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Framework of Effective Learning Management System Controls of Technology Enabled Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions

E-Learning is an important education tool in modern teaching and learning. Several E-Learning tools are available for students to make the learning processes in an effective way. The use of E-Learning tools should be in such a way that it does not affect the behavioral patterning that drawn up for the conventional learning. Plagiarism and


Challenges That English Language Learners at College Level Encounter When Studying Mathematics

A large number of students who are non-native speakers of English are expected to undertake the twofold task of learning a new language and mathematics subject matter simultaneously. Teachers of these English Language Learners, ELLs, are aware of the fact that language plays a major role in learning mathematics. Evidence has shown that ELLs do


Relationship between Homesickness, Self-Efficacy, and Achievement Motivation among Non-Native Students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences

Abstract The transition to university often involves separation from home can lead to the challenge of adapting to a new academic environment. For most new students, adjusting to an unfamiliar academic setting can induce homesickness. The present study investigated the relationship between homesickness, achievement motivation, self-efficacy among non-native students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences


The Role of Art Education Teacher’s in Developing Designs of Traditional Crafts in Oman: A Field Study

This paper is devoted to a review of the literature that covers all the topics related to the role of art education teacher’s in developing designs of traditional crafts in Oman. These topics can be mostly grouped into two main parts. The first part explores the most significant stages in crafts enterprises’ historical developments including


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A reflection on the merits of an a priori poeto-epistemology in relation to tacitly held assumptions about the a fortiori validity of computational logic to transcend the limits of contradiction and infinite regression and establish a valid ontology. Save as a Favourite


Testing School Climate as Predictors of High School Students’ Academic Self-Regulation and Achievement Motivation between Public and Selective Schools In Urmia City- Iran

ABSTRACT This study examined to assess whether school climate variables predicted students’ academic self-regulation and achievement motivation and compared how these variables acts in two types of high school (public and selective ) in Urmia City. Using multi-measure research design involving 197 high school students and we compared prediction of these students’ academic achievement ( The


Dramatic Tools as a Vehicle Towards Teaching Igbo Language in Primary Schools in South West Nigeria

This paper examines the pedagogical shift from conventional teaching strategies to a dramatic mode in the Igbo class in primary schools in South Western Nigeria. The study utilises the quasi- experimental design involving twenty five primary schools in senatorial zones that are foreign to the Igbo language. The population consists of 250 subjects randomly selected


Entrepreneurship Education and Women Graduates Productivity in Ondo State Nigeria: Available Option in Lifelong Skills Approach

Education has revolved from long established systems to the needs of students and the society. Due to this, nations have tried to tailor its societal needs to the goals and objectives of its educational policy especially, with the current global economic, social and environmental change, the transition to a knowledge-based society and demographic pressures from


Deixis in the Language of Nursing

This paper outlines an approach in semantics and pragmatics which is used in different ways, that is called “Deixis”. Deixis is a technical term (from Greek) for one of the most basic things we do with utterances. It means ‘pointing’ via language and the linguistic form is called a deictic expression. (Yule 1996: 9). Deictic


The Effectiveness of Using Easy Class and Powerpoint on Graduate Students’ Achievements in Classroom at College of Education in Albaha University

E-learning is defined as an element of the combining theories of adult education and permanent learning. Teachers have to accept the use of E-learning in the classroom as a new tool to assist students’ learning (Bahhouth & Bahhouth, 2011). The purpose of this study was to explore learners’ achievements when using easy class and PowerPoint


Perspectives of the Unseen: Educational Meritocracy and Student Mobility

The Ministry of Education, Singapore, has released a statement emphasizing that ‘Every school is a good school’. The education system in Singapore subscribes to the principle of meritocracy. The system holds a student accountable for his or her own success or failure through the choices he or she makes, and his or her competency, motivation


An Ide for Java with Multilevel Hints to Develop Debugging Skills in Novices

Novices find it difficult to learn programming. In order to write a program, they have to learn the basic concepts of programming along with the syntax and semantics of a programming language. One of the important tasks in programming is debugging. To become good programmers, novices need to have good debugging skills. Typically it is