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A Study on Reformation of National Vocational Educational System Based on National Competency Standards

A Study on Vocational Curriculum Development of Technical High School Based on NCS (National Competency Standards) As the industrial structure and demand has been high upgrading and complicated, it needed to develope NCS(National Competency Standards) that present skills required by the industry and real work fields at the national level. The purpose of this study


Hearts Grow: Contemplation-Based Inner Stability Development in Female Inmates

The researches objectives are to study the learning process facilitation appropriate for the inner stability development in female inmates, and to explicate the female inmates� inner experiences found during and after the completion of the program. The phenomenological result shows significant inner changes in the participants. These include the more inclusive perspectives one possesses, i.e.


The Students’ Satisfaction Toward Managerial Economics Class

As a policy of the Minister of Education that want all the educational institutions improve the quality of their students to be smart, good, and happy person. Kasetsart University has realized about the importance of this policy, so all lecturers were encouraged to do the classroom research to improve and update their teaching. The objective


The Influence of Lecturer Performance Index Toward Student Achievement Index

Good lecturers brings good students. The result of student achievement is determined by the lecturer performance. This study aims to determine lecturer performance seen from student achievement index for 1 (one) semester and focused on lecturers nurturing a certain course. This research is expected to contribute information of reducing lecturer shortcomings and improving lecturer performance


Customer Orientation Ensure Organization’s Flexible Response to Keep Sustainability

Global competition forced education organizations to rethink about providing better service to their customers. Many firms and public sectors have adopted Business process reengineering (referred BPR) to enhance their competitiveness, but not all of them succeeded. We interviewed four state university administrative departments (two in the United States and two in the U.K.) that had


Joys and Pains of a School Principal: Educational Accountability in Context

While considerable interest has been accorded to evaluating the leadership effectiveness of school principals, rarely would research put focus on the things that enthuse or frustrate them in the course of acting in response to the call of educational accountability. As such, this qualitative study focused on an investigation of the hardships and milestones of


The Application of AHP Method in the Successful Elements Selections in the After-Class School in Taiwan

The purpose of this paper is to aim at the successful elements in the after-class school in Taiwan. The study adopted the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) techniques as the research methodology. A model has been proposed to evaluate the best treatment and disposal technology. As well, Expert opinions have been incorporated in the selection of


Educating for Capacity Building: A Case Study of Timor-Leste Officials Studying on an English Language Training Programme in New Zealand

Building capacity is critical to human development. It starts with building skills and knowledge in individuals and communities, and leads to the growth of societies and nations. The English Language Training for Officials (ELTO) programme,a five month content-based course funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme, builds capacity in the government sector in Southeast Asian


The Development of Teachers Desirable Characteristics of Student Teachers in Thepsatri Rajabhat University by Using Behavioral Record Sheet

This research aimed at developing teachers’ desirable characteristics of student teachers who currently have enrolled in ‘Self-actualization for teachers’ subject in 2016 academic year of Thepsatri Rajabhat University by using behavioral record sheet. The sample for this studying were 57 student teachers in English education major. The instrument of this research was a behavioral record


The Effect of Project Based Learning to Enhance Problem Solving Ability in Distance Learning Media Subject of Student Teachers

The research aimed to study the effect of the project based learning which focused on enhancing problem solving ability of the student teachers who are currently enrolled in ‘Distance learning media’ subject in 2016 academic year of Thepsatri Rajabhat University through instructional media service activities by using project based learning for enhancing problem solving ability


Student Attribute Correlates of Academic Achievement in High School Chemistry Between Grade 9 & 10 Students

This study examined three student attributes namely; level of mathematics anxiety, learning style, and attitude toward Chemistry that generated information on their effect on student achievement in Chemistry. The study employed the causal-comparative descriptive research method. Instruments used included an achievement test to measure performance involving mathematical concepts in Chemistry, level of mathematics anxiety scale to


Taking Leisure Seriously: Adolescents’ Pursuit of their Most Important and Interesting Leisure Activities

Whereas schools are the most common educational settings worldwide, learning and personal growth can take place in other contexts outside the school system. One of these significant contexts is leisure. Characterized by relative freedom, fewer social constraints than other life domains, self-determination and intrinsic motivation, leisure has been identified as a major context for youth


Applications of the Arduino Electronics in the Kinematics

Due to high precision, quick response and low price, Arduino electronics, including motherboards and sensors, have potential to be the main parts of physical experiments. Especially, the experimental data can be easily transferred to smartphones and tablets through the Bluetooth communication that greatly enhances the portability of the experimental equipment. There are many commercially available


