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Content Analysis of English Itineraries About Iran Translated Into Persian, Existing in the Libraries

A travel log has nice and sad stories inside by narrator to show historical facts. So this study investigates English Itineraries about Iran which are translated into Persian and exist in the libraries to help historians and researchers. On the whole 60 translated itineraries from 64 travelers were found since 16 to 20 centuries in


The Analysis of History, Story and Narrative: A Case Study of Contemporary Performing Arts, “Jao Jan Phom Hom: Nirat”

Jao Jan Phom Hom: Nirat Phrathat In Khwaen by Mala Khamchan (Mr.Charoen Malaroj), is a famous work of Thai literature awarded The Southeast Asian Writers Award in 1991. The literature imagined the portrait about sentimentality and emotion of an unfamiliar princess in an antecedent, which has never been found or recorded in history. The story is


Kofi Kayiga – The Construction of an Identity

Born to a Cuban mother and a Jamaican father in 1943, in Kingston, Jamaica, Kofi Kayiga – the former Ricardo Wilkins – has traversed several spaces, both external (geographic) and internal (ideological). Having studied at the Jamaica School of Art, The Royal College of Art, London, and Makerere University, Uganda, where he also taught, Kayiga


Reviving Haiga: Interpreting and Painting the Haiku of Matsuo Basho

Haiku is a poem that embodies qualities of Japanese art: precision, economy and delicacy; and, Matsuo Bashō fathers this literary art by showing his superb poetic skills made him Japan’s significant contribution in World literature.This study aimed to interpret haiku, to revive the use of haiga as a creative method of interpreting a haiku and


A Stroke in Time: An Artist’s Memoir

As a teaching artist for almost three decades, Prof. Kong Ho recalls his art experience in the form of a memoir. This paper explores his retrospective study into his transcendental paintings and why he chose to write a personal memoir. This paper is divided into two parts. In the first part, Ho presents the reasons


Writing the History of Humanimals: Illustrated with the Poetics of Documentaries

Animals play a starring role in human history; their presence is ever so ubiquitous that it would be remiss of – and is impossible for – historians to brush animals completely aside should they write about humans. This study concerns itself with writing the history of human-animal relations, pointing out that the fact of animals


“Indian Girls Are Not Supposed to Play Football”: Gender in Gurinder Chadha’s Bend it Like Beckham

Throughout history, but even in the postmodern era, ridden with racial, ethnicity and nationalistic problems all over the world, another controversial issue still persists in many cultures as a bone of contention, despite enormous efforts from all sides to close that chapter. The problem in question is, simply phrased: gender inequality, and it is an


Bowing to the Creative Industry: Making Art a Useful Commodity

A survey of globally diverse art school models, including those that already exist, along with those still on the theoretical drawing table, shows that while no perfect institution exists, there is at least one issue that proffers itself over, and over again within the university art education domain. Surprisingly, this issue is not about good


“Everyone Has a Story to Tell: Learning English Through Narratives”

The present study is about the use of Narratives in the classroom of English especially where English is taught and learned as second language. In India, tradition of narratives is really ancient. Fables used to give moral values amongst children. But their use for learning second language makes it more interesting productive and outcome is


A Study on Societal Conflict of the Selected Short Stories of Antonio Reyes Enriquez

Philippine Literature shows how the Filipino differs from others. (Richard V. Croghan, S.J, The Development Of Philippine Literature in English). This study presents to you with the different societal conflicts in the Philippines. a. There are three conflicts depicted in the selected short stories. These are (1) Man vs. Man, (2) Man vs. Society, (3)


Writing My Own Story: Memoir, Fictional Truth and Memory

Writing My Own Story: Memoir, Fictional Truth and Memory What does it mean to write your own story, from a literary and philosophical perspective? Writing a 100,000-word memoir covering ten years of my life (1995-2005) also forced me to consider the relationship between Truth (capital T), art as fictional truth (according to the history of literature,


A Study of the Fanpage Creators of Text/Illustration in Taiwan, in Particular with Their Working Process

With the popularity of high-speed internet, the number of using mobile phones has been increased in this generation, also known as high-tech generation. Nowadays, using mobile phone has become an irreplaceable part of our daily life. By using mobile phone, long description of sentences or words are difficult for understanding the meaning immediately. However, presented


New Methods of Interaction in Virtual Reality for the Study of Archaeological Data

