections of the society and began acting as


Government Officials Perceptions of Public Relations in Indonesia

This research attempts to illustrate the perception of Public Relations (PR) profession in Indonesia. Adapting past research from Sterne in 2010 which research described media perception in New Zealand, this particular research explore the perceptions not from the media, but from government officials. Information was extracted from representative of government officials since they represent the


Socio-Political Influence on The Ideologies in Daniel Craig’s Bond Films: The Power That Lies Within

James Bond is arguably one of the widest-reaching, longest-standing and most influential film franchises of our time. In this sense it can also be seen as a source of great power, a medium by which certain ideologies can be conveyed to many people. Writing about this in the 1980s, Bennett argues that political and cultural


Police-Community Relationship in Kuwait: Public Relation Approach

Police force is an important element of society which has been vigorously investigated by scholars and thoroughly examined by social researchers. This paper intends to explore the Kuwaiti police in relation to its community from a public relations perspective. The co-creational approach, a major public relations theoretical concept, assumes that both the police and the


Insights into the Coverage of the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis in Japan’s English-Language Newspapers

In this presentation, Ms Finn-Maeda outlines the initial findings of the research she has conducted over the past two years for her Master of Arts in Communication degree. Her dissertation has examined the reporting of the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan__s English-language newspapers, assessing whether the coverage could be said to have been alarming, reassuring,


Advertorials as a Public Relations Tool and its Impact on Newspapers and Readers

Advertorials are regarded a potent form of communication, albeit with a reputation for deception. It is a portmanteau of two words advertising and editorial and refers to any piece of communication (in any media) that is sponsored by a brand and endorsed by a publisher. The key difference between advertorial and editorial content rests in


The Undercurrents of Media Convergence and Development of Viewers’ Gratification to News Consumption

A linkage between media convergence and a transformation to digital television (TV) is increasingly becoming a driving force to the significant changes in news consumption and production pattern in Thailand. Based on the Uses and Gratifications theory and a problem analysis, this paper develops a research framework on Thai-youth audiences__ gratifications to news consumption through


Critical Discourse Analysis of Thailand’s Film Acts (B.E. 2473 and B.E.2551)

Critical discourse analysis of Thailand__s Film Acts was studied by using the Critical discourse analysis of Norman Fairclough as an important system to analyze the authority and ideology of Thailand__s Film Acts, especially in film control laws, which are Film Act, B.E. 2473 and Film and Video Act, B.E. 2551. According to this study, King__


Power and Silence: Australian Media Portrayal of Israeli and Palestinian Casualties during the Gaza War of 2014

At one stage of the long-lasting Israeli__Palestinian conflict, Israel launched a military operation, Protective Edge, on the Gaza Strip in July__August of 2014. As a consequence, approximately 2,280 people died and over 11,000 people were injured, the majority of them Palestinian civilians (including children and women). These numerous casualties resulted in a pronounced interest in


The Relationship Between Social Support and Self-Esteem to the Self-Disclose of Social Media on Older Adults

Social Media has profoundly changed people’s daily life experiences. Whether it is to collect information, consumer trading, and express their viewpoints, participate in activities or making friends all connected with social media. Social Media is also the future of global mainstream business opportunities, although the elderly is not the main users. During 2009-2010, media survey


Rise of Media Technologies and Emergence of a New ‘Political’ Popular Culture in South Asia

The advent of media technologies changed the whole course of communication and its dissemination. The convergent global media brought a popular culture that provided a __third but common space__ to the people of different cultures. Of late, South Asia has been observed as the crucial region for the growth in media technology use with a


A Case Study on the Religious Model Reporting Style and Mediated Moral Panics in Malaysia

The issues concerning moral panics and music subcultures have often been overblown in the press coverage in Malaysia. Various models have been adopted by the authorities via the press to put a face on these so-called moral panics by appropriating the fashion and styles of music subcultures. Western popular culture has often had a volatile


Street Art as Political Media Literacy: About Geneng Street Art Project 2014 in Yogyakarta

Geneng Street Art Project 2014 (GSAP) was a project undertaken by street art artists in Jogjakarta. GSAP used people houses wall in village as medium to articulate the message. There are three interesting things in this study: first, a shift in medium of street art from urban space to village area. Second, the process of