A Critical Analysis on Thai University Students’ Reflections towards Politics of the English Language

English language is a gatekeeper to positions of prestige in society (Pennycook 1994,1995), especially due to its dominant status as a world language or as a Lingua Franca. Many take English language as apolitical, particularly in educational systems worldwide, including Thai’s. From a different view, however, there could be many hidden agendas behind the language


Call for a Change in Mathematics Education: From Platonism to Social Constructivism

At school, children are expected to become numerate in order to be able to function in a modern technological society and contribute to the growth of its economy. However, one of the most frequent complaints of mathematics teachers is that “forgetting is particularly common for knowledge acquired in school, and much of this material is


Parental Home-Based Support and Educational Outlook Towards Primary School Children in Urban Mongolia

For the past decades, the enrollment rate of primary school has been increasing in developing countries. Unfortunately, due to problems such as lack of classrooms, textbooks, and school facilities, as well as qualified human resources, a quality education can be difficult to obtain. Providing quality education is a key issue especially in rural areas and


Keep Smile Book: An Instrument of Students’ Affective Evaluation

This study aims to describe the use of “Keep Smile Book” as an instrument of students’ affective evaluation and factors affecting its implementation. “Keep Smile Book” is a diary consists of students’ book and teachers’ column. This book combined observation and self-assessment technique of evaluation. The students actively involved to assess their-self by a cute


E-Kankor: Opening New Vistas of Higher Education Through an Innovative Intelligent Tutoring System

Passing the entrance examination to a university is a major step in one’s life. Kankor is the nationwide tertiary entrance examination in Afghanistan. Since the score on the Kankor Assessment Test determines the student’s academic future, it is highly recommended to do some test preparation so that the score and consequent placement reflect the student’s


The Face of Secondary Education: Students’ Perceptions on the Functional Differences between Schools in Macau

After the handover to China, the complexification of Macau educational circumstances, favored by the progressive expansion of free education coverage due to subsidy schemes introduced by the government and the exceptionally rapid economic growth due to the liberalization of the gambling market, significant pressure has been felt by local secondary schools in order to accommodate


Surau Merantau: A Curriculum Development Based on Minangkabau Ethnic Culture

This study aims to determine the nature and purpose of “Surau Merantau”, a school based on Minangkabau ethnical culture and its basis of curriculum development. “Surau Merantau” is a Junior High School carrying a concept of local culture from West Sumatera. Located in Tangerang, Banten, this school concerns on the growth of current generation who


Creating Opportunities for Change: Non-Cognitive Skills Instruction in the Classroom

To address the demands of accountability mandates such as data-driven, evidence based instruction and the need for 21st century skills, educators have revisited practice looking for ways to nurture student motivation, increase time on task and promote learner autonomy. Classrooms have been digitized, material made accessible and initiative implemented to create positive, school-wide environments. Yet,


Components of an Inclusive Postsecondary Transition Program for Older Students with Intellectual Disabilities at a Four-Year University

This paper provides an overview of Project Panther PLUS (Postsecondary Learning for Universal Success), an inclusive postsecondary transition program for students with intellectual disabilities (ID) ages 22-26 at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, USA. With an emphasis on employment and independent living, Panther PLUS provides students with the tools needed to change their lives


How Increasing Students’ Interest and Motivation to Study Affects Perceived Service Quality and Academic Satisfaction at University

Instructional Design has provided models and theories to make lectures more effective and attractive. However, managing and evaluating educational outcomes are still challenging because of their intangibility and heterogeneity. In particular, Learning Experience (LX), results in a change in value, motivation, or behavior to study, is rarely included as an integral part of Perceived Outcome


Applying Mathematics in Interdisciplinary Studies [IDS]

Nanyang Girls’ High School’s Interdisciplinary Studies [IDS] for Secondary One students were designed to enable students to begin to deliberate and solve real world problems using the knowledge, skills and thinking taught in various disciplines/subjects from languages and the humanities to maths, science, art and music. This curriculum is innovative in using concepts to ensure connections


A Survey of Scientific Competency of Grade 10th Students in Thailand

The purpose of this study was to survey the scientific competency of grade 10th students. The sample was 141 students of academic year 2016 from Sarakhampittayakhom school in Thailand that selected by purposive sampling. The instrument was the 5 items from 2 situations of scientific competency test that measured in 3 sub-competencies including 1) explain