One of the biggest challenges that the analysis of archaeological data in virtual reality presents is the interaction. Within the project of reconstruction of Kaulonia archaeological site in Monasterace (Italy), developers had to deal with the need to implement an interface system inside the application without using external devices, in order to facilitate archaeologists in the


The Effect of Literary and Non-Literary Texts on EFL Students’ Critical Reading

Critical reading skills are important for all students around the world. Teaching these skills enables students to be critical readers and helps them to survive in the real world. However, it was found that many EFL students lack critical reading skills. The objective was to enhance EFL students’ critical reading skills. It focused on comparing


Asian-Woman Mutedness in the Memoirs of Maxine Hong Kingston and Shirley Geok-Lin Lim

The study analyses how woman muteness is revealed as self-portrait of the Asian-woman in the literary memoirs of Maxine Hong Kingston’s “The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of Girlhood among ghosts,” and Shirley Geok-lin Lim’s “Among the White Moon Faces: An Asian- American Memoir of Homelands.” The meta-textualities of Woman-roles and Woman-lingo of Muteness are synthesized as


Value Orientation and Quality of Halal Certification in Cosmetics Business

At present, the accreditation of halal certification has been extending from food and beverage industry, to cover a wide variety of products and services, e.g. pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumeries, and tourism. Thai entrepreneurs started to be more aware of halal certification, but not many of them have been applying for halal certificate. One of the obstacles


Enhancing Vocabulary Learning by Using the Story-based Instruction

Vocabulary has been long believed to be one of the important elements in English learning. If students lack of vocabulary, their language skills will suffer. However, it was found that many students in English as a foreign language (EFL) classrooms had problems in mastering vocabularies. This study was designed to investigate the effectiveness of the


Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Brand Engagement: A Study on Malaysian Youth

A growing area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) research is the CSR-consumer relationship. Today, organizations across all industries are facing increasing pressure to both sustain profitability and act in socially responsible manner. Consumers are becoming more demanding and appear concerned about patronizing brands engaged in CSR. Yet, not many researchers have looked into how consumers


Documentary Storytelling: Methods and Styles

This article explores the significance of storytelling and seeks to choose modes of filmmaking to transmit “reality” or to tell a “true” story. However, the storyteller’s intention, perspective, values, and aesthetic style are integral parts of the story. Therefore, documentary storytelling does not refer only, or even primarily, to films that are narrated. Methods and


Cultivating Honesty: Salary and Corruption in the Yuan Through the Eyes of Officials and Scholars

The establishment of Chinese-style, centralized bureaucracy by Kublai beginning in 1260 was mirrored by the development of a payment structure for officials, a process which took almost two decades to complete. For the first time since the birth of the Mongol Empire in 1206, officials formally began receiving salaries from the government for their work.


Transition of Environmental Art: In Search of the Strategies for Sustainability

The range of work referred as Environmental Art encompasses a wide variety of post-war art making and has been given a number of labels such as Land Art, Earthworks, Eco-Art etc. While its definition is constantly changing, its development largely reflects the evolution of eco-thought.  In the 1960s numerous artists conceived Environmental Art chiefly to oppose


The Pain as Ikigai in the Filmography of Hirokazu Koreeda

Hirokazu Koreeda is a Japanese film director and screenwriter who became famous, in the last decade, both in Japan and in the West. His filmography has a special quality related to the Japanese concept of ikigai. It is not easy to translate ikigai. It seems to be a feeling related to the “reason to live”.


Foreign Policy and Identity Politics: Trump and Brexit through Putnam’s Too Level Games

In 2016, two major advanced democracies held consequential plebiscites that will impact the conduct of their respective future foreign policies. Putnam observed that foreign policy decisions are invariably affected by the pressures placed on the political executive’s international imperatives as a result of domestic agenda concerns. Since the communitarian challenge to liberal philosophy emerged from


Meaning in Terms: A Monosemic Approach to the Lexical Semantics of English and Japanese Terms Taken from Narrative Contexts

This presentation aims to look at a possible monosemy of English and Japanese terms taken from narratives by Natsume Soseki and Virginia Woolf. Monosemy, the univocal relationship between a term and its meaning, appears to be a rare phenomenon. Contemporary critics have so far focused on the polysemic nature of terms (Lyons 1977; Cruse 1999),


Textile Practices as Media for Narrating Local Story

In this study, mainly the living materials of my hometown and its spatial imaginations will be explored through textile practices, and be transformed into the subject matters of designs. Some humane images in local places will be investigated, in expectation to review the connection between the designer and the places where he/she live, in order


