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Operative Fiscal Management Mobility and Its Implications to School Performance in Compostela Valley Division

The main purpose of the quantitative descriptive correlation study was to determine the significant relationship between the level of operative fiscal management and the level of school performance in Compostela Valley Division for School Year 2016-2017. Data were collected from the 44 school heads and 146 teachers both from elementary and secondary schools through a


Extraversion and Introversion in Young Adult ESL Learners

Why do some ESL intermediate classes seem so energized while others seem so much more subdued? And why do even some of the most proficient students in our classes simply not perform to our expectations when asked an open-ended question? This short presentation will delve into the psychological dichotomy of extraversion (E) and introversion (I)


Exploring Japanese University Students’ Perceptions of Peer Feedback in Oral Presentations

While there are many benefits of using oral presentations in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) classroom, learner difficulties with making an effective presentation are often addressed in the Japanese EFL context (Brooks & Wilson, 2014; Kawachi, 2012). In order to help learners to make effective presentations, the author believes that implementing peer feedback in


The Diversity Experienced by Left-Handers: Reports of Five Different Generations

This research aimed to understand how people experience the condition of being left-handed, trying to identify the characteristics of laterality and comprehend the person’s relationship with family, school and work concerning this condition. It was possible to locate the difficulties faced by this group, the easiness and advantages of being left-handed, discussing the significance of


Is There Still a Gender Myth: Science Fields for Boys and Humanities for Girls?

MEXT, Japan (2006 and 2016) reported the numbers of university students’ enrollments. In the area of Electric Communication Engineering, particular, it is almost 16 times differences in 2006 between men (132,404) and women (8152). It is almost 10 times difference between men (103,476) and women (9546) in 2016. The authors of this study, however, believe


The Courses on Inclusive Education in Departments of Early Childhood Education in Taiwanese Universities

According to official statistics, more than 90% of the preschool-aged children with disabilities in Taiwan are placed in regular education classes in recent years. In the trend toward inclusive education, it is crucial for early childhood education majors to understand inclusive education and practice it. However, numerous studies have noted that preschool educators are not


A Case Study of the Integration of Sight Word Instruction to Enhance Students’ English Reading

Reading proficiency has been thought of as a fundamental basis of other learning skills and subjects. Also, it plays an influential role on learns’ confidence and motivation. However, it has been found many learners, especially EFL beginning learners, think reading is quite challenging. They think it is difficult to recognize words and comprehend the reading,


Assessing Information Literacy Skills of First Year Undergraduate Students

The present study aimed at assessing the information literacy skills of first year undergraduate students from author’s university. This study included four essential areas: the ability to (1) identify the information needs and sources; (2) locate information; (3) evaluate information; (4) synthesize information. We measured information literacy skills with questionnaire, multiple choice knowledge test and


Factors Related to Administration and Management of Moral Higher Education Institutions

The objectives of this research are to 1) study the opinions of the executives, lecturers, and supporting personnel about the management of moral higher education institution group in (1) the purposes, missions, policies, (2) operational processes and mechanism, and (3) participation of the personnel and 2) study the factors that have a relationship with the


Blended Vis–Vis Face-To-Face Courses: The Effect of Delivery Mode on Adult Learners’ Performance

Blended courses, which combine online and face-to-face delivery, are rapidly gaining traction in educational institutions in recent years because of the many benefits they offer. Higher success rate and lower withdrawal rate are just two of the key benefits observed in blended courses in comparison to face-to-face courses (López-Pérez et al., 2011). Many early studies


Challenges Singapore Early Childhood Centre Leaders Face

In accord with emphasis made by the local government authority for early childhood services and education in Singapore, namely Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) on the importance of effective leadership in early childhood settings, this research investigated the challenges that a sample of centre leaders faced in accomplishing their roles and responsibilities. Thirty experienced centre


Effect of Self-Paced Online Modules As Support for Instruction on Student Outcomes of Grade 10 Miriam College High School Students

The affordances of technology provide teachers innovative teaching methods (Wong, 2015; Parnell and Bartlett, 2012). In Miriam College High School (MCHS), an exclusive all-girls school in the Philippines, the academic programs (Science curricula), people (students, teachers), processes (procurement) and physical plant (Wi-Fi connectivity) have been shaped by e-learning. The 1:1 ratio of student-to-tablet PC and


Relationship of Learning Environments to Students’ Interactive Behavior in a Project-Based English Course

A substantial number of studies have already considered cooperative or project-based English learning, which are often cited as forms of active learning (AL). In order to further improve AL courses, it is now necessary to set up language learning environments conducive to AL. The aim of this study is to find a way to fully


An Investigation on the Learning Satisfaction of Employing the Flipped Classroom Model in an “Introduction to Computer Science” Course

The employment of the flipped classroom model in instruction has become popular in Taiwan among different levels of education. Reversed from the traditional in-class lectures, students in the flipped classroom model have to preview the learning materials, watch video clips or complete learning sheets provided by the teacher at home before the class. Then, discussion


The Social History of Chronic STIs in Africa: Experiences From Cameroon

The emergence of chronic sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Africa has been nightmare to medical scientists who experience different clinical and social histories every day around these infections. Medical history show that HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B virus (HBV) are the only chronic STIs for the moment. This study narrates the life experiences of some patients


ICT Use: Changing Students’ Perception in Learning Grammar Through Kahoot Program

The background of the study in this research is based on the researcher’s experience when doing teaching practice, in which method used by the teacher in teaching and learning process was often assumed as the factor that causes the students uninterested in learning grammar. In Indonesia, especially in East Indonesia, some teacher still used a


Overview of Edtech Research Practices and Decision-Making in Higher Education

This session will review the results of a year-long research project looking at the role of efficacy research in educational technology decision making in higher education. This study consisted of 47 interviews with 54 EdTech decision makers across six different types of institutions. The study found that institutions frequently pilot solutions to determine if they


The Development Multimedia Storybook for Promotion the Moral and Ethics Development for Hearing Impaired Students

Multimedia storybook is useful and has many advantages for hearing impaired students. This paper presents information based on reliable literature reviews about the multimedia storybook design framework for hearing impaired students. The purpose of this research is to explore the application of a multimedia storybook approach in promotion the moral and ethics development for hearing


Effectiveness of the Use an Animation Programs to Development Architectural Skills of Students for Design; The Architectural Departments – Faculty

During the 1990, anime appeared as one of Japan’s cartoon Art, Anime is derived from the English term animation. This type of animation is characterized by high quality in drawing pictures. As the first anime film appeared in Japan in 1955, this time came the appearance of the legendary cartoon Osamu Tezuke Who founded the


The Benefits of Typographical Principles in Materials Design

This presentation contains the results of a study investigating the role typography and design play on learners’ interaction with texts. Typography is described by Walker (2001) in this manner: ‘[Typography] articulates the meaning of a text, making it easy for readers to understand’ (p. 3). Considering this important function of typography, the researcher designed this