Women’s Roles in the Series Desperate Housewives: A Feminist Perspective

Desperate Housewives, created by Marc Cherry and aired on the ABC channel for eight seasons, can be considered a representation of gender, specifically femininity, on the Television (Bignell, 2008). Its plot focuses on the lives of 4 women (Bree, Lynette, Gabriel and Susan) who represent the internal struggles of the average woman, such as disempowerment,


Natural Materials in “Recycle Quilt Mixmedia” Fashion: Reinforcement of Students’ Creativity and Mental Revolution

The purpose of this article is to report the results of sewing extracurricular activities in SMK PGRI 4 Blitar, related to the participation in a Fashion Festival competition of using recycled materials in commemoration of Earth Day in Blitar, East Java Province, held by the local government. Basically, this activity was intended to reinforce students’


The Study of Grade 10 Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Chemical Reactions and Biomolecules

The purpose of research was to study grade 10 students’ conceptual understanding of chemical reactions and biomolecules. The target group there was 33 grade 10 students classroom 14 in Phadungnaree school of Thailand in the 1st semester of 2016 academic year. The instrument was used in this study was conceptual understanding measurement. Then, the students’


The Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Dictionary to Enhance Reading Comprehension of ESL Learners

Due to the advent of Internet, tertiary students prefer to read hypermedia materials in comparison to printed materials. One of the common tools used by ESL learners to enhance reading comprehension is e-dictionary. Nowadays, there are various types of e-dictionaries. This case study involved ten Teaching English as Second Language (TESL) undergraduates. The three research


Positive Teacher Attributes through the Eyes of the Learner: In Japan and a Wider Asian Context

Positive teacher influences can contribute to learner knowledge, skill acquisition, and a positive learning environment (Jahangiri & Mucciolo, 2016). In a pilot study the researchers found that in education levels ranging from elementary school to university, high school teachers and private instructors/tutors were the most selected categories, with English being the most common subject. Learners


E-Learning Implementation: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education Institutions in Rural Settings in South Africa: A Case Study

The use of ICT is changing all aspects of our lives and fueling the economic growth globally. Technology can play an important role in building Africa’s progress in education, training and development. The utilization of modern technologies in education is becoming at the heart of higher education institutions (HEIs) generally and South Africa (SA) in


A Genre Analysis of Job Application Letters Written by ASEAN Applicants

Recent genre-based studies on job application letters have increasingly focused on cross-cultural awareness. However, very few have been conducted in the ASEAN context and none has investigated at a regional level as of yet. Hence, this study aimed to analyze the generic structure (a.k.a. moves) used in job application letters written by ASEAN applicants. The


Toward the Next Generation of Educational Technologies: A Survey of Internet of Things (IoT) in Education

Internet of things (IoT) means that physical objects (e.g., device) will be connected to the Internet and be able to interact themselves to other objects. The Internet of things has competitive advantages such as content delivery, automation processing, location independence, security assurance and time reduction, thus IoT applications have received extensive attention from both industry


Linking Supply on Demand of Indonesia Human Resource in Science and Technology on Perspective Black Swan Phenomenon

This paper discusses how the influence of the phenomenon of black swan in the development of human resource on science and technology (HRST) in Indonesia. The Black Swan phenomenon is highly improbable that is unpredictable and carries a massive impact. In fact, Indonesia was predicted to become a developed country in 2025 with GDP growth


Relationship between Teacher’s Interpersonal Communication Skills and Students’ Achievement in Science at Primary Schools in Sidoarjo

This study aims to determine the relationship between interpersonal communication abilities of teachers and learning achievement students. The study used quantitative research methods conducted at Primary School (PS) in Sidoarjo. The population in this study were students PS Sidoarjo district in academic year 2014/2015. The sampling technique used was 100 students. The technique of collecting


Changing Instructional Practice with a Science Center Workshop: The Journey of Six Elementary Science Teachers

The purpose of this qualitative case study research was to ascertain the significance of the professional development workshops organized by a science center in a Midwestern city of the United States. The research investigated the effect the workshop had on the instructional practice of the participating elementary science teachers. This study was guided by the


Survey on Whether The Sri Lankan Pre-Service National Diploma In Teaching Programme Addresses the Learning Needs of Diverse Learners

This study sought to identify the state of prospective teachers’ knowledge about differentiated instruction; how often prospective teachers differentiate instruction in specific subject areas; and the differentiated instruction factors that are implemented during the internship practicum period in the pre-service National Diploma in teaching program in order to meet the needs of diverse learners in