Making Human Network Visible through Costume Making and Scaffolding: A Fieldwork Study of Cosplay Culture

This paper analyzes the relationship between agencies and artifacts represented in ethnographic case studies of ten female informants aged 20-25 participating in the cosplay community. Cosplay is a female-dominated niche subculture of extreme fans and mavens, who are devoted to dressing up as characters from manga, games, and anime. “Cosplayers” are highly conscious of quality


The Effects of Product Placement in Malaysian Movies and Its Influence on Consumer Behavior

Product placement has been widely used through the international film industry, but has seldomly been used in Malaysian films. The purpose of this study is to investigate the use of product placement in Malaysian movies as a catalyst for product purchasing behavior. The methods used for this study is textual and content analysis to study


Learning and Teaching Through Social Fabrication: From an Ethnographic Study in “Fablab Kamakura”

This paper analyzes the relationship between participation and learning represented in ethnographic case studies of ten informants aged 23-59 participating in a common-based peer production site, the FabLab Kamakura community. Digital-based personal fabrication is a new wave culture of mavens, who are devoted to alternatives to mass production, and are on a mission “to make


The Structure of Narrative Design. A Case Study: Interior Design Proposal of Thread of Life Gallery in Bali

When an exhibition is designed with object-oriented approach, merely focuses on conservation, display and object information, visitors often don’t understand the object. The design function as a medium of visual communication is failed. The exhibition design should be user centered and the goals are communicating objects and their context to visitors in order to make


Communal Harmony in Goa: Assessing Attitudes and Devising Strategies for Promotion

Communal harmony is a word that became immensely loaded with political implications for India after the Babri Masjid demolition that took place in 1992. The shock waves resulting from that game changer, were felt nation-wide. However Goa, the smallest state of India, was considerably undisturbed because it had a long tradition of peaceful coexistence that


The Spatial Narration of Drawing Media and Its Transition of Cultural Representation

Drawing and representational media are means for artists, designers and architects to convey ideas or narratives happened in places. In the architectural field, architects utilise drawing media to represent physical architectural spaces or to demonstrate their viewpoints on spatial configuration. Since the invention of perspective in Renaissance, architectural spaces presented through perspectival drawings could have


The Communication Approach for Conservation Palm Leaves Text of Sungmen Temple, Thailand by Buddhism Dharma

The purpose of this article is to explain the Communication approach for conservation palm leaves texts of Sungmen Temple, Thailand by Buddhism dharma. The methodology for this study including opinion leader in-depth interview such as a monk and a local Wisdom, Participant and Non- participant Observation and related literature reviews. It was found that in


Exploring the Relationships among Innovation Diffusion Roles, Brand Communities Engagement Effect on Virtual Brand Communities

In recent years, the number of people using online communities continued to rise. The study found that more and more consumers find and evaluate desired goods through social media networks, as marketers also continue to improve their marketing skill, not only to promote brand recognition, but more importantly, to increase user participation. However, the link


Stories We Tell Our Selfies

Selfies have become a common social practice for a significant number of people throughout the world. While some criticise selfies as attention seeking or narcissistic, others have argued that they are a form of visual diary and a way for an individual to tell their own story. This would make them a kind of autobiography


A Study on the Core Concepts of Environmental Aesthetics Curriculum

1.Background/ Objectives and Goals Environmental aesthetics is one of the newly emerging aesthetics concepts of the 20th century; it originated as a reaction to Kant’s “disinterested” aesthetics judgment as well as classical arts, pursuing instead the study of the aesthetic appreciation of natural and human environments. In a broad sense, by exploring the meaning of environmental


Roman Histories by Louis Kahn

The architecture of Louis I. Kahn changed radically in the 1950s. Such was the transformation that it is difficult to find its unmistakable tracks in works so different like the miesian Parasol House (1944) or the palladian Fleisher House (1959). All these differences have been widely recognized by leading architectural critics, and some of them


Profiling the Academic Wordlist in Research Project of EFL University Students

The current study is a corpus-based lexical study that purposes to question the use of words in Coxhead’s (2000) Academic Word List (AWL) in research in the field of linguistics and applied linguistics. We compiled and investigated 52 research projects of EFL university students comprising of 1,071,558 words, which called the Research Project Corpus (RP).


