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Analysis of Social Economis District Proliferation in Indonesia

Regional proliferation in Indonesia for the period 1999-2004 occurred rapidly and reached 114 new districts proliferation. The new Hundredfourteenth districts can be mapped with Klassen Typology for determining the areas of experiencing economic growth and high per capita income by comparing the growth of the district division with an average value of economic growth and


Factors Affecting the Probability of Local Government Financial Statements to Get Unqualified Opinion

The Policy of regional autonomy in Indonesia had an impact on the financial accountability of local governance and that led to the issuance of the financial statements of local governments. Based on Law 15 of 2004 the Supreme Audit Agency of BPK is the only which authorized to carry out financial audit of the financial


Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls in Nigeria: The Way Forward to National Security

Essentially, women have been subjected to social control been dominated by men. This is as a result of persisting cultural stereotype, misuse of religious and traditional practises in which educational, political and social power are dominated by men, and women have always been followers of men in the society and the men predominantly see themselves


Image of ‘Justice’ in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment

Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment (1860) is a psychological novel, which has been subjected to various interpretations by the scholars worldwide. Dostoevsky has aptly dealt with the problems of the concept of justice and human existence. The protagonist is suffering from an acute psychological crisis after committing the dual murders. He has his own vision of


Justice in Measure for Measure: An Approach through Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga-Psychology

The theoretical approach applied in this paper is based on the ‘consciousness investigation’ of Sri Aurobindo( 1872-1950), who gives us a detailed map of human consciousness using his own terms for the different areas of our being, like the Physical, Vital, Mental, Psychic(in the Upanishadic sense), their various sub-divisions and the blend of those planes


A Local Investigation into the Attitude Towards Global Products in Karachi

This research investigates the attitude of local consumers of Karachi towards global products with respect to their age and gender. This study involves in-depth understanding of the attitude of local consumers towards global products through secondary sources as well as measurement of these variables through primary data collection from adult consumers located in Karachi. The


Comparison of Health Care Models for the Elderly: Thailand and Japan

This research aims to compare the health care model for the elderly in Thailand and Japan. Data collect consisted of interviews of providers and foundation analysis. Comparing the patterns of health care for the elderly , as well as most of the elderly long-term care policy, elderly care by family and community, welfare for elderly,


Complex Mathematics Tools in Urban Studies

During centuries, the Theory of Architecture and Urbanism has been trying to describe and understand complex realities: the concept of beauty, how creative process are develop, or the meaning of a city, for example. In order to achieve explanations, sometimes we have built theories based in social issues; in other occasions we turn to Art


Continuance Usage Intention of WeChat by Users in Malaysia

Mobile social communication app WeChat has reached 549 million monthly active users (MAUs) globally, a jump from the 500 million users-mark achieved in April 2015. In Malaysia, ‘People-nearby applications’ (PNAs) such as WeChat has boasts a 95% smartphone penetration rate. A research released by GlobalWebIndex (GWI) in November 2014 showed the active user base in


Biosocial Factors Affecting Spiritual Well-Being of the Elderly in Thailand

Spiritual well-being is a sense of peace and contentment stemming from an individual’s relationship with the spiritual aspects of life and in relation to the quality of life. This cross-sectional survey research was aimed at exploring the biosocial factors influencing the spiritual well-being of elderly persons in Chacheongsao Province located in Eastern Thailand. Questionnaires were


Impact of Learning and Teaching Management on Cooperative Education Subject for Undergraduate Student at Rajamangala University of Technology, Lanna, Chiangrai

This research aimed to study the Impact of Learning and Teaching Management on cooperative education subject for Undergraduate Student at Rajamangala University of Technology, Lanna, ChiangRai campus. Population were 62 students who enrolled in cooperative education subject. For instruments used in the questionnaire used in the statistical analysis of the frequency, percentage, mean and standard