Management Structure of Thailand Premier League by the Standard Criteria of the Asian Football Confederation

This research has the objective to study the managing of Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC by the standard criteria of The Asian Football Confederation. The methodology of this research were following Define the conceptual framework from the related documents, The in-depth interview with the five responsible key informants by the standard criteria of The Asian Football


Vietnam’s National Foreign Language 2020 Project after 9 Years: A Difficult Stage

Vietnam has been witnessing many changes in learning language, and the National Foreign Language 2020 project is the latest breakthrough that delves into brand-new advances to improve effectively the quality of English language learning and teaching across all school levels in Vietnam. After nine years, this innovation has attracted considerable public attention and feedback from


Behind the Silence of Japanese International Students in the U.S. Classrooms

Japanese international students (JIS) in United States universities are often labeled by peers, faculty, and administrators as shy, passive, and silent. This stereotypical image reflects, to a large extent, an outsider’s view that does not necessarily capture the understanding of the experience of the JIS. The current study examines JIS’ descriptions of themselves as classroom


Ultimate or Alternate? Enhance the E-Learning Experience for Creative Media Students: Hong Kong and Singapore Perspective

Online learning (E-learning) platforms such as Blackboard, Moodle, and MOOCs have been widely used in various higher educational institutions. These E-learning platforms have been designed and developed for students to enhance their learning experiences by promoting blended learning. Current research in this area has demonstrated the effectiveness of online learning for distance education and as


Technology and Distance Learning in Higher Education: Making Distance-Learning Work for Your Students

The field of distance learning in higher education is experiencing a new paradigm shift in the methods used by instructors and distance learning administrators to interact and communicate with their students online. As millennials and other traditional students continue to grapple with how to balance work, school and other extracurricular activities, many institutions of higher


A Study on the Constructions of Vocational High School Principals’ Leadership Effectiveness Indicators-Based on Competing Values Framework

The main purposes of this study are to integrate the theories and researches in leadership effectiveness based on competing values framework, and construct the vocational high school principals’ leadership effectiveness indicators; to verify reliability and validity of the indicator questionnaire constructed in this study; and to find out the importance and current situation of vocational


The Role of Indonesian School in Singapore in Developing Students’ Patriotic Character

Globalization brings changes in many aspects of Indonesian life including some Indonesian residents who lived in foreign countries such as Singapore. Singapore is a meeting place of various foreign cultures directly or indirectly. The clash because of globalization and foreign cultures are feared can affect the nationalism of Indonesian in Singapore, especially children. School is


Silent Exclusion and Child Schooling: A Case Study of India

The current educational policy discourse in India has largely focused on the issues of access to basic education. While increasing access is clearly important, the issue of significantly to sustained access is more important in the present context when the fifty per cent of child population in India in the age group of 6-14 years


Academic and Technical Vocabulary in the Corpus of Chemistry Research Articles

Many researchers mentioned about the importance of vocabulary to language learning especially, vocabulary for specific disciplines. However, there are some problems with selection of vocabulary to teach students because some teachers believe their intuition for choosing word families to teach. Therefore, Schmitt and Schmitt (2005) claimed that the best way to determine vocabulary frequency is


The Use of Video-Based Instruction in Higher Education: Impact on Knowledge Gain

The present study aims to investigate the effectiveness of video-based instruction in a course entitled “Environmental Studies” to impart environmental knowledge among undergraduate students. The pretest-posttest assessment method was employed to obtain the scores before and after showing a video on a selected environmental theme to three different class sizes consisting of 9 (small class


How Does a Speaker Maintain Her Local Language in a Multilingual Speech Society? A Case Study of a Sasak Girl Staying in Central Java

It is generally known that some people can live in one place in their entire live while some others are not. In line with this condition, moving to a new place affect their live including their language. In regard to this situation, this paper aims to find out how a Sasak girl maintains her local


Implementing Inquiry-Based Stem Learning in Tenth Grade Students

Inquiry-based STEM learning (iSTEM) is now familiar with science education and active learning for 21st century learners. This study aims to investigate learning achievement in biology in 10th grade students. Eight lesson plans with 12 hrs of iSTEM and achievement test were used for implementation. Inquiry-based STEM learning consisted of engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration, and


Foreign Language Anxiety: A Case of Thai EFL Learners at Ubon Ratchathani University