A Historical Review of Media Coverage on the Southernmost Unrest of Thailand

In a general manner, journalists rely upon conflict as a conventional method of framing news reporting. Be faced with the pressure of strained resources and their perception that media audiences prefer this reportorial style, journalists resort to conflict-based reporting. The approach often exacerbates the conflict by the very nature of the reportage. Using an unrest


High Frequency Key Words in Tourism English in Newspapers: A Corpus-Based Approach

Tourism English is a new approach in the field of English for Specific (ESP) and it has its own linguistics style. The aim of the current study is to analyze the most frequent and important vocabulary in the area of tourism. The data are extracted from a small corpus amounting of 246,601 words, compiled from


Comparing Robot Embodiments for Social Human-Robot Interaction of a Health Coach Service

As robotics technologies are advancing at an ever increasing rate, various types of service robots have emerged in the market and focused on assisting people through social interaction. This study aims to investigate the effects of robotic platforms on users’ perception of a socially assistive robot. A three-condition experiment was constructed, by using a commercially


Chinese Dolls: The Spiritual Pain of Chino-Thai Women

The Chinese tradition is mainly rooted in patriarchal kinship, which regulates the role and status of Chinese women within familial and social aspects of their culture. The objective of this paper is to explain the process of connecting and transferring the feelings, memories, and experiences of Chinese migrant women in Chino-Thai culture by combining the


The “Anti-Hungry, Anti-Civil War” Movement at Yenching University

In May 1947, there was a student protest called “Anti-Hungry, Anti-Civil War” Movement, which played a key role in overthrowing the Kuomintang government, and instigating students to support the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). During the protest, Yenching University, as a Christian University, took full use of its advantages to participate in the protest unexpectedly. Yenching was


Historical Notes on Japanese Bunkers in General Santos City, Philippines

This is a qualitative study employing historical-descriptive methods of research. Key informant interview, ocular investigation, and documentary analysis were used to gather pertinent data. Significantly, this paper is an attempt to revisit the socio-cultural and economic situations in General Santos City, southern Philippines, during the Japanese occupation only by interpreting stories and narratives revolving around


Beyond “Sex and the Family”: Revisionist Historiography in Nora Okja Keller’s Comfort Woman

Until the early nineties and due to various reasons, the experiences of (Korean) comfort women were edited out of Korean and Japanese historical narratives, highlighting how power dynamics and different agendas lead to the sanitization and censoring of historical records. In her novel Comfort Woman (1997), Nora Okja Keller positions Akiko, a survivor of Japanese


Seeking for New Values: Failure and Crisis of Models in Tsukamoto’s and Kurosawa’s Tokyo Films

The postwar Japan was subject to deep identity mutations as a result from the defeat and the social reforms often dictated by the American occupant. Only in 1951, after the end of the occupation the postwar “Japanese miracle” of the 1950s and the 1960s emphasized by new economic prosperity and international reputation. And yet, starting


Vision and Memory: A Film History of the Royal Factories of Rural Thailand

King Rama IX initially established four Royal Factories in 1972 to enhance the quality of life of rural marginalized minorities, including Hmong, Chinese, and Yao, in the Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Sakon Nakorn and Burirum provinces of Thailand. The purpose of this project is to juxtapose the vision of King Rama IX with the memories


The Contingency of the Self’s Language: How We Create Our Stories by Using Language

The most important part that creates the Self as “the knowing subject” or active entity with the proactive, purposeful and selective reception of the materials from reality, not merely a machine moved by external interactions is cognitive elements or consciousness framework. When we understand the cognition is a thinking process, the consciousness is the result


The Story of the Silk Road and Nara’s Shosoin Treasure Repository of the Emperor

The story of the Silk Road is, inter alia, the most fascinating narrative of mutual cultural, linguistic, literary, artistic and religious influences that occurred among the nations and tribes that existed along the Silk Road. The Silk Road trade included various types of goods, from those that had certain economic value, such as silk, jade,


Seeking the Reality: Japanese Avant-Garde During the 1920s/30s and the Collage Technique

With the invention of the so-called ‘montage’ technique, the avant-garde movements at the beginning of the 20th century not only revolutionized art but they also changed the reception of art works. In the course of the 15th century a traditional way of representation and storytelling was established in European paintings by using a central perspective


The History of Tuna Fishing in Tambler, General Santos City, Philippines

This study presents the historical evolution of tuna fishing in Tambler, General Santos City with emphasis on the fishing methods. The paper focuses only on the tuna offshore fishing; sub-industries activities like fish marketing, smoking, canning, exporting and value-added processing would be discussed if deemed necessary but considered beyond the study. As a qualitative research,