Despite the decades-long integration of EFL in the Thai education system, Thai EFL students in general still perceive the English language as very difficult to be learned and thus, respond negatively to acquiring the language. With their Foreign Language Anxiety (FLA) they carry to their EFL classes certain notions rooted in past and current experiences,


A Survey of Mathematics Reasoning Ability of Grade 10th Students in Thailand

The purpose of this study was to survey the Mathematics reasoning ability of grade 10th students. The participants were 47, grade 10th students in Sarakhampittayakhom a school in Mahasarakham, Thailand, 2nd semester of 2016 that selected by purposive sampling. The instrument was Mathematics reasoning ability test that include inductive and deductive reasoning ability, multiple choice,


Education for urban refugee children in Malaysia: Pathway to Peace

This research focuses on the educational experiences of urban refugee children in Malaysia, examining the expectations of parents, NGO of educational projects for urban refugee children in Malaysia and investigating if the education space contributes to peace through intergroup contact. The conceptual framework for the study is based on intergroup contact theory which is based


Ethical Leadership Competencies for Revitalizing Moral Learning in Higher Education

Moral and ethics courses are widely provided in higher education institutions; yet, they are taught by ineffective teaching methods. So, this paper is mainly to explore ideal practices of ethical leaders for revitalizing moral learning in higher education. The research method was based on a qualitative approach. The researcher reviewed books and articles on education


The Concept of Measurement in Pre-Service Teachers

This paper presents the results of phase 1 of the research project “pre-service mathematics teachers’ mathematical conception in the context of lesson study and problem solving approach”. The objective of this research was to explore mathematical concepts of pre-service mathematics teachers for fourth grader prior teaching in schools. The participants to the research included 121


Exploratory Practice: A Case Study of Communication Arts Students at UBU

English in Communication Arts is a compulsory course at Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand. The main purpose of this course is to promote English language of communication arts students enrolling in the course. By adopting Exploratory Practice (Allwright & Lenzuen, 1997) as a theoretical framework for investigation, this empirical study aims to explore how Exploratory Practice


Speaking Difficulties Encountered by Low-Proficiency EFL Students at Ubon Ratchathani University

In English as a foreign language learning contexts, speaking, as one of the productive skills, has been considered as a challenging skill to master due to the number of errors and mistakes it is mostly associated with. The purpose of this study is to find out the speaking difficulties encountered by five low-proficiency students of


The Development of Anti-Corruption Education Model to Support Students Integrity Character in Schools Through Civic Education

Civic Education is a subject that aims to humanize the students to become good citizens in accordance with the objectives and state ideals. Civic education subject in schooling has taught both the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning in the application of the expected characters. Unfortunately, this formula has not shown significant results because of the


The Role of L1 in the Instruction of L2: Perspectives of Thai EFL Teachers

The medium of instruction has long been a contentious issue in foreign language teaching. The teacher’s decision about which language should be used to deliver the lesson and interact with the students in the classroom—whether it be the language or languages of the students and teachers or the target language—is not always dependent on existing


Using the Concept of Fashion to Link Diverse Programs

Departments housed in US land grant agricultural colleges often have the unenviable and difficult task of justifying their existence as collaborative entities that complement each other. Programs like fashion design and merchandising, family resources, and agricultural sciences have historic roots with seemingly little relevance to each other in today’s academic milieu. Putting politics aside, educators


Developing an Instrument for Self-Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Competencies: A Review of Faculty Professional Development and the Changing Higher Education Landscape in Singapore

The rapid expansion and development of the higher education sector in Singapore calls for new approaches to university teaching that are adjusted to modern, more student centered, and technologically enabled learning contexts. Increasingly, higher education has been called on to prepare students to become capable of dealing with volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity as well as complexity


Impact of Cultural Education on Social Cohesion after a Sudden Disaster: With Reference to Two Flood Affected Locations in Colombo

Unexpected disasters may destruct people’s day-to-day life. Recent history about disasters occurred in Sri Lanka shows that non-victims of disasters tend to sense that such situations as ‘our’ problem rather than ‘their’ problem. In order to create such shared collective feeling cultural teaching play noticeable role. During May 2016 Sri Lanka went through severe flooding


Stealing from the Poor: A Challenge to Eradicating Poverty in Nepal

Background In 2015, an earthquake in Nepal killed over 9,000 people and destroyed over a million homes pushing millions of already poor further into destitute. Majority of the victims were native Tamang people and almost all of the devastated areas were their ancestral land Tamsaling. Almost two year has passed since the earthquake, the Nepal government